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MistressA love for art and a fascination for the past Initially Shyam is simply disinterested in their pursuits but soon he finds himself excluded from their circle Shyam first ignores and then watches in a helpless frustration nable to confront her the growing intimacy between Radha and Chris Koman observes all with an nderstanding matured by years of enacting emotions on stageThe characters of the story are wonderfully developed despite their flaws you cannot help sympathizing with each one of themShyam who appears insensitive and materialistic has risen from an impoverished childhood to become a successful businessman In childhood and youth he faced contempt FROM RADHA S FATHER OF HIS POVERTY AND Radha s father of his poverty and on him Later on though he truly loves Radha Radha never reciprocates his feelings So it tortures him to see Radha welcome Chris in her life with a passion that he has never been able to elicitRadha is a spirited girl with an artistic temperament forced by circumstances to marry Shyam She is not able to find a meaning in her marriage though She is contemptuous of Shyam not because of his financial status but because of his aesthetic tastes which see finds plebian At times she realizes that she may not be fair

to shyam but 
Shyam but is not apologetic about it A woman true to her heartChris as a travel writer is doing a story on Koman and therefore interviews him about his past in detail It is only later that we realize he has his own ests to follow his own demons to fightKoman whose art and his affair with it is the primary framework for the book this is the reference for the title of the book art can be a bewitching over powering mistress if you are really passionate about it acts as an observer in the current chain events As he recounts the story of his life you travel into time and places and find an insight into the life and relationships with his wisdomNine basic emotionsexpressions can define the human psychology and these emotions form the premise of Kathakali a performance presents a small story typically from Hindu mythology The mood of the story and the feelings of characters are conveyed to the audience by enacting these emotions primarily through facial expressions These nine emotions form the nine chapters of the book each chapter illustrates one emotion each given a depth of Date with Destiny understanding and perspective by examples from nature a story of a Kathakali performance and events in the lives of the protagonists and in this juxtaposition of Kathakali and life lies the greatest beauty of this bookYet another merit of the book is the story presented in multi person narrative The seuence of events is related by one or of the four protagonists from their own perspect. Uncle are drawn to the enigmatic young man with his cello and his incessantestions about the past The triangle ickly excludes Shyam Radha's husband who can only watch helplessly as she embraces Chris with a passion that he

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Being from Kerala and further marrying into a family from palakkad truly gave a new dimension to the story for me I had bought this book earlier and couldn t find the time to read it but when I saw Anita Nair p and about in KLF i decided to finally read it I do not regret anything now The story chronicles the life of a Kathakali Artiste While Also Giving Us The Parallel Stories Of artiste while also giving s the parallel stories of niece and other people The author has an in depth in "Sight Into Human Nature " into human nature is evident in the book The characters are well rounded It is ite long and I found a slump along the middle of the book but it picks p pace fast Overall this is one of the best books i have laid my hands on so far in the genre I can t wait to read books from the author and finally after over two years of it sitting on my bookshelf I finally forced myself to read it I have to say that the short description provided doesn t do justice to the book at allAlthough it started slowly I warmed to the book in a while The fact that its based in kerala and around an art form that best symbolises my homeland perhaps lessens the objectivity of this review a bit but I loved the way Anita Nair has sed the navarasas to convey the different moodsemotionsrhythm that make Cyrano de Bergerac up the storyThis along with the multiple narratives make it a very interesting readThe one thing that really impressed me is the way the nuances in the story can be captured differently by different people basis their perspectives and perceptions Right from the title Mistress which could be taken literally as a human relationship or Koman s relationship with his art The character of Koman his maturity as reflected in Shaantam coming to terms with life moved meThe kind of book you should savour multiple times The first book by Anita Nair that I read was Ladies coupe It was a long time back that I read it and I hardly remember the story now but I distinctly remember that it was a strong story sad real and truly movingWhen I saw Mistress on the shelf of a book store its cover immediately attracted me the brief synopsis on the back intrigued me and the previous experience with the author s writing encouraged me to buy it And I must say that it leftite an impression on me It has been nearly a year since I read it but ever since I have wanted to write about itChris a travel writer comes to India to research the dance form of Kathakali and interview Koman who was once a famous Kathakali dancer and is now retired Koman s niece Radha who is very devoted to him is married to Shyam Shyam owns a riverside resort in Kerala and he offers lodging to Chris at his resort hoping it would eventually help his business Koman and Radha are immediately drawn to Chris sharing. When travel writer Christopher Stewart arrives at a riverside resort in Kerala India to meet Koman Radha's ncle and a famous dancer he enters a world of masks and repressed emotions From their first meeting both Radha and her.
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Ive I find that a very interesting and effective way to describe the feelings of the charactersI also admired the great detail about nuances of Kathakali dance as well as dancers which the feelings of the charactersI also admired the great detail about nuances of Kathakali dance as well as dancers which have reuired a lot of research I had very little knowledge about this dance which is perhaps the only traditional dance performed exclusively by male dancers and the book offered me a lot of learning and insight about itOn the downside in Koman s story the account of his grandfather and father was extremely long and in my view not really necessary Sub plots and parallel stories are sually an integral part of a work of fiction but these threads did not help the protagonists storyIt is an intense read which delves deep into human emotions and relationships The way it interweaves the art of Kathakali with the story of the four main characters is extremely fascinating The presentation and style is very different from anything else I have read and very captivating Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful books I have read I really appreciate the hard work and research conducted by the author It gives a fairly good picture of the life and times of Kathakali artists and people living around Shornur but as a person who was born and brought Eleven Rings up near Shornur I can definitely say that Anita has failed to pass on the deep flavour of life and art around me here She has researched and put on all the superficial technical aspects about Kathakali and life here but even a small child would be able to make out that she has not gone deep into the life and hearts of the people here It is rather an evaluation of a metro broughtp mind about our lives and surroundings And any attempt t I don t know about you Some books I have on my shelves I get really Excited About And Really Look Forward To about and really look forward to Sometimes these books let me down admittedly but sually they live p to my expectations But I also have other books on my shelves that I can t remember why or how I acuired them and I m not convinced I still want to read them but then when I do they blow me away with how good they are This falls into the latter categoryOstensibly Mistress is the story of the bored Indian housewife Radha who is excited by the thrill of the young American man Chris who arrives to interview her Uncle about his kathakali dancing career and the two have an who arrives to interview her Uncle about his kathakali dancing career and the two have an But this book is so much than that Interweaved with this story are various histories of her parents and grandparents and it is this rich tapestry of history and storytelling as well as the vivid setting of India and the cultural details about the kathakali dancing that make this book what it is Its Up Till Now The Autobiography uite a fat book and could beite daunting but I would highly recommend it. As never been able to draw from her Also playing the role of observer participant is Koman; his life story as it Cin semaines en ballon unfolds captures all the nuances and contradictions of the relationships being made andnmade in front of his eye. ,