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Los nacimientosFirst I am white and second the history I know about Latin America Is epressing in what we Iwo Jima did to the natives I am sorry for this Reading this book told in small segments or stories reinforced what the Europeansid to the Americans was just painful I started in earnst but after awhile it was shelved for anything happier It took me about four months to read and was glad to finish it One of th A beautiful book that exist in the strange ground between Howard Zinn s People s History and Borges s Brief History of Infamy It featured the rage and the unpeeling of the veneer of nostalgia and romance of history of the former and the irony pocket novels morbid humor of the latter This is not a scholarly or popular history though the author Iwo Jima: Legacy of Valor does show his research but in the realm of epic poem and Borges a savage and beautiful book I can t wait for the rest of the trilogy I m not going to use the word boring because my father says that boring or boredom is a word that intellectually lazy people use that in fact you re not actually bored but just not properlyescribing your state of mindopinion and that you should probably just go outside and play or turn Pharmacology Success: A QA Review Applying Critical Thinking to Test Taking down the thermostat in your room because apparently cold temperatures build character Or something like that I will say that this bookidn t hold my attention for the following reasons basically a history lesson of N America from pre 1492 Creation Myths up to 1700AD with the Mencari Bening Mata Air death of Charles II told in a ratherry narrative in short Vonnegut like chapters There is little The Anatomy of Monsters: Volume I dialogue no over arching plot unless you consider conuering of cilivations a plot many many characters that rarely appear for than a chapter which again are usually no than a page long and varying elements of Magic Realism which I ve never been a fan of anyway I really wanted to like this book It was a gift from a veryear friend I m sorry I This Difficult Individual Ezra Pound didn t like the book Jorge but please keep giving me books and I m trying to broaden my horizons but ultimately I struggled to finish this novelfiction infused historical text So I m gonna be that person who gives two stars keep in mind it still means I thought it was Ok to a work that averages 43 stars I kinda feel like the one person who can t see the rocketship in the 3D Magic Eye poster and just sees a mess of pixels And I m okay with that Finally Started this bc I love Eduardo galeano andidn t stop bc I must finish every book I start But once I was like 10 pages in I was like Handling Nerves - A Presentation Skills Toolkit (Aspire Leadership Toolkit) damb I m just not in the mood to read a rly broad survey history of all of Latin America rn Even though this wasone in a cool genre bending way and even now and then I was shook by Galeanos prose No rating bc I can tell this was high uality except was a slog to get through Review 17 of Year of the Review All Read BooksThe Guaros who live in the suburbs of Earthly Paradise call the rainbow snake of necklaces and the firmament overhead sea Lightning is glow of the rain One s friend my other heart The soul sun of the breast The owl lord of the Kokuhaku Confession dark night A walking cane is a permanent grandson and for I forgive they say I forget Eduardo Galeano GenesisEduardo Hughes Galeanoied today Eduardo Hughes Galeano was a Latin Boom writer and journalist and he Roula Rouge: Roman died today on April 13th of lung cancer at the age of 74 and woe is us We re in a lot of troubleSo an old man with white hairied What s that got to Jimsy: The Christmas Kid (1915) do with the price of rights right And why is it woe to us that Eduardo Hughes Galeanoied Because you people and 120 other million Americans won t read than 6 books this year Because less than 3% of those books are in translation Less than 15% of use speak a foreign language Because the only truth you know is what you get over the TubeThis tube is the most awesome God DEAD ASTERN damned force in the whole godless world and woe is us if we fail to tear our eyes away from it in favor of a book every now and then and that s why woe is us that Eduardo Hughes Galeanoied Peter Beale on Eduardo Galeano s Our Land Before We Die deathWhen I was little I used to lie like hell I stillo but I used to too One of the innocuous little examples of this was that I would claim though not loud enough so someone could call me out on it I had seen something I was watching on television on sixits before To my brain sixits was a videotape recording of various culturally relevant moments from TV and Movies that by identifying I could indirectly state I was culturally with it Who knows where the name of this came from My rationale has always been that it was a collection of six Love and Magic I: 9 Paranormal Romances different moments of television or movies or whatever but I said this so many times and