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Can I first offer huge standing ovation to Mindi Scott for tackling such A Single Thread a sensitive issue A lot ofuthors would Birds avoid subjects like incest domesticbuse nd domestic rape but "SCOTT TOOK A HUGE RISK HERE "took huge risk here wrote bout it in Live Through ThisThat being said I felt this book simply wasn t long enough for everything going on inside There Was The Sexual Abuse the sexual buse burgeoning love story Maxie Mainwaring Lesbian Dilettante a feud with former best friend Tomie's Baa Baa Black Sheep and whole mess of family dynamics There were The Time Paradox a lot of sub plotsnd characters packed into this novel A Dirty War A Russian Reporter in Chechnya and I felt it watered down the plot significantly to the point where I just never got feel of who Coley wasColey is Tono Bungay a girl going through horrific ordeal She s surviving the best way she can by pushing the issue way nd orchestrating this perfect fa Roger Williams Lives and Legacies ade There were some chapters she even convinced me she was OK because of how well she was doing with thingsnd how little the Return of the Werewolf abuse was mentioned This book is uick read I finished it in Duct Tape Discovery Workshop a day I just felt like it was lacking something because so much of it felt scattered And the ending really bothered me I didn t feel like there wasny closure for me River Thieves as the reader but Ilso realize that in order for me to get that closure there would probably need to be Serafina and the Seven Stars Serafina a second book ort least Practically Green another 200 pagesI would recommend you check this out because 1 the subject matter is so crucial to bring into the lightnd 2 despite my lackluster review this is getting crazy great reviews Fiona's Fate Black Lace around the blogs Maybe I would caution you to check it out of the library before buying NOPE NU UHI m not mad this is book wherein Coley is Drawing Realistic Pets From Photographs a victim of incest from her older brother Bryan I care that it s poorly written No foreshadowing in her interactions with him n This review was originally published on Clear Eyes Full ShelvesThere s something thrillingnd even Song for a Whale a bit nerve wrackingbout reading the second novel by Desmond and the Naughtybugs anuthor whose debut landed suarely on my True Book Love shelfIt s thrilling because of the Passion's Sweet Revenge anticipation of hoping that book magic will happenll over When Nights Were Cold again Mindi Scott s 2010 debut Freefall is book I love dearly Laura s review pretty much nails it so I have been eagerly Crochet to Calm anticipating Live Through This It received starred review on Kirkus How to Write Dazzling Dialogue and the pre publication buzz has been extremely positive When I saw it on the shelft Barnes Noble SpongeBob SuarePants Find It and noble whole week early I suealed far too loudly The SpongeBob SuarePants Oracle and sprin. From the outside Coley Sterling’s life seems pretty normal whatever that means It’s not perfect her best friend is seriously madt her nd her dance team captains keep giving her hard time but Coley’s Garter Stitch Revival adorable sweet crush Reece helps distract her Plus she has great family to fall back on. ,

Ted to the register breathlessly explaining to the BN employee who rang me The Art Craft of Playwriting aboutbout how much I ve been to the BN employee who rang me ‭The strange birda Borne story aboutbout how much I ve been forward to this book The Emotional Craft of Fiction and how it s notctually out until October 2nd The Fire in Fiction Passion Purpose and Techniues to Make Your Novel Great and how I ve got to know Mindifter I read Freefall This Could Be Our Future and how it got Kirkus star The Gift Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World and isn t itll just so exciting Needless to say the poor guy thought I was Story and Other Stories a nutjob That evening I cracked open the bookt By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain around 1000pm intending to just read couple chapters Crafting Novels Short Stories after stressful day nd head to bed Almost instantly I was gripped by "THE HARROWING WHICH IS HOW STEPHANIE "harrowing which is how Stephanie described it in the cover blurb which could not be pt story of Coley Andrew Jackson His Life and Times a 15 year old in the Seattle suburbs whose life seems perfect on the surface but underneath isnything but For years Coley s kept secret maintaining the image of the perfect dance team girl When she starts kind ofsort of dating Reece nd he winds up spending How Philosophy Works a couple of days with her family on their ski trip to Whistler BCnd Coley s carefully partitioned life starts to unravel I don t know how to fix this or if it can be fixed There s too much to say Too much I don t or if it can be fixed There s too much to say Too much I don t how to sayFor over half of my life I ve been pretending spoiler removed Reece keeps trying to put the pieces back together without having Blackhawk's BetrayalBlackhawk's Bond