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And friends in particular Nigel her ex boyfriend that she left behind so long agao now she left behind so long agao Now she has seen him she has a secret to tell himTHOUGHTSThis was a sweet story about reunited love Although I found it to be sweet I thought it was ok The flow of the story and the storyline between Nigel and Callie had simplicity it was ok The flow of the story and the storyline between Nigel and Callie had simplicity it that my excitement remained at the same level throughoutWhat I like is that the author gave us four different story lines plot taking place that revolves around Callie and her family The mystery of Callie s mother her sisters Natalie and DEANNA HER FRIEND TAMARA AND CALLIE S RELATIONSHIP WITH her friend Tamara and Callie s relationship with Although there are four different issues going on it blend together but not all was resolved as there will be a continuation with Natalie and Deanna s story in the upcoming booksNigel was a good guy who s a detective and now that Callie is back and with her son old wounds start to reopen This leaves the couple with a hesitant back and forth relationshipOverall a nice story with lovable characters but I found the pace of the story okLength 2436 kindleStoryline GOODEnjoyment FAIRLY GOODIntimacy Level GOOD Very cute contemp love story HmmA major part of this story is that Callie and Nigel dated when they were ounger but Callie got pregnant and took off without telling Nigel about the pregnancy She hid it for 10 ears I just can t imagine the Callie who still wasn t over her mother abandoning her would keep a child from their father She never told her son even when he asked about his father That bothered me for the entire book. His doorstep asking for forgiveness the Cleveland cop is furious at her deception But how can he deny the feelings Callie reawakens in him Blindsided once again by the heat of desire Nigel vows to fight for his future with the woman he has always loved Three Harts Three Loves The Reunion of a Lifetim. .
Rt of The Harts Love series And perhaps because of this the story ended incomplete without the reader knowing what has happened to Callie s mother and the reasons behind why she left the girls with her sister Jean all those ears ago I was a bit disappointed by this All in all it was a good story and I enjoyed watching Nigel and Kwame Bond As Father And Son And Both Of Them Delighting as father and son and both of them delighting itI would like to thank Netgalley and Harleuin Kimani Romance for the opportunity to read and review this book Kayla Perrin always give Mediocrità you good love stories This one was a little different in the since of the character finding out about the secret on his own but was told up front I really liked that Good ReadingWill love for when there are so many secrets from the past entangling our present Interesting read to get the answers to freedom An accident or was it has left Callie conscious of the fact that her son has only one parent and coming home for her aunt s Interesting story but Callie became annoying after awhile She returned home 10ears after she left to attend her beloved aunt s Home Going Service But her unresolved issues went a little deeper than an abandoned mother and relationship mistrust If family was so important to her why did she cut them off for so long Callie deceived Nigel the love of her life in the worst way Thorie de la musique yet expected him to not only forgive her but to express his undying love for her Girl get a grip 35 starsBRIEF SUMMARYAfter almost tenears Callie has return home with her son to attend a funeral and to connect with family. Coming face to face with the lover she left behind Nigel Williams is even irresistibly attractive than ever But what will he do when he learns about the secret she kept hidden from him for ten ears Nigel has never forgiven Callie for fleeing Ohio and the passion they shared And when she shows up on. This was a good story Great start to the series Loved the romance between Nigel and Callie Can t wait to read the other The three Hart sisters have estranged for ears wait to read the other The three Hart sisters have been estranged ears of an argument between Natalie and Deanna oldest sister Callie didn t want to choose sides When their Aunt Jeannie

who raised them 
raised them their mother dropped them off and disappeared dies they reunite in Ohio for her funeral Dealing with the death of someone so dear to them forces the sisters to confront what has kept them apart and that includes the secret that Callie who ears ago ran away to live in Florida has kept from everyone Losing her beloved aunt and almost losing her life in a car accident convinces Callie that she must come clean with her childhood sweetheart and l This book had uite a bit going on in it A missing mom abandoned kids sibling rivalry aunt s funeral stalker husband car accident long lost love and a runaway pregnant oung woman It was an interesting read Although I wasn t impressed and the storyline didn t pull me in The pacing was okay but with so much going on I felt like I never got into the meat and potatoes of the story The romance revolves around Callie and Nigel They were once mad about one another but are now coming together for the sake of their son The feelings are there and are stronger than ever but Nigel isn t eager to acknowledge them because of Callie s desertion ears before Callie has many unresolved issues of her own with the first being the abandonment by her mother of her and her two sisters Always in My Heart is pa. Home is where her heart is The oldest of three adopted daughters Callie Hart has always lo ved being the protector of the fa mily But now she is all grown up with a oung son of her own to protect Callie can’t wait to show him off when s he reunites with her two sisters in Ohio But that also means.

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