so reflexively I certainly exceeded thatefinition As an occasional creative letter scribbler I ll find myself reading someone like Galeano and uietly muttering to myself well I ve come up withthought aboutwritten this before not wanting to admit even to myself that I haven t come up with these things rather these passages seem to mark a universality an everywherespeak Illuminations so bright that it feels impossible that it were not already part of the human canon and of everyday thought Galeano writes his vignettes as though he has a microphone to Hummingbird drop on each one s last word Possible protagonistsSouth America If she is to include Central America the Carribean and occasional flecks of the North War As she provides us with plenty of conflict thoughon t worry she never goes hungry Memory As she is fluid and can take multiple forms without ever seemingly losing her truth The Natives Because as Kurt Vonnegut reminded many writers Be A Sadist Show the reader what your characters are made ofThe SpaniardsEuropeans Because yes they are the bad guys but so much of us is not possible without their cruelty and conuest It is hard to say anything about this book without eliciting the response of that s sad It is sad And perhaps it is sad because it is true or very nearly true There are painstaking efforts and over 220 sources used to construct the numerous tiny histories from both sides including the cosmogonies and common myths of the Pre Colombian natives And yet we all know how it goes If not precisely than vaguely An invisible fire called Memory scalds the continent and marks us all with scars like Original Sin So woe is us that Eduardo Hughes Galeano is Beyond Identity Politics: Feminism, Power and Politics dead We all know how it goes for all of us But it s still sad Even if necessary YesI fell in love with history the second I got out of high school and realized how much of history is a story of people struggling against oppression and injustice Struggling foremocracy and euality Struggling to make a better worldthose born oppressed and those born oppressor togetherColonialism is as much the story of those who fought back as the story of those who won America is as much the story of its Indigenous nations as the story of its first undocumented immigrants As much the story of Palmares as conuistadores I wish I could give you some concrete examples of all this or uotes or something from the book but I left my copy with my The True ISTJ (The True Guides to the Personality Types) dad the otheray Genesis is a beautiful book of history as story This isn t something to pick up without a certain grounding in the mundane facts of Latin American history being familiar with the characters and settings in Galeano s stories is key I Das alte Haus d probably recommend starting with Open Veins of Latin America if you want to read Galeano s work rather than with Memory of Fire However having read this I will certainly be reading the rest of the trilogy at some pointYou know I usually mean the continent rightIn which I find that I cannot bring myself to say illegal even ironicallyWho semiespises the Latin American left but he ll come around one of these La Folle de Chaillot days Four hundred forty four 444 ratings 48 reviews GR average rating 440 I was almost sure this is artificial Maybe Eduardo Hughes Galeano has many friends Latin American friends How can a book possibly get an average rating of 440 from almost 450 readers Could this not be the champion of all GR rated booksNo Memory of Fire is a trilogy The second book Memory of Fire Faces and Masks is even eye popping 274 ratings 12 reviews 451 GR average ratingYou might say nothing can get higher than that with than 250 individual ratings But hey take a look at the last book of the trilogy Memory of Fire Century of the Wind From 330 individual ratings 23 reviews it has an average GR rating of 459Ion t have a copy of the 2nd and 3rd books yet but I ve never esired a book this much until nowin the preface to this much until nowIn the preface to volume the author wrote that he oes not know if this is a novel or an essay or an epic poem a testament chronicle or what Well I know what it is It s a newspaper When you wake up in the morning you read the papers and learn about what happened to the world the Safe Enough to Soar day before Memory of Fire Genesisivided into short chapters each with a footnote or footnotes How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer disclosing their sources tells the reader what happened to the Americas starting sometime before their colonization with their mythologies up to the 16th century It likewise mirrors a part of the history of my country because the Philippines was also colonized by Spain within this specific time frame In fact there is a chapter here too about Ferdinand Magellan and his Spanish fleetA newspaper however can t possibly get an average of 440 from 444 readers Theifference here is this in a newspaper one gets to know the bare facts Here it is facts plus emotions Galeano s language is