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He will corner your roommate s friend or a classmate you run into at the supermarket or an old lady waiting for the bus to explain yet again why he thinks Napoleon really isn t that great at ALL yeah that s odd but basically Leo is just super and you re thrilled to have him even for such an extended visit because he really is so brilliant and iverting and nearly truly worth his weight in gold You are sad to know he s going to leave but then his plane is Zombie, Ohio delayed and you re happy you ll have him there just one night but somehow that s the night that he suddenlyecides to come back to your house completely high on cocaine Leo then proceeds to stay up for hours Aristotle and His Medieval Interpreters drinking all your expensive scotch and talking your EAR off about his goddamn PHILOSOPHY of HISTORY that you really just could not care LESS about and he WILL not leave and let you go to bed he keeps TALKING and it s BORING and apparently he thinks your catatonic stare signals rapt interest because he just keeps on going explaining on and on He WILL NOT SHUT UP It is almost just like being physically tortured by this guy who you thought was the best houseguest in the whole wide world And so when Leo finally leaves again the next morning ragged and bleary and too Memoirs of an Old Dyke dazed still to be properly sheepish you re not sorry to see him go in fact you re very glad Andoes one annoying night cancel out two months of the great times you had together Of course it Boo and The Backyard Zoo doesn t and you remember him fondly and tell anyone who asks how nice it was when he stayed But the nightoes carry a special weight because it was the last and when you remember A Laboratory Text-Book of Embryology dear Leo your wonderful houseguest your affection will not be totally untainted by the memory of hisull egotistical coked out rantings the night before he left for realBy which I mean to say the rest of this book was totally great As my Great Aunt Dot who s read this twice commented It s really not a Whippersnapper difficult read at all there s a chapter about War and then a chapter about Peace so it never gets boring War and Peace is hugely entertaining and largely readable Plus it s enormously educational as you will be forced to learn than you ever wanted to know about the great Napoleon According to Tolstoy he wasn t that great No I mean really he wasn t that great War and Peace is a terrificate book because it s got lots of bloody action and also tons of romance plus you can make out Andrew Jackson: Pioneer and President (Garrard Discovery) during theull parts where Tolstoy s talking for like twelve pages about various generals and strategies and his nineteenth centuried out opinions about historyIf there s a standard I value highly than my long book great ending Dear General: Eisenhower's Wartime Letters to Marshall demand it s the one that I call Make Me Cry Ion t really think a book s that great unless it makes me cry No this oesn t work in the other irection just because a book makes me cry Backfire: A History of How American Culture Led Us into Vietnam and Made Us Fight the Way We Did doesn t mean it s great I ve cried at really silly movies before and I used to cry regularly whenever I read the newspaper which is one reason I stopped War and Peace made me cry like a colicky baby that s been speared with a bayonet THREE TIMES Ion t mean I misted up or got a little chokey I mean I sobbed wept and groaned thoroughly broke Colonial Living down and lost my shit on a very cathartic and soul rending level Hooray I can t guarantee that War and Peace will also make you cry but I bet if you re prone to that sort of thing you ve got a good shotGOD this book is good See you should really skip the Epilogue because besides being crushinglyull it s also very AL Wld Cons 83-85 Rev depressing in the wrong way and in addition to making you vow never to marry could make you forget how GREAT and AMAZING the rest of this is What a GREAT and AMAZING book Holy shit I m flipping through now and it s all coming back to me This was totally The Wire of 1868 If you like serious characterevelopment and plotting that unfolds over a long period of time you should seriously read this book I really Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus didn t know much about this book before I read it but I think I remember someone Jane Smiley writing that War and Peace is about everything I wouldn t go along with that I m not sure if she would either but it is about most of the things that really matter If you are someone who thinks at all about life oreath you might like this book Here is a passage from a character who s a POW marching barefoot through Russia in October In captivity in the shed he had learned not with his mind but with his whole being his life that man is created for happiness that happiness is within him in the satisfying of human needs and that all unhappiness comes not from lack but from superfluity but now in these last three weeks of the march he had learned a new and comforting truth he had learned that there is nothing frightening in the world He had learned that as there is no situation in the world in which a man can be happy and perfectly free so there is no situation in which he can be perfectly unhappy and unfree He had learned that there is a limit to suffering and a limit to freedom and that those limits are very close that the man who suffers because one leaf is askew in his bed of roses suffers as much as he now suffered falling asleep on the bare amp ground one side getting cold as the other warmed up that when he used to put on his tight ballroom shoes he suffered just as much as now when he walked uite barefoot his shoes had long since worn out and his feet were covered with sores p 1060I just think uite barefoot his shoes had long since worn out and his feet were covered with sores p 1060I just think s great Maybe it s not out of context Anyway one of the best things about reading this is how much of it is so strange Russia 1812 OMFG all so ifferent and how much is the same The nuance specificity and instant recognizability of the characters in here is pretty amazing I know this sounds Solitude: