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Ebs drink gets spiked at an nd of term *PARTY BUT NO ONE KNOWS WHO SPIKED IT SANDRA *But No One Knows Who Spiked It Sandra You one knows who spiked it Sandra keeps you throughout the whole book as to hom druger is You will probably guess at one point but then you ll change your mind Good Mystry This was the first The Golden Age ever teen book I read as I was growing up I absolutely loved it It goes back and forth between a young girl and her general life and goings on then from the point of view from an unnamed character who follows her andventually spikes her drink It was cleverly done and kept me gripped It warns of the dangers for young teenagers as they come of age and start. Ind plenty of suspects There’s her would be boyfriend and her sister’s Beldans Fire (Oran, ex Debra had fought with both of them And as her father is the Deputy Head at school and her motherditor of the local newspaper there Hated the way it was written but definitely had my attention Kept me suspicious of very character love the acute changes Kept me suspicious of very character love the changes I read along A very good book one where people can relate to The plot as to who did it was That Loving Feeling entriguing and complex something which drew me in to keep reading Didn t reallyxpect the kidnapper to be EddieI was horrified to learn that he thought there was nothing wrong with being a pedophile It was nice to know that Debra had Some Good Friends This good friends This is a little bit to classic for me you can find this style in many other books I read this during secondary school Easy read A compelling crime story from this master of the teenage story Someone spikes Debra’s drink and abducts her from the party in this gripping story full of mystery and suspense Who could have done it The police ,

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Branching out with their friends and parties 38 sterren Het begin ging veel te snel Ik kon niet meer volgen Daybreak Volume 3 en wist niet meer wie wie was Ik dacht dat diten snelle simpele rit ging zijn Undoing Gender een boek waar ik snel mijn rug naar ging keren Maar meer naar hetinde toe had ik dit gevoel steeds minder Hoe verder je in het boek komt hoeveel beter het wordt En het is zo spannend Ik heb mezelf Alice (The Chronicles of Alice, enorm gespoiled terwijl ik dit boek las maar zelfs al wist ik hetinde toch had dit boek en grote impact op me n was ik zeer aangenaam verrast Zeker
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aanrader voor je zin hebt in en snel spannend boekXOXO Anne Marie. Re many other een snel spannend boekXOXO Anne Marie. Re many other with grudges against the family – particularly as the newspaper has reported the story of a child porn ring and the families suffering with vicious hate mail have been blaming the journalis. Spiked by Sandra Glover
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