poetic and his creativity is almost god like out of the Caravaggio. dead and confusedetails of the centuries past he has molded a coherent engaging living and breathing history A history that you experience through the magic of languageThe very first chapter is aptly entitled The Creation and its footnote says it is taken from a book called Watunna Mitologia Makiritare Galeano presented it this wayThe woman and the man Cases in Marketing Management dreamed that God wasreaming about themGod was singing and clacking his maracas as he Handgestenerkennung im Interaktionsszenario dreamed hisream in a cloud of tobacco smoke feeling happy but shaken by The Emperor's Club doubt and mysteryThe Makiritare Indians know that if Godreams about eating he gives fertility and food If God Petain: Verdun to Vichy dreams about life he is born and gives birthIn theirream about God s Písně Vrbovýho proutku dream the woman and the man were inside a great shining egg singing andancing and kicking up a fuss because they were crazy to be born In God s Factory of Tears dream happiness was stronger thanoubt and mystery So reaming God created them with a song I break this egg and the woman is born and the man is born And together they will "live and ie But they will be born again They will be born and ie again and be "and ie But they will be born again They will be born and Speaking in Cod Tongues: A Culinary Journey Through Canada die again and be again They will never stop being born becauseeath is a lie For Language Galeano referenced the mythology of the Guarani Indian nation and wroteThe First Father of the Guaranis rose in Immurement darkness lit by reflections from his own heart and created flames and thin mist He created love and had nobody to give it to He created language and had no one to listen to himThen he recommended to the gods that they should construct the world and take charge of fire mist rain and wind And he turned over to them the music and words of the sacred hymn so that they would give life to women and to menSo love became communion language took on life and the First Father redeemed his solitude Now he accompanies men and women who sing as they go We re walking this earthWe re walking this shining earth How beautiful were these Indian languages Galeanoidn t need a long Zombie, Ohio discourse on this In a short chapter which he gave the heading Language of Paradise which he took from a study of the language of another Indian nation he simply wroteThe Guaraos who live in the suburbs of Earthly Paradise call the rainbow snake of necklaces and the firmament overhead sea Lightning is glow of the rain One s friend my other heart The soul sun of the breast The owl lord of theark night A walking cane is a permanent grandson and for I forgive they say I forget Echoing Adam and Eve is a chapter Love This charming tale readsIn the ian ju. From pre Columbian creation myths and the first European voyages of iscovery and conuest to the Age of Reagan here is 'nothing less than a unified history of the Western Hemisphere recounted in vivid prose' The New YorkerA uniue and epic history Eduardo Galeano's Memory of Fire trilogy is an outstanding Latin American eye view of the making of the New World From its first.

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Ve into the lives of escaped slaves and rebels who find significant periods of freedom in the jungles or mountains Still other stories tell of the power of love to cross boundaries of race and culture and inspire collaboration against tyranny Despite the vivid short Memoirs of an Old Dyke declarative sentences Galeano wields his narration brims with lyricism and elegance showing that paradox of richness in spareness that a few other great writers have masteredWe get the stories of the first encounters of conuerors like Cortes with the Aztecs and Pizarro with the Incas and follow up on the fateful outcomes Cortesefeat of thousands by tricking his emperor host Monteczuma into believing he was a god and awing his opponents with ard horsemen and few cannons marks a seminal turning point for Central America But what is the outcome in historical imagination of Malinche the Aztec girl stolen by a Mayan chief in her childhood and given as a bribe to Cortes Cortes made her his translator for his subterfuge with the Aztecs and then his woman always loyal at his side for four years of conuests One glance from her black eyes is enough for a prince to hang on the gallows Long after her Boo and The Backyard Zoo death her shadow will hover over the great Tenochtitlan Mexico City that sheid so much to A Laboratory Text-Book of Embryology defeat and humiliate and her ghost with the long loose hair and billowing robe will continue striking fear for ever and ever from the woods and caves of Chapultepec Cortes and Malinche at the point of bamboozling MonteczumaAs another example of special side stories in the arc of Latin American history Galeano provides us the 17th century tale of Juana In s through several segments on her atifferent ages We get a window on a bastard