Seeking Wisdom in Extremes: A Year Alone in the Patagonia Wilderness dumb but you really feel like you know these people and in a way it s the minor characters Sonya Anatole Dolokhov my favorite who are so perfectlyrawn and make you go Man I know these people WoahI Gods of the Blood: The Pagan Revival and White Separatism did appreciate having to think about war while reading this because that s something I ve never reallyone before At the beginning I عشر ليال وراو d hoped that this would help me understand about why wars happen but itidn t That might have been what Tolstoy was trying to explain in his Epilogue but I have to confess that at that point I wasn t really listeningAnyway I liked this book It is long though Whatever else I am I am the type of person who reads classic novels out of a sense of obligation Also I must admit out of a sense of vanity My ego after all is as fragile as a goldfish and reuires the constant attention of a newborn baby Every once in awhile it needs a little boost and the intellectual challenge of Dostoevsky or Dickens can really work wonders Now I ve been told that forcing myself to read books I The Truth about Crocodiles: Seriously Funny Facts about Your Favorite Animals don t necessarily like is a fruitless waste of time and that the reviews borne of these endeavors are a fruitless waste of others time That kind of criticismoesn t go far with me By my rough estimate just about 99% of the things I o can be similarly classified as a waste of time unless my endless games of Spider Solitaire like the button on LOST is actually saving the world In which case I am a hero Moreover great literat 857 War and Peace Leo TolstoyWar and Peace is a novel by the Russian author Leo Tolstoy which is regarded as a central work of world literature and one of Tolstoy s finest literary achievementsTolstoy said War and Peace is not a novel even less is it a poem and still less a historical chronicle Large sections especially the later chapters are philosophical iscussion rather than narrative Tolstoy also said that the best Russian literature Challenged by Coeducation: Women's Colleges Since the 1960s does not conform to standards and hence hesitated to call War and Peace a novel Instead he regarded Anna Karenina as his first true novel 1978 1334 19 675 1356 01061399 Holy cow I amone Not sure what to say I feel like I should write a 1000 page review but I will keep it short I finished the like I should write a 1000 page review but I will keep it short I finished the while a passenger in a mini van stuck in horrible Atlanta trafficThe book was not uite as readable as some other BIG books I have read but still pretty good What amazed me is how few specific events occurred Airs of Providence during the 1000 pages Tolstoy was just reallyetailed in Battle Line: The United States Navy, 1919-1939 describing the events Only a few times thoughid I feel like it was too muchThis book may not be for everyone but it sure feels cool to be able to say War and Peace Yeah I read that. FIn War and Peace 1868 9 Tolstoy entwines grand themes conflict and love birth and eath free will and fate with unforgettable scenes of nineteenth century Russia to create a magnificent epic of human life in all its imperfection and grandeur. ,

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Война и мирBefore I turned the last page of this massive volume which had been neglected in my bookshelves for than six years War and Peace was a pending task in my mental reading universe knowing it to be one of the greatest Russian or maybe simply one of the greatest novels of all timesWell in fact it was something else I have a selective memory I on t know whether it comes as a blessing or as a curse that enables me to remember the most insignificant Graphs on Surfaces details like for instance where and when I bought my books which are often second hand copies When I pull one of them off my shelves it usually comes loaded with recollections of a certain moment of my life that add up to the mute history of their usually worn and yellow pagesSo War and Peace was also a memory This one had too with an unusual cloudless and shiny afternoon spent in Greenwich Park eating the greatest take away noodles I had ever tasted and browsing through my newest literary purchases recently bought in one of those typical British second hand bookshops where I spent hours besotted with that particular scent of moldy ancient paperThat s what War and Peace meant to me until I finally shook my sloth off and Yellowstone: A Wilderness Besieged decided to read it It turns out I rather lived than read it or maybe the book read me but in any case I curse my lazy self for not having taken the plunge much soonerThis book is an electroshock for the soul There is noivision between Tolstoy s art and his philosophy just as there is no way to separate fiction from In Old Virginia: Slavery, Farming, and Society in the Journal of John Walker discussions about history in this novel Without a unifying theme without so much a plot or a clear ending War and Peace is a challenge to the genre of the novel and to narrative in history Tolstoy groped toward aifferent truth one that would capture the totality of history as it was experienced and teach people how to live with its burden Who am I What Algebra of Probable Inference do I live for Why was I born These are exis So Iid it I finally convinced myself to read War and Peace partly because it s just something everyone wants to say they ve Adirondack Detective Returns done and partly because one always needs a good excuse to procrastinateuring the exam period when I should have been studying And you know what I really enjoyed most of it The novel is far less taxing than I imagined I Strength in Numbers don t know if that s because the English translation goes easy on us non Russians or because Tolstoy wrote it in a uite light hearted fashion I suspect I shall never find that out for myselfPersonally I think a much better title for this book would be War and People Because though an inepth look at history A Tale of New England: The Diaries of Hiram Harwood, Vermont Farmer, 1810-1837 during the time Napoleon had ambitions to take over Europe this is first and foremost about humanity and Tolstoy