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Manual on ow to become a journalist I reflexively smirked the whole way through And it never shies away from the most ridiculously geeky references a book after my ridiculously geeky references A book after my eart Awesome guys Not for everyone If you don t recognize scarcasm run away This book is for old newspaper people who realize the world in going to Hell in a Linotype machine and there is little other than weep and commiserate with each other we "can do But for journalists over 30 it s a must "do But for journalists over 30 it s a must Reliably clever and enough of a departure from the twitter feed that spawned it to feel fresh If you re a journalist or an avid media consumer there s jokes in ere for you I got this book as a birthday present this year I don t think I would ve bought it for myself even if I do find the FakeAPStylebook twitter feed House of Salt and Sorrows humorous It was a good choice for a gift though I enjoyed itThe book is far than a compilation of funny tweets though I did recognize several tweets within the text They fleshed it out into sections by subject The first is about news in general The next few sections are about politics entertainment sex religion sport technology science pseudoscience the military citing and attributing punctuation and grammar and media law The book wraps up with a section on newspaper reporting through the agesIt s all delivered in a journalistic style guide sort of tone and you can t believe a word of it Theumor in this book relies It Feels Good to Be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity heavily on irony with very few laugh out loud lines If you like yourumor dry you may want to consider picking this one upHowever the book is also written with the assumption those reading it Put bez sna have some background in journalism There are a lot of in jokes some of which sailed over myead because I m not a journalist I still found the book overall entertaining and funny but I got the feeling the book wasn t trying to appeal to non journalistsIf you follow FakeAPStylebook on Twitter and you find their tweets entertaining I would recommend you pick up this book Also if you write for anything that reports on the news in any kind of formal way you ll probably find the irreverent advice The Information Technology Revolution: The Complete Guide humorous. For conflicts involving countries on at least three continents For large scale battles against clones killer tomatoes or a fifty foot woman use “attack” instead Entertainment Journalism When writing about a celebrity for an online audience save your readers time by linking directly to nude photos ofim or Solutions Manual for Insulation Coordination for Power Systems her Science Reporting When writing about those robots that seek out and consumeouseflies for energy the parenthetical aside “OH GOD WE’RE DOOMED” is implied and is therefore not necessary to include in your storyAnd much muc.

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Write More GoodThis is a funny bookIt is not a serious book It is not an educational book It s not an eye opening bookHowever it is funnyAt times it s almost laugh out loud funny The downside At times it s the same joke over and over again Purely "hilarious one of those books that i couldn "One of those books that I couldn read after I went to bed and after Kip was asleep because I was giggling too loudly But I think probably it s going to be the most funny for journalists The funniest fake journalism textbook I ve ever read Maybe The Funniest Book I Ever Read Period funniest book I ever read period AP style book was my Bible all my years in the newspaper business Not that I actually paid much attention to it Most of it was common sense a lot of it arcane and some of it verging on sillyIt used to say for example that all federal agencies or departments must be referred to by their full official titles the first time you wrote about them in a story Which led to the silliness of writing the Federal Bureau of investigation which everyone in the world knows better as the FBI In fact FBI is immediately comprehensible than the full title on a uick read which is all any newspaper story getsSo when I saw in Village Books my favorite bookstore An absolute phony guide on ow to Write More Good a delightful parody of newspaper stylebook I Jackpot had to buy it Itas strictures on everything from politics to science writing sex to religion The religion section is the shortest The only entry is Not on your lifeThere is a preface by Roger Ebert that includes one of my favorite uotes from my newspaper days If your mother says she loves you check it out AA DornfeldEbert notes that many newsmen live by another motto Never check a great uote twiceHe adds The authors of this book exists in the no man s land between these uotes They know about Dornfeld s rule They also give voice to the deep cynicism and cheerfully ironic worldview that Pan's Travail: Environmental Problems of the Ancient Greeks and Romans has infected city rooms since time immemorialProbably my favorite part of the book are the definitions Under entertainment for example we findClear Channel See Skynetfrak Should only be used if you re fighting Cylonsfree verse Poetry written. Still clinging to your dog eared dictionary So attached to The Elements of Style that you named your rabbits Strunk and White Maybe you’re a beleaguered reporter or a type A newspaper reader who unwinds by e mailing the editor about whether “tweet” is a verbIt’s time to face up to reality Writing clearly checking facts and correcting typos are dying arts Whether you’re a jaded producer of media or a nitpicking consumer of it this book willelp you to embrace not resist the lowering of standards for the written word Part dictiona.

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By lazy peopleIt made me nostalgic for the good old days I went into my first tweet book Write More Good by The Bureau Chiefs aka fakeapstylebook with the expectation of giggles and light entertainment brought on by clever observations about the sometimes ridiculousness of English structure grammar and mechanics After all I follow fakeapstylebook on Twitter and I find their tweets generally delightful But what I got was tired rants disguised in already worn thin novelty that led to a boring book that I couldn t finish reading I concluded that the problem which I imagine to be the same with all tweet "Books Is That While Flashes Of Brilliance "is that while flashes of brilliance come easily 140 characters at a time a whole book of that same brilliance becomes repetitive and dullThe Commonly Confused Words section in the chapter Punctuation and Grammar LOL was my favorite section in the book but it wasn t than three pages long There were some Doctor Who: Witch Hunters: The History Collection hilarious example sentences and some great new confusions thrown in ie jam jamb jambone and night knight Knight Rider In the end as in any Twitter feed there are moments ofilarity and maybe even brilliance in Write More Good but is it worth reading every tweet in your feed to make sure you find every entertaining nugget Probably not Write More Good is your AP Stylebook unshaven and ungover after the latest round of media layoffs Editors writers and sticklers will enjoy the satire but the poop jokes are for everyone I was following the FakeAPStyleBook on Twitter and enjoying it and then all these bloggers I like started shilling for Write More Good written by the same folks I sprang for it without realizing that a lot of those bloggers were contributors people like Mike Sterling Chris Sims Dorian Wright and my inspiration Dave Campbell As someone who works in media I ve been on both
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of the fence possibly enjoyed even than you will what you re not taking my umble recommendation Funny to the last drop Write More Good could Smoking with Crohn's have simply published a long list of tweets and been amusing It goes a lot further and becomes a satirical and extremely knowing instruction. Ry part journalism textbook part grammar and writing manual Write More Good is a “comprehensive” “guide” to today’s “media” in all its ambulance chasing story fabricating moneyemorrhaging glory LEGAL DISCLAIMER The authors are not responsible for conseuences that may result from actually using this book as a dictionary textbook or grammar and writing manualLet The Bureau Chiefs the ritin’ and reportin’ geniuses behind the Twitter phenomenon FakeAPStylebook teach you about Proper usage “World War” should be used only.

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