mestizo girl of Mexico who gets a rare education through a kind grandfather and becomes a poet She earns a placement in the court of the Spanish Viceroy only to get in trouble by becoming the lover of his wife and offend the Catholic church with her feminist intellectual audacity She escapes by becoming a nun but still the local bishop brings the Inuisition Whippersnapper down on her for seeing her own poetry and ideas as gifts from God Despite the attempts to cut off her book supply and suppress her writing she secretlyefies them Netflix sponsored a wonderful Mexican mini series on her life in 2015 In one of Galeano s vignettes her Mother Superior mocks her attempt to study nature through cooking in her Andrew Jackson: Pioneer and President (Garrard Discovery) decade of assignment to the kitchen as the keeper of The Royal and Pontifical University of Pancakes The frying pan campus She rises to the occasion If Aristotle had cooked he would have written much That makes you laughoes it Well laugh if it pleases you Men feel themselves to be very wise just by being men Christ too was crowned with thorns as King of JestsReally my aughter you scandalize God with your vociferous prideMy pride smiles sadly I used that up long agoYou can see from this example how challenging Galeano s work is to classify The author himself informs us in his preface I on t know if it is a novel or essay or epic poem or testament or chronicle or Deciding robs me of no sleepThere is nothing neutral about this historical narration Unable to istance myself I take sides What is told here has happened although I tell it in my style and mannerHere he shares on his worthy purpose I was a wretched history student History classes were like visits to the waxworks or the Region of the Dead The past was lifeless hollow umb Perhaps Memory of Fire can help give her back breath liberty and the wordI am a writer who would like to contribute to the rescue of kidnapped memory of all America but above all of Latin America that Backfire: A History of How American Culture Led Us into Vietnam and Made Us Fight the Way We Did despised and beloved land I would like to talk to her share her secrets ask her of whatifficult clays she was born from what acts of love and violation she comesFor me Galeano s coverage of a swath of significant events in Latin American history told in iconic compression was a valuable way to address my shameful ignorance It is so Colonial Living daunting how many countries there are I picked up some of a framework from Mann s wonderful 1493 and someetails from a nonfiction look at Paraguay and bits and pieces from historical fiction set in several countries But the combined etails look at Paraguay and bits and pieces from historical fiction set in several countries But the combined etails so sparse that my mind resorts to common themes in colonial history to represent the truth for all One basic tale of European exploitation and Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus decimation of peoples the blending of races in time the rise of local autonomy and revolt the breakthrough to revolution and independence all leading to home grownictators bred from the business oligarchy and the military starting with Haiti in this volume This book captures these themes while revealing significant variations alternative paths of ifferent peoples and tribes sometimes horrific and sometimes inspiring Through this book individuals step on the stage with their uniue stories standing out before they blend into the background chorus I agree with Goodreads member Adam who found that this book was like a cross between Howard Zinn and Borges an artful kind of telling stories that stick in memory and clothe my skeletal knowledge So many tribes of natives were wiped from the earth often as much by iseases such as smallpox as from the invaders weapons In Peru many of the Indians were worked to Solitude: Seeking Wisdom in Extremes: A Year Alone in the Patagonia Wilderness death in the vast silver mines of Potosi a story that is well covered in 1493 Here Galeano brings the situation to life in a few sentences On Monday mornings they are herded into the mountain and chewing coca and beaten with iron bars they pursue the veins of silver greenish white serpents that appear and take flight through the entrails of this immense paunch no light no air There the Indians work all week prisoners breathingust that kills the lungs and chewing coca that Gods of the Blood: The Pagan Revival and White Separatism deceives hunger and masks exhaustion never knowing when night falls oray breaks until Saturday ends and the bell rings for prayer and releaseA priest witnessing this scene complains I عشر ليال وراو don t want to see this portion of hell So shut your eyes someone suggests I can t he says With my eyes shut I see Another man Guaman Poma spendsecades on a 1200 page letter to the king of Spain to stop the unjust exploitation which never gets sent To write this letter is to weepThe Indians are the natural owners of this realm and the Spaniards natives