observes humanity and all its weirdness with a sense of humour and occasionally sadness Ion t like to make too many predictions about the older authors some people will tell you that Bram Stoker was a feminist and William Shakespeare was a humanist I think these are uite melodramatic conclusions to make about authors who lived in societies where they would struggle to be thatHowever Tolstoy may or may not consider himself liberal forward thinking a humanist and I wouldn t state that he is any of those things But I think his perception of the human condition in the nineteenth century shows he is somewhat before his time in his ability to see almost every character as flawed confusing but ultimately human He manages to construct a comphrehensive view of humanity and Russian culture at the time in uestion complete with betrayals and scandals and affairs But though the characters may place blame on one another like calling Natasha a hussy Tolstoy appears to remain impartial Those who stray from the conservative path of the nineteenth century Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space: An Illustrated History of NACA and NASA do noto so without reasonAnother reason that War and People is a much better title for this book is because there is very little peace going on in here There are times when the battles aren t raging of course but there is always something eually ramatic happening within the social world of Russian high society People falling in and out of love people having affairs wealthy aristocrats ying and leaving their fortune to illegitimate sons It seems to me that there s a constant war going on in this book just sometimes it isn t on the battlefieldAnd oddly enough it was the real wars in War and Peace that interested me least of all They were probably the reason this book got four stars instead of five and because goodreads rating system is about personal enjoyment rather than literary merit I felt much entertained by the soap opera that was the lives of the Russian nobles than by the tedious and repetitive battle scenes There were guns and canons and horses riveting But thankfully like I Said Tolstoy S said Tolstoy s is about people than anything else and this is the reason that I saw this book through and enjoyed the journey In this frightening isolated time let me Christian Science on Trial direct you to War and Peace People resist this book theyo it because it s something of a punch line as a monolithic ifficult novel But this is one of the frothiest soap operas of a novel that I know of with far narrative propulsion than the excellent but sometimes slow ANNA KARENINA Two nations at war great world leaders and generals yes but also trench life and even so relevantly now the way war alters lives at home The thrills of this novel should not be spoiled but the memories are indelible a ramatic entrance in an opera house a medical seuence as harrowing as it is moving Pierre in Moscow aflame Tolstoy s creations in the book are near perfect Natasha Andrei and Pierre that most lovable of teddy bears and Mothers of Heroes and Martyrs: Gender Identity Politics in Nicaragua, 1979–1999 dozens of spectacular supporting characters intertwining in complex ways It is not aifficult book just a long one And it as spell binding and transporting reading experience that I know of Tolstoy is the ur novelist for a reason It s probably already on your shelf It s been there for years since college maybeStart it this evening Trust me When I was growing up the conventional wisdom was that War and Peace was the sine ua non of Monsieur dEon Is a Woman difficult books the scope the length OMG the length Conuering this Everest was The Test of whether you were a ManReader I have now read it Thump chest and make Tarzan yell Actually you know chump bigeal The mountain really wasn t so large after all There are love affairs there is a war peace eventually returns to the Shire Russia Sorry got confused there for a minute with Lord of the Rings another 1000 page work where there are love affairs war and an eventual peace That s hardly
a spoiler by 
spoiler by way Not unless you ve been hiding und This is one of those books that can be life changing I read this as a teenager and I remember exactly where I was sitting on my bed in my grandmother s house in southern Germany when I finished it I must have spent an hour just staring out the window in awe of the lives I Tarinel's Song d just led the experiences I just hadI m now re reading this enjoying it immensely and no The Architecture of Baltimore: An Illustrated History doubt appreciating it much than Iid the first time Tolstoy has the most amazing ability to make us feel when he zooms out and examines historical events that the individual is nothing and then when he zooms in and paints intimate portraits of his characters that the individual is everything BreathtakingBy the way I m reading the Anthony Briggs translation Penguin Classics and it s marvelous I m uite picky when it comes to translations and this is one of the best I ve readIt s in the sweeping battle scenes that Tolstoy shows how insignificant the individual really is how even generals and emperors are at the mercy of random and unpredictable events Then when Tolstoy switches to the intimate Lifting the Fog of War drawing room scenes the entire perspective shifts and nothing matters than the individual consciousness that heepicts The juxtaposition of these two feelings is just well geniusI The Case against Assisted Suicide: For the Right to End-of-Life Care d forgotten how mystical Tolstoy gets with respect to Pierre s conversion or enlightenment or getting religion It s fascinating how Pierre becomes animated by these great ideas and that s a sign of his maturity whereas Prince Andrey matures in an almost opposite way by eschewing his former great ideas regarding military heroism and focusing instead at this point in the narrative on his baby sonThe contrapuntal movement of Pierre and Andrey sevelopment is only highlight. Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition ISBN 10 0140444173 ISBN 13 9780140444179At a glittering society party in St Petersburg in 1805 conversations are ominated by the prospect of war Terror swiftly engulfs the country as Napole. .
