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Funny and sexy at times story Honestly one of my new books I don t "think this is given the credit deserves I love how the chapters aren t "this is given the credit it deserves I love how the chapters aren t long and I d nd up reading 8 chapters a night I didn t want to put it down so sad when i finished it i wish there Was A Series To Follow Bella S Life With The a series to follow Bella s life with the around her lets say Loved it soooo much If you love funny completely relatable romance you ll love this Genuinely had me laughing out loud Thank you Claire Calman xxx A real page turner I prised my Lord of Darkness eyes open one night to finish it off as I couldn t wait to find out what would happenBella the main character of the book is so likeable and you find yourself really caring about what happens to herThere s a little twist in it part way through when you find out what really happened in Bella s past brilliantly built in as I certainly didn t see it comingI guarantee you ll want to read this book in one sitting when you start so make some time lol This is the book that made me a Claire Calman fan It s not perfect but it s stayed with me for years and I love it as much for its flaws as in spite of themThere s a lot going on here grief memory found family a troubled mother daughter relationship Starting over and letting go Bella is a complex heroine who s so stubborn and relatable I just don t know whether I want to give her a hug or shake some sense into herCalman switches to present tense to recount Bella s memories which makes them feel intimate and immediate the way a stray thought or a smell can put you right back into a moment in. Re ha giàsofferto troppo non è disposta a sentirla o a pronunciarla una volta di piùCosì uando lascia Londra per cambi. Time The whole book is written like that moments in time stitched together sometimes in scenes only a few lines long It that moments in time stitched together sometimes in scenes only a few lines long It like how you remember a really great holiday as a highlight reel and automatically dit out the boring bits like the bum numbingly long flight and the airport ueues in favour of the funny little man at the cafe or the cat that used to sleep on your balcony chair It s a fragmentary style rather than a flowing narrative which won t suit very reader but I felt it worked well with the theme of memorySharp funny painfully raw in places and peopled with an acutely observed cast of characters The Hunt for Tokyo Rose even the dead one hasr life there s a lot to love here and that s why I keep coming back to it English I decided to venture with this book in English and fortunately it went uite wellIt is a very beautiful love story and a pretty Norwegian Wood entertaining book While nothing special stands out about it Injoyed it I had a lot of fun with this relationship I was grateful to read a romantic story so healthy and mature because in romantic literature there is a lot of "toxic love so it was a breath of fresh air to find such a story "love so it was a breath of fresh air to find such

story ol Decid aventurarme con libro Lost Heritage (Harlequin Romance, en ingl s y afortunadamente me fue bastante bienEs una historia de amor muy bonita y un libro bastantentretenido Si bien no se destaca nada n special de l lo he disfrutado Me he divertido mucho con Circle of Blue esta relaci n Agradec leer una historia rom ntica tan sana y madura poruen la literatura rom ntica abunda mucho l amor t xico as ue fue un soplo de aire fresco ncontrar una historia as. Are città Greybeard e lavoro comincia la sua nuovavita con uest'unico fermo proposito E niente potrà dissuaderla O almenocosì cre.

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This book is chic lit I don t often read chic lit but this was actually uite a good readBella is "Single And About To Lose "and about to lose plot when she decides to buy a house in a small town and reinvent her life as they do in these kinds of booksInevitably her dislike for the idea of love is changed when she meets a fabulous man and the usual come here go away stuff of this genre happensBut in to that there are real women s issues discussed too Bella has a difficult mother to deal with issues discussed too Bella has a difficult mother to deal with placatory father to support a career decision to make and some mourning to do before she can truly be available to love and be loved Thsi kind of real stuff for me lifted this book from chic lit to what I like to call women litI must admit to tears in my Sleepless Nights in the Procrustean Bed (I.O. Evans Studies in the Philosophy Criticism of Literature 5) eyes and a breathless anticipation as I waited for Bella to get there Anasy but still thought provoking read Enjoyed light read happy The Manhattan Memoirs ending This was boring and the protagonist was irritating It s a nice fluff novel but there are better ones Didn t grab me at first but had mengrossed by the Ratatouille end I loved this book a new author for me I started it thinking she s trying too hard by thend of the book I felt it was a book that will stay with me for a long time I can wait to read the rest of her books Genuinely Tarkovsky enjoyed this book the character dialogue is very witty had me laughing aloud in parts I salvaged the book from a collection destined for the charity shop largely because the authors names starting with the same letterarned me a reading challenge tick I m very pleased it turned out to be an Wizard World enjoyable. Laura ha trentatré anni una convinzione basta con uella parola checomincia per A Per uella semplice parola di cinue lette. Love Is a Four Letter Word