of Spain are strangers in this realm Also it is God s punishment that many Indians The Truth about Crocodiles: Seriously Funny Facts about Your Favorite Animals die in mercury and silver mines In all Peru where there were a hundred not ten remainThe voices ofiverse native tribes are tapped in myth and song by Galeano as here in this Incan war song We will The Queen's Conjurer: The Science And Magic Of Dr. Dee drink from the skull of the traitorAnd from his teeth a necklace makeOf his bones we will make flutesOf his skin arumThen we will anceSome flavor of the alternate mentality of certain tribes comes through when Galeano shares on their language The Guranos who live in the suburbs of Earthly Paradise call the rainbow snake of necklaces and the firmament overhead sea Lightning is glow of the rain One s friend my other heart The soul sun of the breast The owl lord of the ark night A walking cane is a permanent grandson and for I forgive they say I forgetSometimes Galeano casts an historical scene into odd light by foreshadowing In a chapter The Chief s uestions Chief Nicaragua in Central America tries in 1523 to comprehend the new masters from Spain Was the king elected by the elders of his communityThe chief also asks the conuistador to tell him for what purpose so few men want to much gold Will their bodies be big enough for so much adornmentLater he asks if it is true as a prophet said that the sun stars and moon will lose their light and the sky will fallChief Nicaragua Airs of Providence does not ask why no children will be born in these parts No prophet has told him that within a few years the women will refuse to give birth to slavesSometimes we get the pleasure of the conuerors meeting their justeserts The story of one Pedro e Valdivia makes a great case After a couple of years efeating the peoples of Chile and founding its capital with his lover Ines Suarez at his side nicely portrayed in Allende s novel In s of My Soul he realizes as a new governor he must end his relationship with her and send for his wife in Spain Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned At In Old Virginia dawn an undulating streak opens in the black mist and separates the earth from skyInes who has not sleptetaches herself from Valdivia s embrace and leans on her elbow She feels for the Graphs on Surfaces dagger She raises it Theagger hesitates in midair over the nude bodyCenturies passFinally Ines softly Plunges The Dagger Into The Pillow Beside His Face And the Yellowstone: A Wilderness Besieged dagger into the pillow beside his face and away on tiptoe over the earth floor leaving the bed woman freeLater we experience Valdivia trying to putown an armed rebellion by native Araucanians In Old Virginia: Slavery, Farming, and Society in the Journal of John Walker during which his own trusted native page lays him low He meets this fate as a captive The Araucanians open Vadivia s mouth and fill it withirt They make him swallow Algebra of Probable Inference dirt handful after handful They swell up his body with Chilean soil as they tell him You want gold Eat gold Stuff yourself with gold Another lens Galeano sometimes plays with is that of history becoming legend In the chapter The Poet Will Tell Children the Story of This Battle our window is of the conuistador Alvarado sefeat of the tribal leader Tecum Uman in Guatemala as told to children of the future He will relate that when the native troops had been Adirondack Detective Returns destroyed and when Guatemala was a slaughterhouse Captain Tecum Uman rose into the air and flew with wings and feathers sprouted from his bodyThe poet will point to the moving clouds and the sway of the treetops See the lances he will ask See the horse hooves The rain of arrows The smoke Listen he will say and put his ear against the ground filled with explosionsAnd he will teach them to smell history in the wind to touch it in stones polished by the river and to recognize its taste by chewing certain herbs without hurry as one chews on sadnessNot all immigrants to Latin America are after exploitation of labor and riches In the 16th century the bishop of Michoac n Mexico Vascoe uiroga established his version of the semi communistic society propounded in Thomas More s Utopia one that blended European and native traditions to fulfill the ideal where no one is master of anyone or anything and neither hunger nor money is known As a conseuence in times to come the Indians here will remember Vasco Strength in Numbers de uiroga as their own thereamer who riveted his eyes on a hallucination to see beyond the time of infamyAs a final example of the wonderful content to be found here I share Galeano s vision of a Catholic Inuisitor burning centuries of Mayan books in 1562 The tragedy of the loss is so elouently rendered and we come to understand how The Memory of Fire tries to fight the erasure of peoples and history Around the incinerator heretics howl with their heads A Tale of New England: The Diaries of Hiram Harwood, Vermont Farmer, 1810-1837 down Hung by their feet flayed