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Prehistoric Passion from Mars rNgressman When things don t turn out as planned she attends a Missionary Meeting and immediately signs upthinking she is going to China Again things don t turn out as she has planned and we find her in South I would give this book a four and a half I don t want to confuse anyone but Iated it a 4 on audiblecom partly because the narration was problematicBut the book overall gets a five star Elder Brother and the Law of the People rating for its uniueness and sticking power How many books do you walk away from and you don temember a thing about them It won t be that way when remember a thing about them It won t be that way when ead this book Unfortunately the narration was poor to middling which impacted my enjoyment of this book The intonation etc of the narrator made the heroine come off as totally unsympathetic in the beginning of the book Only as the story moved on was I able to get past the problem story moved on was I able to get past the problem my listen the narrator mispronouncing French words that were spoken my listen the narrator mispronouncing French words that were spoken the heroine a French teacher and fluent in French for one and this downbeat tone of depression for the heroine s voice that seems due to the narrator ather than as written A shame because the overall story is uniue has a hopeful message and is a memorable one Catherine Richmond has no control over the narrator and had I Ang Screenplay Ng Jose Rizal read the book I d likely have given it a 5 Starating Characterization was Inside Gods Arms Season 3 (Yaoi Manga) refreshing I decommend the book but I d avoid this audible version unless like me you Nulli Secundus- Second To None really need to hear it instead I will beeading future Richmond books but hope to avoid this narrator If I d ead it myself this book would have been enjoyable lesson learned as far as this narrator Always enjoy finding new authors to love and Cathy Richmond has a lot to offe. Now the people she discovers she can't abandon them The motives that led her there were anything but pure but she finds a new purpose in trying to protect the least of theseThe water ushes around her literally and figuratively as Sophia learns that the only way to fulfill her purpose is to ignore the distractions and focus on God's leadin.

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Through Rushing Water by Catherine Richmond may emind one of another novel written by Catherine Marshall Christy Sometimes Voluntary Death in Japan readers don t know where to start because there is just too many good things in aead This is the case for me with spiritual endeavors the concept of loving each person and the battle to save misunderstood people on the brink of extinction Catherine Richmond does a Reading Girls remarkable job filling out the pleasant main characters including secondary ones writing with honesty andaw emotions as these tough characters hold onto what little they had their gifts that they take great joy in The main FEMALE CHARACTER SOPHIA IS A FLIGHTY TYPE TRAVELLING ALL character Sophia is a flighty type travelling all the world to see what it has to offer from France her homeland Russia and North America Surprisingly though she can carry her own share of work and knows how to survive and take care of others especially the Ponca students Through increasingly difficulties that affect each person in a A Field Guide To The Birds Of Galapagos real way Sofia Will and the others learn to ignore theushing waters around them and focus on what God has planned for them Some scenes will move eaders vivid memories of history that comes to light about the treatment of the Poncas readers vivid memories of history that comes to light about the treatment of the Poncas the United States and the fictional account that brings eaders to an understanding about the struggles that the Aboriginals might have faced and the harsh Family Skeletons (Dirty Harry, realities sometimes only experienced in the tv shows Thisead is absolutely Encyclopedia of World History - Primary Documents Master Index (Volume 7) recommended to historical lovers and a yearning to learn about what the Lord has in store for you and how He can demonstrates His love in events such as this one Reread in 2018 Obviously didn t enjoy it as much as I did the first time. When the life she planned for herself is snatched away Sophia's eyes open to the life God has planned for herSophia Makinoff is sure that 1876 is the year she's going to become the wife of an up and coming congressman But when the congressman humiliates her by proposing to her mousyoommate Sophia wants nothing than to disappear and avoid. Through Rushing WaterAs I m no longer Evangelical but I appreciated the lengths the author went to paint the atrocities committed against Native Americans and I appr This was pretty much your standard Christian historical FICTION ROMANCE WHILE I DON T romance While I don t this genre nearly as often as I used to I do still occasionally get the urge to ead one because they How Can You Say We Are Not Related re usually simple and sweet I liked the missionary and teaching aspects of Through Rushing Waters and I also enjoyed getting to see Sophia s growth throughout the book That being said I felt that several of the secondary characters and even the main love interest fell just a little bit flat for me I didn t love how uickly he fell for Sophia either The story itself was interesting I liked getting toead about the Ponca tribe and I thought for the most part it was a fairly fast ead though I did it aside for several days I also thought it dealt with heavier topics than you tend to find in this genre not to say that they aren t out there which I thought the author handled very well Towards the end I got a little bit bored but that wasn t something that I felt was an issue throughout the storyAll in all Through Rushing Waters is a pretty decent albeit somewhat stereotypical Christian historical fiction omance I didn t love the LandBook romance but I enjoyed theest of the story I would Vlad recommend for anyone who is a already a fan of the genre and who might be interested in the missions aspect I so enjoyed Catherine Richmond s Spring for Susannah that Ieally wanted to The Bouncer read her next bookand it does not disappointWe begin with Sophia Makinoff teaching at girls college and convinced she is about to marry a new Co. The wedding plans She grasps at her first opportunity for escape and signs up for the Board of Foreign MissionsShe thinks she'll be going to China but evenunning away doesn't go as planned when she's instead sent to the Ponca Indian Agency in the Dakota Territory It's an abysmal primitive place for a lady of society but as she gets to .

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