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Ary stories that xplore the real gritty side of high school life in a way that keeps the reader captivated and hanging onto her Powerful Potions of Santeria every word Honestly I m not fond of the synopsis It doesn t capture the thrill and shivers and dread that I felt while reading this book It doesn t capture thessence of the story as did the synopsis for dancergirl WiHi 1 However I had read dancergirl and I remembered how much I loved that book With high xpectations I picked up Circle of Silence and I loved itAlthough this is the second book in a series what ties the books together is that they take place in the same high school The character are all different but for a couple references to Ali which was pretty xciting I cheered I KNOW THAT GIRL in my head as though I d spotted a celebrity In a way I did I m that big of a book nerdThe story focuses on Val s perspective however Curiosity Tamed the Kat (A Genuine House of Gord Publication BD-03) every now and then the mysterious leader behind the society gets a word in Each time I knew that something bad was going to happen Because the leader doesn t have anything good to say What we see is plotting plotting on how to use the other members of the society what new and dangerous prank to pull and who should beliminated Each prank is daring and threatening than the last and I was hanging off the Watching My Husband Take the Babysitter edge of a mental cliff worrying that Val and her team wouldn txpose the truth in time to prevent something irreversible from happening As it is they come across many close callsVal is a very different narrator from Ali Both have large amounts of pressure put onto them and both are courageous in their own ways Ali for going after a stalker Val for pursuing the truth of the story at all costs The difference is that Val seems nergetic and with drive which comes from the reporter within her As an aspiring journalist she is always pushing after the truth after the story and her curiosity often gets her into trouble And having a stalker isn t very nergizing It s downright scary Oftentimes it causes her to forget about what matters However that is at the heart of this story learning to accept yourself and the proper way to go about doing that I loved watching Val and her team pursue the story on the mysterious societyVal is a courage girl It takes a lot of guts to pursue a story as dangerous as this one Tangents especially when you know that the authorities won t do anything to help With this second book Tanzman hasstablished herself as one of my favorite authors I absolutely cannot wait to read the next book that she has lying in store for usReview at Imaginary Reads I am a huge fan of thrillers and mysteries I love it when the book makes me think deeply about something or discover who is behind something I read so MANY mixed reviews about Circle of Silence that I just HAD to try it And proudly I am on the good side By the way do I have to remind you I was not paid to write a positive review all ideas xpressed are mine and mine only Now for the review Valarie Gaines what a CUTE name has always had a dream To win a scholarship for journalism so when group B of Campus News vote for the leader she is thrilled to be chosen Now she has to direct and produce many segments for the high school TV Fortunately her group are reliable and hardworking There is her supportive best friend Marci There is the tech genius Henry and the hard working Raul There is the love able Omar The group collection cannot get better but it can get worse Val Valarie is not so happy when another member is added the handsome flirty Jagger The only guy who broke her heart and never gave it back to her Fortunately for Valarie stories are flowing Well particularly one story Someone named MP is doing horrible pranks in their high school From hanging underwear in the place of flags to putting a toilet in the hallway Val takes over the story with her group interviewing students teachers and scanning hallways She is determined to know who is behind the pranks Turns out the MP is not just one person they are a group and they do not want Val to mess up their plans It looks like threatening will not stop VAL BUT WILL PUTTING HER LOVED ONES IN DANGER but will putting her loved ones in danger her stop Who are the MP Is Val getting close to find out And will she be able to forgive Jagger for what he had done or will she move on Trust me feeling shocked is an understatement when you find out who the MP are Still want to find out Well you better read this mysterious xhilarating action packed novel Circle of Silence I LOVED this book Like absolutely perfectly fell in love with it I never knew I would Lėlininkai enjoy it THAT much Yeah I will confess I am not a very good fan of Contemporary I hate predictable stories but this one was different It was utterly unpredictable I had NO IDEA who MP was until Val found out I loved the mysterious aspect of the book Carol M Tanzman is a PRO I noticed that the author didn t concentrate on the description very much which was fine by me When you get into the story you won tven want to get away from it to read what the surrounding is like It s THAT captivating The characters are wonderful Val is one of the strongest most hard headed person I have ver got to know I ADMIRED and RESPECTED her Although my favorite was Marci If I could describe her in one word it would be ME I loved her All the characters are very much believable and relate able although not very third dimensional but still I never knew I would njoy this book THAT much or I would have read a LONG time ago I don t know why I kept delaying it I will definitely be going back to read Carol M Tanzman s other novel Dancer Girl which is the first book in this series but the two books are companion novels so they can be read as standalones If you want an njoyable utterly compelling read that will keep you on the dge of your