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Star Wars Knight Errant Volume 1 AflameOte the Lost Tribe of the Sith series of novellas is actually a decent writer The artwork by DallacchioRodriguez is great tooUnfortunately the story is weak novellas is actually a decent writer The artwork by DallacchioRodriguez is great tooUnfortunately the story is weak can t sustain the momentum And while I like the idea of a tough Jedi female going rogue against a galaxy of Sith lords Holt s character is woefully two dimensionalVolume 1 Aflame collects the first five issues Of The Comic Book Series I Would Like To Think the comic book series I would like to think the series improves but I have my doubts if these first five issues are any indication I am seriously wondering if graphic novels and comic books are even for me Seems like every time I open one up I am sorely disappointed I don t think I have that high of expectations1 An interesting uniue story2 Consistent artwork3 A well written main character and good side characters4 Good dialogue and clear writingIs that too much to ask Am I being overly demandingKnight Errant is the story of a Jedi Knight who loses her master in a battle on Chelloa and must finish their mission What makes this story interesting in theory is that A the Jedi Knight is Kerra Holt a woman GASP SHOCK HORROR they have those in the Star Wars galaxy B there are TWO Sith Lords fighting over the planet Daiman and Odion and C the Jedi Knight is essentially solo and must defeat TWO Sith LordsUnfortunately it took me over THREE MONTHS to finish 110 pages Why did it take me so long1 Inconsistent art From panel to panel Kerra changes shape from looking somewhat like she does on the cover which is an art type I liked to looking like Samantha Morton or a fuller figured America s Next Top Model contestant I must ask is it not possible to get the same person to do

drawings Is asking for a consistency in the depiction of the characters too much Should I just be used to seeing a new version of Kerra Holt every time I turn the page2 Unattractive art There are some truly ugly renditions of Kerra Daiman Odion and others in this book We get great shots up Kerra s nose up her chin with all her teeth bared making her look half mad contorted into impossible even for Jedi positions and looking drugged or half dead I don t need my comic books filled with busty babes and meatheads but is it too much to ask to make sure that the characters look nice3 Jumpy art I can t tell you how many times I had to look between two panels to try to make some sense out of what was happening in the action Characters just suddenly move from being far away to being near from background to foreground from stationary to. Ear old Kerra Holt has joined a band of Jedi volunteers traveling behind enemy lines She thinks she is prepared for anything but when the mission goes awry and she is left deep in Sith space without any suppo. .

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Moving with absolutely NO transition or movement lines or anything to help Me Figure Out WTF figure out WTF There are several panels of lightsaber fighting that truly make no sense whatsoever I have no idea of flow it s like the artist just drew a bunch of his or her favorite lightsaber scenes and threw them in the book4 The characters I was excited about how this graphic novel and the companion novel star a female Jedi Knight However nothing about Kerra Holt s character makes her interesting She apparently was from a planet in the same system not clear by the text and I reread several portions to try to understand WTF I was reading raised by Jedi but there is nothing about her to make her stand out other than the fact this is the character that was chosen to be the main character Another thing that irritates me is that ALL of the main characters are humans if they are not human it s not noticeable This is STAR WARS take a look at the variety of aliens in the cantina scene in A New Hope THAT is what we should be seeing way aliens Kerra
needed to be one alien her master another Gorlan another the Sith Lords another Humans should NOT be so prominentunless the Sith Lords are conveniently as xenophobic as their successors5 The story Yawn I feel like I ve read this story a million times Heroine gets left on planet must save the poor slaves fights against baddies the end There is nothing that makes this story remarkable It s not like the Jedi vs Sith graphic novel that told an interesting story of a man s rise to power it s not even like Hard Contact where we have an interesting discussion on the humanity of clones interesting how similar these two stories are it s just a formula graphic novel dressed up slightly to make it seem different Oooh the protagonist is a female And she must defeat TWO Sith LordsSo what does make this book any good Well I adore the cover art I really wished that that style had been incorporated throughout the novel I also really liked the back cover art and how it mimics Ralph Mcuarrie s classic Vader vs Luke Skywalker poseAlso there is some decent action at the endI just hope to the Maker that the novel is better than this graphic novel It is supposed to be a companion novel not a carbon copy of the story here so I am hoping that it is better Maybe I just don t get the things that make graphic novels appealing to such a large demographic Are the things I complain about commonplace and should be ignored my dear audience Am I being too picky. Rt or resources Kerra realizes just how wrong she was She is alone unprepared and stuck in a battle between two warring Sith brothers but she can't abandon the mission or the colony that the Jedi came to help.
Working It (It Girls,
Did I ever read these before Back when I read the novel Can t remember JJM is one of my top two favorite SW authors but the Knight Errant novel is his one big miss for me And part of the problem apparently is that it s basically a comic arc written up as a novel So maybe the comics are better Apparently yes I like the premise here with some reservations It s set in a period and region of Sith domination where Jedi are spies and relief workers trying to do some good for civilians than heroes defeating Big Bads It s like an ersatz Dark Times love it The first twist is that this isn t a single evil Sith Empire It s a mess of competing states Still great The second twist is that the Sith are cartoonishly powerful and evil beyond anything we see in the OT or even KotOR The inds of relief work the Jedi are doing here is like making sure billions of people go into slavery instead of just getting illed right away It s mass suffering as wallpaper than political and personal grounding That s not ideal but I can roll with it Then there s the Sith leaders I appreciate the Miller makes the Sith fresh and diverse here They have strong personalities that lead to fun schemes and counterschemes all within the broad umbrella of Ultimate Evil It just veers over the too goofy line at times and it s all way camp than the KotOR comics Arguably the weak point is Kerra the Knight Errant herself She has a lot of pluck and determination infinite courage and persistence and a decent personality It s just that the a lot of pluck and determination infinite courage and persistence and a decent personality It s just that the ind of overwhelms her There s a bit of the ind of overwhelms her There
a bit of arc here Kerra learns we ll win by saving what we love not destroying what we hate and that s all well and good but it ind of feels like she s bouncing around aimlessly here drawn into every new disaster without a lot of personal meaning i think this book gave a good plot and gave a good ending to give the people to read books from them Knight Errant is a Dark Horse comic book series featuring Kerra Holt a young Jedi Knight fighting in the Old West era of the Star Wars universe Set a thousand years before Luke Skywalker was even born Knight Errant develops an Old Republic where Jedi Knights fight to protect worlds from marauding Sith Lords many of whom are battling each other for dominanceWritten by John Jackson Miller and drawn by Federico Dallacchio and Ivan Rodriguez the comic book is action packed Unfortunately action is pretty much all you get in this book Character development plot and even humor are absentMiller who wr. More than one thousand years before Luke Skywalker the galaxy is enveloped in a dark age when an ineffectual Republic has abandoned entire systems to Sith control A Jedi Knight on her first mission eighteen ,

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