Ed when they re together ebating whether one ought to try to improve people s lives Pierre or just focus on one s own happiness and leave the world alone Andrey It s actually a profound Life's Worth: The Case Against Assisted Suicide debate which then ends when Andrey beholds the vast sky again and something stirs inside him something longormant and we as readers can t help anticipating that Andrey will be backOne of the great glories of reading War and Peace is to encounter in a novel characters struggling with serious philosophical issues not as airy abstractions but rather in terms of how they ought to live Pierre and Prince Andrey are the prime examples of this I kept thinking as I read the sections in which they struggle earnestly with such uestions that contemporary American fiction has precious little of this I wonder if it s because we ve all Sweet Redemption drunk the kool aid that says showon t tell making contemporary novelists shy away from such material But this little mantra while seemingly objective renders entire realms of fiction off limits Tolstoy is constantly telling us what Pierre and Andrey are thinking and the novel is so much better for itTolstoy s peace is of course anything but it s full of anticipation and intrigue and philosophical yearning from the bursting bewildering sallies of youth Natasha to the resigned feeling that life isn t what you Carriage Trade dreamed when you were young and perhaps you aren t either Pierre Theeftness and sheer range of human The Unwanted Christmas Guest drama is staggeringAnd the war when it returns is no abstract matter Everywhere there are people caught up in this great event bewildered by it Here s Rostov on seeing the French officer he s broughtown This pale mud stained face of a fair haired young man with a Ill Never Tell dimple on his chin and bright blue eyes had no business with battlefields it was not the face of an enemy it was aomestic indoor face Rostov can t help seeing him as a human being and in that moment his enthusiasm suddenly Juana of Castile: History and Myth of the Mad Queen drained awayIt s interesting how when Rostov chases the French officer on horseback he thinks about the wolf hunt he was recently on When I read the scene of the hunt where the hunters capture the old She Wolf and her cubs I couldn t help feeling sorry for those animals for that animal family hunted for pure sport I wondered how that scene would come back into the narrative because of the obvious symbolic weight of it and here it is in the scene of war The characters hadn t empathized with the She Wolf in the same way that Rostovoes with the French officer but I wonder if we re meant to anyway or at least be made somewhat uncomfortable as I was by such sport killing perhaps seeing it as a prelude to another kind of sport killing altogether namely warTolstoy can t help wearing his patriotism on his sleeve a bit as he Famous Five on the Case: The Case of Allie's Really Very Bad Singing describes Napoleon s advance and the rival Moscow social circles one of which has eschewed anything French while the other clings to its Francophile ways Of course the French speaking social circle is that of Helene who s cold and manipulative and whose brother schemed to snatch away Natasha in such well French fashion But this is no bald tale of Russian virtue and French perfidy Tolstoy is finely attuned to the chaos of war and to the humans that engage in it so much alike than not as everyone tries simply to survive and perhaps claim a little glory in the endI love how Tolstoy peppers his narrative with keen insights into human nature Here he is whenescribing the attitude of Muscovites on the approach of Napoleon At the first approach of Medusa's Gaze: The Extraordinary Journey of the Tazza Farnese danger two voices always speak out with eual force in a man s heart one tells him very sensibly to consider the exact extent of theanger and any means of avoiding it the other says even sensibly that it s too wearisome and agonizing to contemplate the Gender and Technology: A Reader danger since it is not in a man s power to anticipate future events and avoid the general run of things so you might as well turn away from the nastiness until it hits you andwell on things that are pleasantTolstoy Tim's Excessive Good Fortune: A Murder Mystery set in the American Revolution (Tim Euston Book 3) describes the cavalcade of human affairs as well as anyone and the evacuation of Moscow is a great example of it so many little storiesescribed with the One Hundred Master Drawings From New England Private Collections: Franklin W. Robinson deftest brushstrokes The irony and humor also shine through when heescribes Berg s ridiculous recitation of war stories or Count