with whips Indians areoused with boiling wax as the fire flares up and the books snap as if complainingWith hog bristle brushes the knowers "Of Things Had Painted "things had painted illuminated illuminating books so that the grandchildren s grandchildren should not be blind should know how to see themselves and see the history of their folk so that they should know the movements of stars the freuency of eclipses and the prophesies of the gods and so they could call for rains and good corn harvestsMeanwhile the authors artist priests Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space: An Illustrated History of NACA and NASA dead years or centuries agorink chocolate in the fresh shade of the first tree of the world They are at peace because they Butterfingers died knowing that memory cannot be burned Will not what they painted be sung andanced through the times of the timesWhen its little paper houses are burned memory finds refuge in mouths that sing the glories of men and gods songs that stay on from people to people and in bodies that Christian Science on Trial dance to the sound of hollow trunks tortoise shells and reed flutesI sincerely thank Glenn Russell for guiding me to the genius of Galeano through his wonderful reviews Eduardo Galeano. America than Memory of Fire” Washington Post“Memory of Fire will reveal to you the meaning of the New World as it was and of the world as we have it now” Boston Globe“A book as fascinating as the history it relates Galeano is a satirist realist and historian andeserves mention alongside John Dos Passos Bernard DeVoto and Gabriel Garcia Maruez” Los Angeles Time. .

Ngle the first woman and the first man looked at each other with curiosity It was odd what they had between their legs Did they cut yours off asked the man No she said I ve always been like that He examined her close up He scratched his head There was an open wound there He said Better not eat any cassava or bananas or any fruit that splits when it ripens I ll cure you Get in the hammock and rest She obeyed Patiently she swallowed herb teas and let him rub on pomades and unguents She had to grit her teeth to keep from laughing when he said to her Don t worry She enjoyed the game although she was beginning to tire of fasting in the hammock The memory of fruit made her mouth waterOne evening the man came running throught the glade He jumped with excitement and cried I found it He had just seen the male monkey curing the female monkey in the arm of a tree That s how it s Christian Science on Trial: Religious Healing in America done said the man approaching the womanWhen the long embrace ended aense aroma of flowers and fruit filled the air From the bodies lying together came unheard of vapors and glowings and it was all so beautiful that the suns and the gods ied of embarrassmentThen the Spaniards came and later the other Europeans They had their guns swords cannons their lust for gold and spices and their attack ogs These Monsieur dEon Is a Woman dogs some of them given ranks and salaries in the armyidn t hunt birds or rabbits They sniffed out the native Indians One of these Tarinel's Song dogs was named Becerrillo In a chapter carrying thisog s name with the time and place of the incident indicated 1511 Aymaco Galeano gives us the following accountThe insurrection of chiefs Agueynaba and Mabodamaca has been put The Architecture of Baltimore: An Illustrated History down and all the prisoners have gone to theireathsCaptain Diego Lifting the Fog of War de Salazar comes upon the old woman hidden in the underbrush andoes not run his sword through her Here he says to her take this letter to the governor who is in Caparra The old woman opens her eyes slightly Trembling she holds out her fingersAnd she sets off She walks like a small child with a baby bear lurch carrying the envelope like a standard or a flagWhile the old woman is still withing crossbow range the captain releases Becerrillo Governor Ponce The Case against Assisted Suicide: For the Right to End-of-Life Care de Leon has ordered that Becerrillo should receive twice the pay of a crossbowman as an expert flusher out of ambushes and hunter of Indians The Indians of Puerto Rico have no worse enemyThe first arrow knocks the old woman over Becerrillo his ears perked up his eyes bulging wouldevour her in one bite Mr Dog she entreats him I m taking this letter to the governor Becerrillo What We Knew: Terror, Mass Murder, And Everyday Life In Nazi Germany, An Oral History doesn t know the local language but the old woman shows him the empty envelope Don to me harm Mr Dog Becerrillo sniffs at the envelope He circles a few times the trembling bag of bones that whines words lifts a paw and pees on herAn Indian chief can carry a chapter too Here is one 1511 YaraHATUEYIn these islands in these Calvaries those who choose Life's Worth: The Case Against Assisted Suicide death by hanging themselves orrinking poison along with their children are many The invaders cannot avoid this vengeance but know how to explain it the Indians so savage that they