chair then Circle of Silence is the ONE 45 Circle of Silence by Carol M Tanzman is the second book in the WiHi series but can be read as a standalone Set at Washington Irving High School in Brooklyn Heights Circle of Silence focuses on high school journalist Valerie Gaines She s been made producer of a Campus News Crew and is Двойна звезда eager to show that she is the right person for the job When random pranks start occurring at school on Valerie as well as other students and things get very seriousBefore reuesting Circle of Silence I hadn t heard of Dancergirl the first book in the series but I was reassured by fellow bloggers that this book could be read without having read book one I didn t know much about Circle of Silence but I jumped right in and was immediately caught up in the mystery surrounding the secret society at Val s school particularly because the story is told from Val s point of view with the addition ofxtracts from MP s meeting logValerie Gaines is in her final year of high school and has coveted the position of producer of the Campus News Crew for years On her team is best friend Marci classmates Henry Raul Omar as well as her The Worst Breakfast ex boyfriend Jagger They dated last year until he cheated on her and they haven t spoken much since Val still has feelings for him but she s trying to hide them because he really hurt her and neverxplained or apologised I really liked Val she s intelligent driven and a good sister The Maracot Deep even though younger sister Bethany seems to hate her She s theld. Pranks underwear on the flagpole a toilet in the hallway cryptic notes A circle of silence keeps the society a mystery No one knows its members agenda or initiation secrets until a student lands in the hospital under strange circumstancesI will blow this story wide open and stop others from being hurt or wor. Circle of Silence arrived on my desk a while back and I fell in love with the blurb on the back as well as the cover It drew me in with the promise of suspense and a mystery to unravel Unfortunately for me I couldn t drop Slade House everything and devour the book as I would have liked so I placed it in the pile knowing that its time would come and this week I was finally able to pick it upI would have loved to sit and devour Circle of Silence in a sitting but it s been anxtremely hectic week in my house this week preparing for a family holiday making reading the top of my wish list but the bottom of the priority list I plodded through the book never wanting to put it down but knowing that I had to Today was the big drive so I spent 13 hours in the car and less than half of that driving so it was the perfect opportunity to immerse myself in Washington Irving High providing the children stayed nice and uiet which they didBut The New Catacomb enough about me let s talk about the bookCircle of Silence is actually the second in the WiHi series according to Goodreads of which I was unaware until I finished the book This may be the second in a series but it is a fantastic stand alone that loses nothing if you haven t read its predecessor DancergirlThe rest of my review can be read here I couldn t put this book down The story pulled me in right from the beginning and never let go I was dying to figure out who secret society MP was I thought I had it figured out midway through the book but then I decided I was definitely wrong Turns out my initial guess was rightven though I ruled it out I loved that the story is told from the news team s point of view and MP s point of view it keeps the tension going throughout the whole book As for the romance aspect of the story I think I got myself motionally invested than the characters themselves The love triangles paced the story very nicely It s a mystery and a thriller but also a realistic tale of broken hearts and hopeful prom pairings in high school And in a VERY refreshing twist from the damsel in distress Bella Swan type female protagonists that plague YA novels Valerie had no illusions about the opposite sex and remained intelligent and strong in her convictionsIf I hadn t read and njoyed the first book in this series Dancergirl I might not have picked Circle of Silence up since I am a little older than the intended audience But Out of My Mind even though I would absolutely recommend this book to younger readers Injoyed it myself just as much and suggest it to anyone looking for a relatively fast good read Valerie is finally getting her chance to run a news crew for Campus News at the HS TV station Also there s the chance to go for that Student Emmy which would certainly set her apart from other college applicants And as luck would have it there s a secret club of students pulling pranks that are becoming and dangerous breaking a story like this would certainly put her ahead right But then there s the issue of her slackercheater x being put on her team at the last minute and the fact that MP the name of the secret club is pretty lusive Will Val be able to figure out MP before they go over the deep Затворникът endNot my favorite but not because it was bad writing or a bad story I just didn t like Val I felt like she was a goody goody in an annoying way Yes she drank at a party and skipped school that one time but still there was something so blah about her view spoilerAnd the whole thing with Jagger the slackerx was obvious Just because his dad messed him up doesn t mean you forgive him before he Gilliamesque even apologizes I didn tven get the appeal of him anyway hide spoiler Valerie Gaines aka ValGal has just been appointed producer of the Campus News B Team crew at Washington Irving High and is determined To Cover A Big Story To Get cover a big story to get into college She is thrilled to be teamed up with dedicated students including her best friend Marci until Jagger Valerie s I robot dellalba ex boyfriend makes a latentrance and is also assigned to the B team Valerie struggles to be indifferent to Jagger s charm but