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Tly he was the most resilient little boy in the world because he seemed to take to his interrupted life like a boy in the world because he seemed to take to his interrupted life like a to water He obviously feels very fondly about his host family they stayed very involved with him ven after his return to England and his story feels very much like a sincere gesture of gratitude to themGrade BRecommended Only if you have a particular interest in children during the war or possibly in Dayton Ohio Otherwise the lack of anything happening will be strongly noticed It is very sweet but honestly nothing happens. D Montague NewsdayNo doubt Tony Bailey owed America something for its hospitality during those anxious years and with this book he has amply repaid the debt Joseph McLellan Washington PostAn xuisitely controlled uietly amusing and moving story Publishers WeeklyAs tender as it is truthful and as amusing as it is unpretentious John Russell New York Times Book Revie.

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Loved this memoir of a boy vacuated to the US during WWII Anthony Bailey was born in 1933 in England and in 1940 was sent to Dayton Ohio to stay for the duration of the war He lived with a wealthy American family named Spaeth who also had a son named Tony These books are an account of the years TonyBailey spent with TonySpaeth and his years back in England after the war He went on to become a journalist and has lived in England and America written for The New Yorker and done some
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books What A Nice It nice book It me nostalgic for. In 1940 seven year old Tony Bailey was vacuated to the United States one of than 16000 children sent overseas at a time when a Nazi invasion of England seemed inevitable He spent four years with the wealthy Spaeth family in Dayton Ohio before returning to his parents in Southampton Evocative heartfelt and charming this is a story of a double childhood of a boy who be. .
Stories of my father s childhood and Had The Added Bonus Of Being A the added bonus of being a autobiography not memoir which was pleasant and difying Anthony Bailey writes well and I will read books by him This memoir was cute in a
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sort of way As young boy the author was one of the children Marketing Management (10th Edition) evacuated out of England during WWII and sent to live with a volunteer host family in Ohio There he has adventures such as having a paper route dressing up like pilgrims and indians at school and going to summer camp The whole thing is very mild and apparen. Came American while never ceasing to be BritishAn original sensitively told story in which the perspectives of the child are carefully remembered Bailey's book speaks with gentlelouence not only to those who remember being boys but to veryone who would seek to protect children from the hurts and ravagings that ordinary life can inflict to say nothing of war Richar.
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America Lost and Found An English Boy's Wartime Adventure in the New World

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