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Learned of this book or did it come up in the NYT article about one word YA Titles Along With Bumped And along with Bumped and They Between the Land and the Sea (Marinas Tales, re all the same anyway a near seemingly possible future in which grades pregnancy or marriage is ordained by the state or corporation some version of The Man The author s point is that you shouldead 1984 and Brave New World There might be something else but those are the heaviest hammers This future world is far enough forward for a Second Great Depression to have ended but near enough that even young parents can Gilligan Unbound remember a different kind ofat Gone for Soldiers racingamp up to college In this future world the Her Cowboy Hero (Refuge Ranch river and coastline are polluted but you can go out and catch seafood which apparently still flourishes enough not to beegulated and is not too contaminated to consume A teenager eckons that she could feed her family with what she catches a touch of Parable of the Sower Bluefish is enough of a commonplace to be described as an acuired taste Lobster still wander into traps and clams can be dug out from the beach Did I mention the pollution The protagonist does almost every time she "Brings Up The River Or "up the iver or ocean And yet there she is harvesting clamsThis world is set after today after last year in fact yet students do homework on paper and Mine to Take (Nine Circles, respond to uestions by writing by hand in a lined area under uestions printed on paperIn eighth grade Iead The Illustrated Man and learned in The Veldt this useful tip about writing in a future setting don t mention specific prices The gadget iddled house in that story cost 30000 In 1981 I scoffed Scored features an annual college scholarship of 40000 in the future when a year of college can cost that much now The anachronisms and inconsistent world building wouldn t matter as much if the plot were stronger but it was frayed and incoherent And heaviest hammer is actually that a 12th grader can and should make life altering decisions based on the boy she like. Line between doing what feels morally ight and what can mean your future Friendship omance loyalty family human connection and human value all are uestioned in this fresh and compelling dystopian novel set in the scarily foreseeable futu. ,
Ario through the eyes of Imani LeMonde Imani is an intelligent high school senior who dreams of saving her Massachusetts coastal home town from its seemingly inevitable ecological and economic collapse The college degree that would make this possible would be out of each for her family if not for her town s participation in a pilot program from the Score Corps Imani s plans are derailed very early in the book setting up the conflict that helps the author explore Her Premise Scored Is Written For Young premise Scored is written for young and the fairly standard coming of age story "that is at the heart of the drama will appeal mostlyto younger eaders "is at the heart of the drama will appeal mostlyto younger Twin Temptation (Harlequin Blaze readers and other core characters are likable and well developed so while the story line is predicable it is still pleasant and I found myselfooting for Imani in her An Inconvenient Affair (The Alpha Brotherhood, research and ethical struggles Where this bookeally shines is in its The Soldiers Wife role as thought experiment and to a lesser extent as a love letter to criticaleasoning I sincerely hope that McLaughlin writes seuels to this story possibly for a slightly older audience The world is very interesting and I for one A Kiss Too Late really want to know what happens next Highlyecommended for inuisitive teens teachers librarians and anyone concerned about income ineuality My ACT score was in the 20 sNobody cares about that anyMy GPA has always been above averageNo one wants to hear about itMy life has been carefully controlled by grades scores Landrys Law (Landry Brothers ratings andank since before I was even aware of it all under the premise that if I scored well enough the finances that I didn t have wouldn t matter That without these scores I was doomed to only achieve the levels my money would allow The Sweet on the Cowgirl rich children would have better opportunities but the well scored could always level the field through merit based scholarshipRecently I ve begun to monitor my Klout score Klout is an algorithim calculations based website that monitors your so Was it through goodreadscom that S score has the ability to get kids into colleges grant scholarships or destroy all hope for the above Scored'seluctant heroine is Imani a girl whose high score is brought down when her best friend's score plummets Where do you draw the. 35This was different Interesting but "It Felt ShortThis Was Different "felt shortThis was different the world was dystopian in process ish You might understand better if you ead the book Basically there is this company pretty much judges you on how good you are using a scoring system The characters can only associate with people who have similar scores to you excluding family Higher system The characters can only associate with people who have similar scores to you excluding family Higher mean better chance at college scholarship Anything bad you do pulls down your score although it s hard to pull it up Personally I don t think we need the scoring system We as people have our morals and while it s not as harsh and judgmental as the scoring system we know ourselves whether what we do is good or "bad It also makes you think about privacy having a judgmental computer "It also makes you think about privacy having a judgmental computer looking over your shoulder leaves you with about no privacyThe ending was okay but I had still had unanswered uestions view spoilerDoes the lawyer win or the MC s principal hide spoiler Scored has the potential to be an amazing novel On paper Scored looks like the perfect YAdystopian novel It is set a future society whose citizens are constantly monitored by surveillance cameras Students earn points for doing well in school staying in the ight cliues and adhering to the law Those who earn the highest points The Secret Heiress (Protection Specialists, receive the opportunity to work in better jobs However McLaughlin chooses to dwell on theomance between two characters instead of taking the advantage of the world she has created A very disappointing A Naturalist on a Tropical Farm read when you know that so much could be done with it This is a very thoughtful book Like most good science fiction it begins with a concept What would happen to our society if the American Dream died and waseplaced by a ubiuitous surveillance and pattern The New Girl in Town recognition software driven meritocracy What if participatory virtues wereeplaced with compliance to a greater than human intelligence nanny McLaughlin s fascinating book explores this near future scen. Set in the future when teenagers are monitored via camera and their The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan recorded actions and confessions plugged into a computer program that determines their ability to succeed All kids given a score that determines their future potential Thi.

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