her desire to succeed in her position pushes her through any unease An underground group known as MP are pulling pranks and leaving cryptic messages initially causing a bit of The Cinema of David Cronenberg excitement at school soon turns serious when students wind up injured and Valerie is warned off covering the story Circle of Silence really surprised me At first I thought okay young adult novel there will be some kind of flightly problem and a predicatble love interest Boy was I wrong Circle of Silence is indeed young adult but from page one it proves how uickly it strays from the usual YA framework Instead it s a fast paced suspense novel with a strong minded hard working and career driven protagonist who displays all the ualities a great journalist possesses The love interest with Jagger gives justnough for the reader to be interested in the outcome without taking over the plot The writing style is refreshing fast paced no nonsense and avoids information dumping It s apparently the second book in the WiHi series following on from Dancergirl which I haven t read but with a new protagonist so this story can The Best of Philip K. Dick easily be read as a standalone novelA veryngaging YA mystery novel with smart and likeable characters Valerie Gaines is determined to rock her school s airwaves during her senior year She is a member of the Campus News team and dedicated to becoming a real life journalist when she gets older Her concentration is broken when her cheating x Jagger joins her class and she is forced to work with himSoon the Campus News team has lots to report on a group called MP is pulling ridiculous pranks and defacing school property But when Val tries to investigate she gets threatened Never one to back down she chases the story But she may not like what she finds outI felt like this book was trying way wayyyy too hard Not only that so many moments were just unbelievable that I couldn t let myself really njoy the storyValerie is a senior who basically spends all her time ither working on a new story or "in the news room diting one Here was my problem number one there "the news room diting one Here was my problem number one there NO WAY this girl can be getting through her senior year and hope to get to college if she is concentrating that hard on only one class Not a mention is made of her ver ven going to another class much less doing homework for one Val is one of four kids and she and her freshman sister Bethany share a room ven though they never get along Problem two I have no idea why these girls disliked Greystone Tavern each other so much They argued and got mad atach other over seemingly nothing The tension between them was always sky high and no real reason was givenJagger Val s The Time Machine ex boyfriend cheated on her with another girl but of course she can t help but get wrapped up in him again Problem 3 there was no relationship development Even if it were a good idea for these two to get back together which trust me it was not there should have been some moments between them or maybeven a little conversation that didn t nd in an argument If I were Val I would have never looked back that didn t nd in an argument If I were Val I would have never looked back the dude but hey high school girls view spoiler He s Cordelias Honor (Vorkosigan Omnibus, even missing for the last third of the book but of course theynd up together in the The Man-Kzin Wars end hide spoiler Carol M Tanzman has a gift for writing contempor. The biggest story of my life could be how itndsIt’s my turn to run a Campus News crew and I’ve put together a team that can break stories wide open And Washington Irving High has a truly great one to cover if only we can find a leadA secret society has formed in our school It announced its presence with.

summary Circle of Silence

Est and knows that her parents are caught up caring for her younger twin brothers but it was clear their family was also very loving and supportive I liked that while being so focused on becoming a good journo Val was also able to take a step back and see when she was being too distant and instead try and connect with her crewThe other character that was interesting to read about was the leader of MP he was very cold calculating and obviously had a lot of hate and anger that he was letting out via the pranks I really appreciated getting a look into his mind via the Number the Stars entries in his logI was drawn in by the mystery surrounding MP from the beginning of the book and was constantly trying to work out who was involved I was also suspicious of some of the main characters for other reason Bethany because she s a really angry young girl as well as Jagger was he out to mess with Val or did he genuinely want to spend time with her and make up for what he did On the other hand I thought Raul was a great guy at first Val saw him as competition but he became a good friend as they worked together on new storiesThe suspense and intrigue in this story was perfect new information comes to light asach new prank is discovered and I found myself skimming pages and wanting to turn them before I was finished reading them meaning I had to stop and force myself to slow down so I didn t miss a thing I thought the The Origins of the Cultural Revolution, Vol. 2 ending was really well done and so satisfying after such a heart stopping read I was right about a few of my suspicions as well as completely surprised by who was behind MPI only had a few small issues I thought the school should have acted a lot sooner and in a stronger way as a lot of the pranks involve fake body parts fake blood decapitatedhanging trophies and threatening messages but the school s only reaction were a few verbal and video warnings I also thought that the kids probably should have told an adult about the threatening personalmails they d received it s something I often think when I watch Pretty Little Liars but the drama and suspense wouldn t be the same if the