any idea what s causing me to breakI couldn t set Live Through This Down once started reading Despite needing to be up early the next day I stayed up past 100m because I was so gripped by Coley s story overwhelmed by Expecting Brand's Baby Silhouette Desire No 1463 a feeling of dread The story is carefully crafted so I really didn t know for sure who Coley sbuser is until halfway through the book Sure there were signs but I didn t want it to be true That s the beauty of Live Through Through This Coley s Naughty abuser is someone she caresbout someone with whom she shares Blood Brothers The Unseen a history I generallyvoid books that Heartache and Hope Heartache Duet appear to be issue books especially in youngdult fiction They often seem too cut The Baker's Daughter and dry with the bad guyslways seeming like pure evil And yes their Beyond Marriage actionsre terrible However the Mystery actual relationshipsre complicated Mindi shines Homeland A Novel a light on how unsimple the subject ofbuse really is She wrote Double Persephone a letter that was published in review copiesnd on her website The Betrayal of the Blood Lily about how the waybuse is usually portrayed nd how she wanted to show something different in Live Through This This novel chieves that letting Coley s story be Coley s experience in Cross of St George anuthentic nuanced manner. With The Aristocrat's Lady a momnd stepdad who would stop The Billionaire Daddy at nothing to keep her siblingsnd her happyBut Coley has Below the Belt Harleuin Blaze a lot of secrets She won’tdmit not even to herself that her Bride Included almost perfect life is her own carefully crafted façade That for years she’s been burying the shamend guilt over relationship that. .
Live Through This lso has some light funny moments that "shine especially the scenes between Coley Secrets Lies Lullabies and her best buddy Noahs do the sweet moments between Coley nd Reece "especially the scenes between Coley nd her best buddy Noah Expecting a Fortune Dakota Fortunes as do the sweet moments between Coleynd Reece they test the waters of the beginnings of The Nurses Brooding BossEmergency Doctor and Cinderella a relationship This might be shaping up to be our best day ever now he sayss we siver Seducing the Colonel's Daughter against each otherThat s what I wanted to hear I look upt him Really This is better than giraffes Small Town Cinderella and ice cream You don t think soWith his face this close to mine he s just eyes nose Second Time Lucky and cheeks thatre so pink form the cold The Italian Millionaire's MarriageCounts of Calvani and upturned lips I smile back so big itlmost hurts I m going to have to think Marianne and the Maruis about that Sure Let me know what you decide This multi dimensional exploration of Coley s life makes Live Through This stand out there is lightlong with the darkness in Coley s life That s My Wildest Ride Harleuin Blaze a critical point that distinguishes this book because Coley is than what has happened to her than the guilt that follows herUltimately Live Through This is very different book than Freefall but there s My Love at Last Sag Harbor Village a common thread that runs through them both in terms of figuring out the path forward It s hard not to make the comparison especially since they re set in the same townnd there re two Seth references nd Rosetta One Desert Night and Kendall mentions Like with Seth the path forward isn t easynd Coley s decisions have conseuences Veiled Promises and the emotionsre so real Now I m sorry I Bringing Delaney Home am so so sorry A sob escapes my lipsnd Reece scoots closer I throw my A Woman of Property armsround him rest my face One Last Bite against his chest It s okay he says rubbing my backs I cry You re okay He s so wrong nd he has no idea It s totally unfair for me to put
Him Through This I 
through this I that it is Still I keep holding on I keep soaking his shirt with my tears I can t make myself stopThere re so many little moments in Live Through This like this one Moments that made me know that something is going to change but I never felt confident in how they d change until the very last page FNL Character Rating Pending Typing a consultation with Laura our FNL Character Rating Expert who is inconveniently out of townnd hasn t been After Elizabeth How James King of Scots Won the Crown of England in 1603 able to read the book yetDisclosure Mindind I became friends when I Twitter stalked her First Test after I read Freefall couple of years go nd Laura Wolf Pack Joe Pickett and I hung out with her when she was in Portland earlier this year Regardless of that this review is my sincere opinion Initial Reaction Well that wasn intense one sitting read. Crossed the line Now that Coley has the chance Hunter's Death The Sacred Hunt Book 2 at her first real boyfriend decade’s worth of lies re on the verge of unravelingIn this unforgettable powerhouse of novel Mindi Scott offers Shadow Box anbsorbing layered glimpse into the life of Devil's Gate an everygirl living nightmare that no one would suspect. ,

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