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Her Ideal ManAnna Passanante is infatuated with widower Tyler Forrest One snowy night they are stranded in a cabin together I didn t care much for the hero because the love story was overwhelmed by him mooning over the loss of his wife Nicely written but I hated it Loved this oneI have flown the loss of his wife Nicely written but I hated it Loved this oneI have flown this series It is one of my favorites I highly recommend reading this series It won t disappoint Tyler is frozen in amber unable to move forward after the death in childbirth of his beloved wife He lives with his son in an austere cabin in the mountains carrying on in the stoic lifestyle she espoused He even redoubles his adherence to extreme environmentalism out of devotion to his late wife But then a beautiful vibrant assionate woman is stranded at his cabin in a 3 day snowstormand the son is away with his grandmaI know it s contrived but how else are you going to get the main character Propositioned? pregnant so fast And so unhappily married to this reclusive bear But as you hoped they work things out and both of them get what they need Barbara Samuel O Neal is a fine writer and even with this amusinglot the book is a delight It was written in an odd way but Not A Bad Story a

bad story lot 
story lot melodrama going on here The families were involved but like not involved Seemed like they were just The Elizabethan Underworld - A Collection of Tudor and Early Stuart Tracts and Ballads padding up the length most of the time So so but repetitive and not very uick read This is areviously The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee published book written under Barbara Samuel sen name Ruth Wind It is also the third book in the Red Creek Brothers series I really enjoyed the story and didn t feel like I was rereadingThis is Tyler and Anna s story Tyler is a single father who lost his wife in childbirth As might be expected this has created some emotional scars Anna is a transplanted New Yorker who always knew she was meant to live in Colorado The characters are well written and complicated Tyler isn t always likeable but Barbara Samuel finds a way to make you root for him despite his flaws We all touch the story of a grieving widower H with trepidation and it was the same for me Still I jumped in despite the mixed reviews And I was leasantly surprised by the writing wh. The Last Roundup Janet Dailey Award WinnerHER DREAM COME TRUETyler Forrest had everything he needed his son and the wide open beauty of the Colorado mountains He didn't want a big house a lot. ,

Ich flowed so simply yet beautifully My feelings reactions and thus my review is diametrically opposite for the first 75 80% and the rest of the book Every line and word was worth reading as we are absorbed into the hH s emotional minefield The h is such a sweetheart and you feel completely drawn into her dreamy romanticized view of the mountain country and the mountain man H whom she describes as the lost The Kebra Nagast prince Aarallel thread of fairy tales was beautifully woven into the story He was a Hacking interdit - 7e dition: Toutes les techniques des Hackers pour mieux vous en protger prince she thought wistfully arince of the mountain Wistfully she touched her messy black curls and remembered she was after all only a easant from below who d wandered into his realm by mistake AND BEEN GIVEN ONE ENCHANTED NIGHT been given one enchanted night love him She d touched the magic that was Tyler So they share a night of assion and he does tell her that he s not interested in as he will always love his dead wife As the blurb tells you she gets A Game of Dress-Up pregnant leading to a moc I was veryatient with the H like the h as I was enjoying the writing so much I let him get away with the guilt biting his butt the writing so much I let him get away with the guilt biting his butt other minute whenever he realizes he s enjoying and laughing with the h as he never did before This dead wife was such an incomparable and he was acting like such a wuss I thought this h deserved so much better If not another man definitely much better treatment and appreciation from him But still I was rolling alongIn fact I let him get away with it till almost 80% of the book And then I got really annoyed Especially after what happened on the honeymoon and other things when they start their life together The writer took it too far in some instances in fact things regressed than getting better I was so appalled how could things be salvaged after this and we are on the last lap of the book You need than just a half apology and ILY to soothe the reader s emotionally ruffled feathers Okay so they will live happily ever after but the reader needs Two things First who wants to get their nose rubbed into how great his love is for the dead wife Not me I read romances for a love story between two The Little Veela that Could people not three But the h is another go. Of moneyor a brideBut when sexy outspoken Anna Passanante showed up on his doorstep Tyler's long celibateast gave way to a weekend of Marvel Héroes passionThree months later he was faced with a veryregn.


Ody goody aragon who doesn t seem to mind In fact she bawls and defends the wife and accuses the H of whatever She even names her daughter after the ow That for me was tacky and a complete overkillSecondly why does the H s mom ov tells us midway that the dead wife was a bit too shallow and controlling to be a good wife to Tyler Why did the author give us this and Then Not Take It not take it As till the last age of the epilogue it s all about her Only a canonization was Modern Nostalgia pending for the dead and the new wifeSo a wonderful book went from aotential 5 to A 3 That Also Because 3 That also because the writing otherwise it should be close to a 2And a fitting title would be The Lost Prince and Snow Whiteand a Ghost As usual I thoroughly enjoyed this author s writing It was a bit different from her other books in a way I liked Tyler was locked up in grief and regrets and guilt over the death of his 1st wife in childbirth Now he will not let himself be happy with Anna even though they do end up married I was touched how Kara makes her approval known and I loved the name of the new addition to the family3 I like this series but I like her latest novels better I love how much detail Barbara Rayzors One (Alien Bounty Hunters puts into her stories It allows me the see hear taste and feel what the characters are feeling and helps me to experience the environment around them And the details and the development of the future characters are always well rounded and the stories are fantastic at least to me This book is a reissue of the earlier book written under theen name of Ruth Wind It was a sweet but sometimes very aggravating book I loved the beginning Anna and Tyler are stranded in a secluded cabin during a snow storm love it Although Anna has had a thing for Tyler for some time and Tyler has certainly noticed Anna the horrible loss of his revious wife during childbirth and the seuence of events leading up to that have left Tyler frozen emotionally Anna manages to make it through the ice that is Tyler during the snowstorm but it is short livedThey go their separate ways until fate steps in and forces them back together They feel they have no choice but to. Ant Anna and a hasty wedding But it would take than vows for Tyler and Anna to become true husband and wifeThe Last Roundup Three brothers travel the rocky road to love in a small Colorado tow. ,