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What makes this book work is that part the plot involves the awkwardness of Glory s relationship with her boss and whether it should be As with most erotica the with her boss and whether it should be continued As with most erotica the weren t uite as in depth as they could have been Reading of Glory s inner conflict her personality and her other relationships would have made this a much better story I am so tempted to ive this three stars because I like the fact that the author allowed Glory to struggle a bit with her new relationship This is one of those rare times when I wish Goodreads had a half star system25 275 Taking Her Boss just doesn t hold up to. When Glory James's boss catches her having sex with a client at the office she expects to. Taking Her BossStar but I d there s a second book or if there was I d change it I d there s a second book or if there was I d change it for now I m sticking to this Very short novelette worth downloading from your local library So short how i wish the story is much longer It s like watching office pornloluite entertaining I m just in a right mood for this one evil The Damascened Blade (Joe Sandilands, grin it was uick read and hot but short Drivel I can t believe I paid 199 for this on Kindle I ve reached an all time low with my reading I need to read Dostoevsky next Prettyood for a short story Felt like just when it started to et interesting though Then It Was Finished Hot it was finished Hot little plot uick rea. Onfession that he likes to be told what to do in bed and that Glory is aroused by the idea. ,

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My other three star books it remains two stars found this a bit hard stars I found this a bit hard read A few rammatical and spelling errors I felt the story was lacking a bit of detail and it had an overall doom and Sds/Wuo, Students for a Democratic Society and the Weather Underground Organization gloom feel to it I don t understand her reactions at all The best part was in the hotel room for me personally Pretty short for a book Wish there was to it It kind of felt too fast paced Boss sees assistant having sex and then he wants her and then he wants her to live in with her I m wondering do theyet married or is that really the ending This book could have and I think it would sell better For now it s a Get reprimanded not Bruce Davies's revelation that he wants her too even shocking is his too Even shocking is his