think everything is in common as Oviedo will say are people by nature idle and vicious Sweet Redemption doing little work For a pastime many killed themselves with venom so as not to work and others hanged themselves with their own hands Hatuey Indian chief of the Guahaba region has not killed himself He fled with his people from Haiti in a canoe and took refuge in the caves and mountains of eastern CubaThere he pointed to a basketful of gold and said This is the god of the Christians For him they pursue us For him our fathers and our brothers haveied Let us Carriage Trade dance for him If ourance pleases him this god will order them not to mistreat usThey catch him three months laterThey tie him to a stakeBefore lighting the fire that will reduce him to charcoal and ash the priest promises him glory and eternal rest if he agrees to be baptized Hatuey asks Are there Christians in heaven Yes Hatuey chooses hell and the firewood begins to crackleA vignette of one insignificant Indian life 1618 LimaSMALL WORLDThe owner of Fabiana Criolla has ied In his will he has lowered the price of her freedom from 200 to 150 pesosFabiana has spent the died In his will he has lowered the price of her freedom from 200 to 150 pesosFabiana has spent the without sleeping wondering how much her guaiacum wood box full of powdered cinnamon would be worth She oes not know how to add so she cannot calculate the freedoms she has bought with her work through the half century that she has been in the world nor the price of the children who have been made on her and taken from herWith the first light of Ill Never Tell dawn the bird comes and taps its beak on the window Everyay the same bird announces that it is time to wake up and get goingFabiana yawns sits up on the mat and inspects her worn Juana of Castile: History and Myth of the Mad Queen down feetAnd slave trade the most profitable business of thoseays even better than piracy 1672 LondonTHE WHITE MAN S BURDENThe Famous Five on the Case: The Case of Allie's Really Very Bad Singing duke of York brother of the king of England founded the Company of Royal Adventurers nine years ago English planters in the Antilles bought their slaves from Dutch slavers but the Crown could not permit the purchase of such valuable articles from foreigners The new enterprise set up for trade with Africa had prestigious shareholders King Charles II threeukes eight earls seven lords a countess and twenty seven knights In homage to the Medusa's Gaze: The Extraordinary Journey of the Tazza Farnese duke of York the captains burned the letters DY with hot irons onto the breasts of the three thousand slaves they carried yearly to Barbados and JamaicaNow the enterprise is to be called the Royal Africa Company The English king who holds most of the stock encourages slave buying in his colonies where slaves cost six times as much as in AfricaBehind the ships sharks make the trip to the islands awaiting the bodies that go overboard Manyie because there is not enough water and the strongest Gender and Technology: A Reader drink what little there is or because ofysentery or smallpox and many Tim's Excessive Good Fortune: A Murder Mystery set in the American Revolution (Tim Euston Book 3) die from melancholy they refuse to eat and there is no way to open their jawsThey lie in rows crushed against each other their noses touching theeck above Their wrists are handcuffed and fetters wear their ankles raw When portholes have to be closed in rough seas or rain the small amount of air rises to fever heat but with portholes open the hold stinks of hatred fermented hatred fouler than the foulest stench of slaughterhouse and the floor is always slippery with blood vomit and shitThe sailors who sleep on eck listen night to the "endless moans from and at awn to "moans from below and at ГОРЕЧЬ dawn to yells of those whoreamed they were in their countryI could go on and on I had lost count of how many Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific by Raft dog ears I had made on my copy of this book Through the centuries Latin America has beenespoiled of gold and silver nitrates and rubber copper and oil its memory has also been usurped From the outset it has been condemned to amnesia by those who have prevented it from being yes from simply beingEduardo Galeano 1940 2015Galeano explains in his Preface what he wishes to Separated at Death doI am not a historian I am a writer who would like to contribute to the rescue of the kidnapped memory of all America but above all of Latin America thatespised and beloved land I would like to talk to her share her secrets ask her of what A szerelmes boszorkány difficult clays she was born from what acts of love and violation she comesIon t know to what literary fo Why Civilized Creatures: Urban Animals, Sentimental Culture, and American Literature, 1850–1900 do white people own so many pets We re not allowed to own people anyI got that off of the Internet Three years ago Governor William Berkeley could proudly remark I thank God there are no free schools nor printing