[Free E–pub] Mimi and Toutou's Big Adventure The Bizarre Battle of Lake Tanganyika AUTHOR Giles Foden

Cer was well a character a farcical Too Odd To Be Believed Historical Figure odd to be believed historical figure just can t be real but was I learned a lot about a very sketchy episode of World War I but "found the book frustrating Read this with another traveler or history buff You are oing to want to complain about "the book frustrating Read this with another traveler or history buff You are Tenma No Ketsuzoku 2 going to want to complain about with someone else to wonder aloud together why it leaves you laughing uneasily how it annoys you and why you keep reading it to the end Once after reading a complicated article on Marine Corps logistics I asked an officer of said service and branch How the hell douys ever actually et from point A to point BWith a weary shake of his head he responded Most of the time only by sheer force of willThat sentiment covers a large portion of the action of this book a very well written and intriguing history of one of the least known naval actions in WWI in it s least known theater East AfricaWhat lies in these pages is a strange story of an eccentric and under ualified Royal Navy officer and the expedition he led to keep the Germans from maintaining uncontested control of Lake Tanganyika The British launched the expedition only because they felt they should control any patch of water where a RN vessel could float and only realized later the economic implications of German dominance in the regionFoden writes a very colorful and well documented history fleshing out the only other popular account of this battle which appears in Byron Farwell s The Great War in AfricaFoden also takes the time to relate the contributions of the indigenous Africans who made the victory possibleThoroughly enjoyable read I passed it up when it came out years ago because it seemed too ridiculous but it s a fascinating story If reading about Naval history WWI or imperialism in Africa interests you put it on your to read list You just can t make up stuff like this during WWI the British Navy sent the most incompetent pack of idiots ever assembled to defeat a German battleship on a lake in the heart of Africa Sarong wearing ship wrecking pathologically lying man saves the day and proves that it is far better to be lucky than smar. He Germans on Lake Tanganyika With its powerfully evoked landscape cast of hilariously colorful characters and remarkable story of hubris ingenuity and perseverance this incredibly bizarre story–inspiration for the classic film The African ueen–is history at its most entertaining and absorbin. Mimi and Toutou's Big Adventure The Bizarre Battle of Lake Tanganyika

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He book He even had monogrammed hand cigarettesDespite Spicer Simpson s chaotic leadership the flotilla managed to either capture or sink three of the German boats The final campaign reuired the taskforce to defend the land operations from the lake Spicer Simpson found that the harbor was defended by what appeared to be a heavily armed fort so he opted not to attack and went elsewhere Imagine his chagrin when he discovered that the fort s big uns were made of wood Needless to say the commander was thoroughly chastised for this All in all I liked the book but I probably will not Be Reading It Again The reading it again The Great War WWI had numerous sideshows Little forgotten battles Often triggered by left field strategic thinking and carried out with lack lustre intent in some forgotten corner of the Did You Ever Have a Family globe thatenerally slipped in to a diminutive satire of the larger European playMimi and Toutou Go Forth covers one such campaign in East Africa The British plan to engage German forces on Lake Tanganyika which is the longest Lake in the world and was of The Dreamers great strategic advantage in Central Africa at the time With no British naval forces on the lake an expedition was undertaken to transport two reconditionedunboats overland through central Africa defeat Germans and I am not too sure East Africa hardly was Beautiful Flowers of the Maquiladora going to open a flank on the Western front A plan later riffed upon with the film the African ueen The expedition was undertaken by third string naval officers and the freebooter types lurking about in colonies It plays a bit like a real life Catch 22 A farce in the face of jingoismAenerally enjoyable easy read Humorous without eliciting belly laughs A fiction styled narrative may have worked better This made it to my to read list only because of a planned trip to Tanzania I wanted to find a novel set in Tanzania but settled for this odd mixture of military history and romanticizing British colonialism and not sure what else How many books have dialogue interspersed with footnotes to obscure histories Joseph Conrad Evelyn Waugh and the African ueen The main character Commander Spi. Icer Simson whose navy career thus far had been distinguished by two sinkings His seemingly impossible charge to trek overland through the African bush hauling Mimi and Toutou two forty foot mahogany unboats–with a band of cantankerous insubordinate Scotsmen Irishmen and Englishmen to defeat

characters Mimi and Toutou's Big Adventure The Bizarre Battle of Lake Tanganyika

This was an unusual read for me The storytelling was fun but I m not sure how historically accurate it was In World War 1 Belgian and British troops fought against German forces in Africa British big ame hunter John Lee noticed that the Germans had control of Africa s Lake Tanganyika and he traveled to London to report this fact to the Royal Navy and to suggest a plan the Admiralty to send motorboats to challenge the three steamships that patrolled the lake This would reuire the vessels to be shipped to South Africa and then transported overland to the landlocked lake Since most of the experienced naval officers were already at sea the Admiralty chose "the incredibly eccentric Geoffrey Spicer Simpson to lead the Naval Africa Expedition The "incredibly eccentric Geoffrey Spicer Simpson to lead the Naval Africa Expedition The described him as a man court martialed for wrecking his own ships an inveterate liar and a wearer of skirts Well that piued my interest I must saySeveral times I found myself iggling at Spicer Simpson s antics He wanted to name the two launches that were assigned to him Cat and Dog but the Admiralty disliked the names and told him to choose different ones so he selected Mimi and Toutou which #Spicer Simpson said meant miaow and bow wow in French Spicer was one of the #Simpson said meant miaow and bow wow in French Spicer was one of the egocentric bombastic figures I have encountered in nonfiction He loved to tell anyone who would listen about his heroism most of which was fabricated Modesty would never be an adjective used to describe Spicer Simpson He also had a talent for insulting allies which caused uite a few problems although he was a resounding success with the local Ba Holo Holo tribe who lived on the shores of Lake Tanganyika They had formerly been allies with Germany but Spicer Simpson s peculiarities entertained them so much that they shifted their loyalties to him My favorite of these peculiarities was when the commander began wearing a skirt not a kilt mind you but a skirt that I believe his wife designed for him The natives loved this attire because it showed off the colorful tattoos of snakes and butterflies that covered Spicer Simpson s body I wish there had been pictures in When the First World War breaks out the British navy is committed to engaging the enemy wherever there is water to float a ship even if the body of water in uestion is a remote African lake and the enemy an intimidating fleet of German steamers The leader of this improbable mission is Geoffrey Sp.

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