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Deaths End (Remembrance of Earth’s Past lIng I was able toose myself in this story for a few hours Well that was a Triton light easy read It has aot going for it picaresue and Buchanesue and a คู่มือท่องกาแล็กซีฉบับนักโบก light murder mystery that has a nasty turn to it very nasty for 1970This reads very muchike early PD James definitely a product of the times the Judas Tree late 60s And there is such aot of social commentary of England during these days homosexuality the 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン NEON GENESIS EVANGELION law peoples attitudes the influence of reality what we now would call realism drama on youth and the general public and finally the modernifestyle "ALL WORK NO PLAY AND IT S EFFECTS ON "work no play and it s effects on plot is uite simple and the clues somewhat clunky one in particular is just plain useless aughable The nymphomaniac is also an interesting character and uite risue for its timeIt is a worthy read but not in the class of ater Hill The seeds of a decent crime writer are definitely there and juvenalia are always worthy of examiningBest read on a wet winter Sunday or a summer beach An okay bookI grabbed it to read while recovering beach An okay bookI grabbed it to read while recovering surgery and the cover said a DalzielPascoe mystery that s why I took it I remembered I Helliconia Winter liked those guysThere was no Dalziel there was no Pascoe The coveried This was an interesting no I m sorry very annoying thing I read this oh 30 years ago it s not ike I can call the publisher and tell them they 30 years ago it s not ike I can call the publisher and tell them they idiots that s the past But my sense that THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED wanted to go somewhere If there s no one to complain to what should you doYou should trash the book obviouslyBut it wasn t in a category to be trashed it was just an ordinary book nothing great about it A kind of fellow passenger one who didn t expect to be singled out And if I were the author I d feel a jolting sense of dismay that readers would react to some This is one of Hill s earliest books and shows some signs of an author still finding his feet Th. Rdered in the high fells and suddenly there's no doubt about it He's running Set in his native Cumberland this was Reginald Hill's very first novel and its cleverly interwoven str. ,

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E plotting is good but the book takes some time "To Get Off The Ground And The Characterisation Is Inconsistent "get off the ground and the characterisation is inconsistent times Nevertheless once the book gets going it s certainly a page turner Some of Hill s humour Appears In The Book But It S in the book but it s as witty or funny as his ater writing In fact it s all a bit grim All authors have got to start somewhere he d already published his first Dalziel and Pascoe book by this time and they were to turn up regularly from then on some very successful some downright peculiar I suspect he l be on some very successful some downright peculiar I suspect he The Illustrated Roger Zelazny ll be most for the famous detective duo and he was blessed to have created such a pair nevertheless he was never an author to rest on hisaurels and he continually experimented in a way that s uite unusual for a writer turning out historical novels short stories the curiously unsubtle Joe Sixsmith series and a variety of books under various pseudonyms2019 Picked this up again thinking I hadn t read it discovered after a few pages it was very familiar found I d forgotten how everything worked out and re read it with enjoyment though again the characters didn t seem uite settled in themselves It says on the cover it s Dalziel which I know how to pronounce and Pascoe false advertising I didn t E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial like the protagonist or actually anyone else very much Ah now I see it was Hill s first book That explains aot This was in my Annual Report of the Public Works Department for the Year Ending December 31, 1958 library s new to theibrary section which I thought meant it was a new book but it is not It is actually the first book that Reginald Hill wrote and was first published in 1971 It has not dated well gayness is aligned with insanity there is an ugly nymphomaniac oh the horror and all sorts of casual sexism and homophobia It is possible to see the germs of Hill s future successful career this unfortunately is probably best treated as a historical document of its time and returned to the shelf. Ands of detective story psychological thriller and Buchanesue adventure prefigure much that in the intervening decades has taken him into the topmost ranks of British crime fictio. Reginald Hill is consistently good This is not a PascoeDalziel book this is his very first novel set in his native Cumberland Currently reading and so far oving it Fell very first novel set in his native Cumberland Currently reading and so far oving it Fell Dark is a classic tale of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and having to fight against the odds This short novel is fast paced and full of action but at the same time is character driven and thought Provoking Reginald Hill S First Novel Is The Perfect Tale Reginald Hill s first novel is the perfect tale all those who ike their mystery full of suspense and adventure Reginald Hill s first book slighter than some of the Fahrenheit 451 later offerings but no shorter on compelling story or good Fell s first novel and well written at that NOT a Dalziel Pascoe book even though it says so on the front cover Harry Bentink decides to go on a walking trip through the hills of England with his close friend Peter despite his wife s wishes Two women they talk to are found dead and the police think they are involved with the murders The friend ends up confessing but Harry must go on theam and try to prove his innocence running from the police Of course things continue to worsen the onger he is one run This was in a bag of mysteries that a friend gave me months ago and I pulled it out because it was short had good sized print and British setting I wanted to take a break from the non fiction I was reading I wasn t familiar with the author and didn t have high expectations but I was pleasantly surprised and will be ooking for by Reginald Hill This is the first novel he wrote 1971 it seems he is responsible for a couple of well known series and other stand alone novels The writing is crisp and high uality the setting his native CumbriaLake District very well conveyed I would have ranked it higher if I had iked the main characters better or felt of an understanding of the wrongly accused Harry Bentink Well plotted good writ. A friendship renewed; a marriage going sour; Harry Bentick heads for the Lake District not knowing if he's going in search of something or running away Then two girls are found mu. Fell of Dark