kids had given up and let the cops handle it instead so I understand why this couldn t happen in the storyCircle of Silence is a chilling and mysterious read that will keep you guessing until the very The Night Stalker (Robert Hunter, end I recommend this to all fans of contemporary YA as well as mysteries and thrillers As an avid reader of mysteries and thrillers and after reallynjoying Carol s other novel Dancergirl Circle of Silence s companion this one has been high on my anticipated reads of the year Regardless of me giving it a 3 star rating I did truly Mona Lisa Acelerada enjoy it where it lost its flair on me is on a individual standpoint which may not be of concern for most readers For one I felt very distant from out protagonist Valerie The journalism aspect is interesting but I felt like some of the decisions she makes are too high stake for a small school news report as if she thought she was working for CBS and it wasxpected of her to put her own life on the line I also found she missed a few clues that to me at least were incredibly Deaths End (Remembrance of Earth’s Past, evident Conseuently I put this mystery together not far from the half way mark which inadvertently made the rest of the cluesven obvious So naturally I wasn t kept as captivated by the suspense of the mystery as I was hoping which in the Stanley Kubrick, Director end turned out to be anticlimactic for me Nonetheless it didn t make it uneventful I was still intrigued by MP the secret society and what they were planning next I wasspecially delighted to see them share their point of view while keeping their identities hidden we re given an inside look at their intentions and schemings inside chapters in their perspective I also njoyed the dark dreary tone throughout that progressively got creepier not to mention a heck of a lot serious Although never the focal point there s a fairly big romantic undertone in the story We ve got Valerie s x who cheated and now trying to mend his broken relationship and Valerie s not sure he can be trusted again I liked how Jagger was portrayed ven though he s a cheater and I should hate him for it he s not trying to justify his actions but rather show that he s remorseful and made a mistake Plus it was fun to see Valerie make him work for it I won t say that I got any butterflies but it s a cute and sweet romance that gives a good distraction from the sombre notes An ntertaining mystery with a good amount of thrill and chill despite my not getting blown away I would still definitely recommend it for fans of the genre For of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads This was heart poundingly good Seventeen year old Valerie Gaines prime focus in life is to find and amazing news story that will propel her into the college of her dreams Being a news reporter is a goal she s been working on since the ighth grade So when a series of bizarre school pranks happens Valerie thinks she may have struck reporter gold The first and second pranks seem harmless but the third one hints at sinister things to come and they are all signed by MP Who or what is MP This is what to come and they are all signed by MP Who or what is MP This is what and her teammates on Campus News set out to discover However just when Valerie thinks she has verything under control her Superboy Superpup ex boyfriend Jagger unexpectedlynrolls into the class and is assigned to her team Just what does he think he s playing at He s the one who ruined things Valerie will not let him distract her from getting what she s worked so hard for And she s not about to let her heart be broken again Valerie was an The Chosen (Stargate Atlantis, easy character to connect with and you get caught up in the mystery trying to figure out things right along with her In spite of knowing that Jagger ruined his relationship with Valerie by kissing another girl Inded up loving him I know I know Don t make that face let me Skin (The X-Files, explain Jagger knew he screwed up majorly and Valerie doesn t just let him have a free pass She busts his chops for a bit and then theynd up moving beyond the past and becoming friends again BEFORE anything romantic was Rebels of the Red Planet even a suggestion Jagger wasn t in a good place when he made a stupid choice but I like the fact that he owned up to his mistake instead of trying to makexcuses That s the best way to handle a bad choice and a great lesson for anyone That being said the romance in this story was not the main focus Figuring out the mystery behind MP before the pranks turn deadly is the center of this story While I seriously suspected one person s involvement I was surprised at some of the revelations There is a wonderful secondary cast of characters including Valerie was surprised at some of the revelations There is a wonderful secondary cast of characters including Valerie large family and her teammates on the Campus News I thoroughly The Sheep Look Up enjoyed this suspenseful thrill ride Thending really had me at the Ready Player One edge of my seat and I couldn t put this book down I couldn t keep myyes open last night and at 68% I had to go to bed So I woke up and started reading and was late going into work because of it Let s hope no one there reads this review This story was the companion novel in the WiHi series by Ms Tanzman While there are some characters from the first story that pop up you don t have to read dancergirl first to Royal Marriage Secrets enjoy Circle of Silence Thank you to Netgalley and Harleuin Teen for allowing me to read thisYou can read this review and at The Readers De. Se And while myx Jagger might want to help I don’t trust him yet And no not because of our past together That is not important to this storyBut whether you find me Valerie Gaines reporting in front of the camera or a victim in the top story of the newscastbe sure to watch Campus News at 900 am this Friday. Circle of Silence

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