and I hope we shall not have either for a hundred years for learning has broughtisobedience and heresy and sects into the world and printing has ivulged them Yorktown Virginia 1674 I got that from this book a prime target for trigger happy literature banners the world over complete with index and 227 cited works and two seuels Save yourselves a fuckton in tuition for those socioeconomically indoctrinated and white washed history classes and pick this up instead Vollmann s got his merits but privilege has its limits The poets talk and oubtCan it be that men are realWill our songStill be real tomorrowThe voices follow one another When night falls the king of Huexotzingo thanks them and says good byeWe know something that is realThe hearts of our friends Huexotzingo 1493 When you refuse to talk about the violence you refuse to talk about the peace When you refuse to glance over to another side of the globe for fear of stories that are not so cultured not so ordered not so supportive of our aspirations towards civilization today it is a void and nonentity is worse than pain Rape and murder extortion and enslavement the narrative of conueror and conuered existed long before Europe Moral codes and social structure in ancient Greece : a sociology of Greek ethics from Homer to the Epicureans and Stoics drew up the maps proclaiming itself on top and to the right and used them to set sail for the left the issue here is not of crime and punishment but everlasting annihilation While his soldiers maddened by hunger ate each other the captain read Virgil and Erasmus and made pronouncements for immortality Bueonos Aires 1580But here utopia has returned to America where it originated Thomas More s chimera has been incarnated in the small communal world of Michoac n and in times to come the Indians here will remember Vascoe uiroga as their own the reamer who riveted his eyes on a hallucination to see beyond the time of infamy Michoac n 1560 How many of your beloved founders owned slaves How many of your adored thinkers viewed women as cattle How many of those vaulted names survived ue to blood money inheritance and physical type prowess How much of you is the indelible right of lucky rapists and fattened vampires and what are you willing to Damballah do about it In the twelve books of the General History of New Spain Sahag n and his young assistants have saved and assembled ancient voices the fiestas of the Indians their rites their gods their way of counting the passage of years and stars their myths their poems their medicines their tales of remote ages and the recent European invasionHistory sings in this first great work of American anthropologySix years ago King Philip II had those manuscripts and all the native codi This 1982 book was stunning to me the compelling way Galeanoistills some turning points in Latin American history into visions and vignettes that march through pre Columbian creation myths and the Virginia Dare: Mystery Girl decades from the end of the 15th century to 1700 Two other volumes apply the same treatment from then up to modern times Wikipedia tells me that Galeano whoied in 2015 was a leftist Uruguayan journalist and essayist who is respected for his 1971 historical critiue of colonialism Open Veins of Latin America Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent and that he wrote the Memory of Fire trilogy while he was in exile from the ictatorship of his country and that in Argentina It s not a casual read but you can take it slow piece by piece and then see if like me you get captivated by its haunting beguiling and ever charming succession of 2 3 page pieces In one way it is a compressed history footnotes and all but the way it is written makes it like a cornucopia collage or mosaic that includes myths tableaus like ioramas or time machine windows Orpheus and Eurydice dramatic slices of lives of the invaders and colonizers the natives they subjugated and the African slaves they imported to work in plantations and mines It mostly sticks with the Spanish but embraces comparable looks at stages in the Portuguese subjugation of Brazil and the British in North AmericaAmid all the stereotypes of greed and violence among the conuerors and the abuses of slavery and economic repression of the peasants for agriculture and mining by the colonizers other stories wend their way into the book with a much hopeful outlook on the humaneness of humanity and hope for the future Stories of conuistadors who meet a just fate or go native Saints priests nuns and missionaries who address the injustice in various ways many of whom courageously face a bad fate with the Inuisition Other storiesel. English language publication in 1985 it has been recognized as a classic of political engagement original research and literary form“Memory of Fire is Ancient Greece [With Clip-Art CD] devastating triumphant sure to scorch the sensibility of English language readers” New York Times“An epic work of literary creation there could be no greater vindication of the wonders of the lands and people of Latin.