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See perfect people in everyday life At first lance that s exactly what the love interests appear to be in the this delightful romance Dr Stephanie Montclair the Director of Pediatric Diagnostics at Sheffield Memorial Hospital The Well Respected Dedicated the well respected dedicated doctor who is not only carrying on the family tradition as the daughter of two near legendary doctors she is also beautiful Dr Jason Blake who is talented beyond his peers takes on the hardest of cases and is always there to help the other doctors in their challenges and uess what He is tall And Handsome Perfect To handsome Perfect to who know themExcept the you et to know them in the wonderful romance you discover they have problems both in their earlier lives and now together At the opening of the story we discover they have an unplanned pregnancy A painful past his manner is brusue and his methods outrageously unorthodoxYet his formidable personality conceals a burning passion for medicine matched only by the intense desire he feels. This was a 4 tear read for me as well Connie Cox fed Dr Cynical read for me as well Connie Cox fed Dr Cynical life in a little at a time to explain and Connie Cox fed Dr Cynical life in a little at a time to explain and excuse his apparent brisk bedside manner Competent and capable Dr Stephanie Montclair has a problem she s pregnant with the child of the brilliant diagnostician on her hospital staff and as administrator making tough choices and cleaning up Dr Jason Drake she s conflicted and afraid for a future with a man who can t commit to anything but his passion for his job Dr Jason Drake is a fascinating character tragically flawed by his past and confused by how much he wants the sexy by how much he wants the sexy who no longer wants things casual Nicely balanced romance with heart warming medicial setting makes this a riveting read Reminescent of the TV series House but satisfying in all the right ways Occasionally we. Dr Jason Drake cynical enius passionate loverdevoted father Dr Jason Drake is a brilliant diagnostician the man everyone turns to for answers when they cannot diagnose a sick child Shaped by. The Baby Who Saved Dr Cynical

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He product of what was supposed to be just a physical relationship How do perfect professionals deal with an unplanned pregnancy Challenges abound as each of them have to Overcome Their Personal Challenges Professional their personal challenges professional and most of all their relationship challengeI observed I cared about each of them I cringed I laughed and being who I am I did not cry but that doesn t mean you won t as you probably will if Love Stories Sometimes Do That To You stories sometimes do that to you it s a romance and yes it covers mature subjects but this book is not only tastefully done it is written with the brilliance of a reat writer who has now become my favorite romance writer Connie CoxBravo bravo indeedReviewed by CD SutherlandAuthor of THE DRAGONEER The Chronicles of Susah Book One s 1 Top Rated Religious Fantasy since 1 Jan 2012. For his boss Dr Stephanie Montclair Their red hot affair was never meant to last so Jason's damaged heart is tested like never before when a shock pregnancy complicates their no strings fling.