Rostov s childlike iffidence when it comes to the issue of whether they should empty their wagons of belongings in order to make room for wounded soldiersHurtling toward the end now and Tolstoy is hammering his theme that the individual is a slave to fate and mysterious forces This adds much irony to His Tale And Some Biting Commentary As tale and some biting commentary as as when he says These man carried away by their passions were nothing than the blind executors of t 857 War and Peace Leo TolstoyWar and Peace is a novel by the Russian author Leo Tolstoy which is regarded as a central work of world literature and one of Tolstoy s finest literary achievementsThe novel begins in July 1805 in Saint Petersburg at a soir e given by Anna Pavlovna Scherer the maid of honour and confidante to the owager Empress Maria Feodorovna Many of the main characters are introduced as they enter the salon Pierre Pyotr Kirilovich Bezukhov is the illegitimate son of a wealthy count who is ying after a series of strokes Pierre is about to become embroiled in a struggle for of strokes Pierre is about to become embroiled in a struggle for inheritance Educated abroad at his father s expense following his mother s eath Pierre is kindhearted but socially awkward and finds it Separated at Death difficult to integrate into So I know you ve all been on edge these past two months and since I should be studying for the social work licensing exam tonight it seems like the perfect time to put an end to your suspenseAfter all my agonizing and the thoughtful suggestions below about whether I should mutilate my gorgeous hardcover Pevear and Volokhonsky translation in the interest of less hazardous subway toting Readers I carried him All 1272 pages Everyay across five boroughs and three states for nearly two monthsSo the burning uestion on your mind is Should I risk misalignment and a redislocated shoulder in the interest of preserving a pristine edition that s inevitably going to get all banged up anyway as I lug it across battlefields and through trenches for what seems an eternity Which is important the book s spine or my ownBookster I am here to put an end to all this wondering Here is what you must A szerelmes boszorkány do simply take a keen exacto knife you might ask a helpful Cossack to sharpen it for you and slice out the final Epilogue portion of this burdensome tome You willo no Civilized Creatures: Urban Animals, Sentimental Culture, and American Literature, 1850–1900 damage to the book the epilogue s like an appendix and hey what the hell cut that out too as this part is not necessary and in fact though it s theoretically only about 7% of the book this portion is actually responsible for at least 63% of its weight So slice that bitch out and throw it away Your vertebrae will thank you laterAnother advantage to getting rid of the Epilogue is that it will save you from having to read what is conceivably the mosteadly Idaho Falls: The Untold Story of America's First Nuclear Accident dull andeflating ending to a vast and magnificently readable book ever written As a particularly exacting size ueen I Moral codes and social structure in ancient Greece : a sociology of Greek ethics from Homer to the Epicureans and Stoics demand that the glory of a huge novel s ending be proportional to its length I feel this is only fair I was loyal and patient andevoted many hours to reading the author s story and at the end I should be rewarded for my fortitude with a glorious finale That s always been my philosophy anyway Apparently though it s not Tolstoy sWhat is Tolstoy s philosophy you ask In particular what s his philosophy of history Well let me tell you Or better let him tell you Cause he will Over and over And then again And then in case you were interested and wanted to know let him REALLY tell you and keep telling you and tell you some to know let him REALLY tell you and keep telling you and tell you some some no let him get into it finally now in great etailYeah Tolstoy s that perfect house guest who crashed on your couch for nearly two months and you re just thrilled as hell the whole time to have him visiting because he s just such a smart and great and interesting and heartfelt guy uel raconteur Oh sure sometimes he gets a bit ull and wonky with his policy ramblings but that stuff s basically okay And then yeah he s got these ide s fixes about history that are fine you guess but it s a bit weird how he s always repeating them and focusing on the same points over and over and. On’s army marches on Russia and the lives of three young people are changed forever The stories of uixotic Pierre cynical Andrey and impetuous Natasha interweave with a huge cast from aristocrats and peasants to soldiers and Napoleon himsel.