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R the beauty of the words #THAN ANY DEEPER MEANING 5 STARS #any eeper meaning 5 Stars the beautiful cover and concept only 2 for the content As a poetry geek it left me largely unmoved Also the intro essay is too wanky for words like an art school grad trying to justify their end of year project Disappointed 12th June I watch its mechanism its uartz pulsedrink bones of wetness from the earth s holes 11th October Alight honey bee I o feel the extremity of your spepctrumthat homes on an unsteady cymbal of flower s radialI heard it shivering tish as you touched its Platform A Close Up a close up of tongue suck in a zip noise a faint sweet wet from a nectary s spring A poem collection in the form of a iary which was so beautiful to read it is overflowing with warm reamy and lyrical language Reading the book all at once may be hard to swallow but in snippets is as sweet and precious as honey Nettles have grown into old men s bristles nectar as jewel pins and the air steep with bees Borodale s Bee Journal is mesmerising Honey smeared observations from the weather s law of conduct to panels "Thin As A Shoulder Blade "as a shoulder blade tangible An enjoyable collection although it meanders somewhat a little like its subject shifting from flower to flowe. R' and 'kept' it tunes ear and speech towards the ecstasy of bees between the known and the unknown Because of its genesis as a working journal there is here an unusual intimacy and eep scrutiny of life and The Substitute Bridegroom death in nature The language itself isense and clotted the imagery thrillingly fresh and the observing eye close scrupulous and full of wonder Bee Journal is one of the most unusual and exciting poetry ebuts in years.

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Bee JournalHow bees touch and re align their in migration "Noise Of A Body Continual Repair I Love This "of a body in continual repair I love this a poetic narrative recounting th I liked this kind of I thinkMost of it kind went over my head My vocabulary certainly could o with expanding to better understand lots of the poems I id look up a few things when I could be bothered but I was reading outside for the booktubeathon and it was gettin real cold so I kinda wanted to just finish it That probably resulted in me not taking as much of it in properly as I Could HaveI Did Enjoy Follow The Progress Of The could haveI id enjoy follow the progress of the though And I got excited when I really GOT a poem or connected with it even though it was rareAnyway the edition I have is fricken beautiful so I m happy to have it on my shelves if only for that I enjoyed the book as a journal and as an account of a bee keeper s experience But as poetry the book Succubus Nights (Georgina Kincaid, did little to impress me Ironically my favourite poem has a title 24TH25TH JANUARY BEES DIE but it has no text There are two poem which consist of one word each Catkins Snowdrops The briefer the poems the better Not my cup of honey flavoured teanf because i had no clue what it meant sorry I firstly read The ueen I found it so moving I could. Bee Journal is a startlingly original poetry seuence a poem journal of beekeeping that chronicles the life of the hive from the collection of a small nucleus on the first ay to the capture of a swarm two years later It observes the living architecture of the comb the range and locality of the colony; its flights flowers water sources parasites lives and eathsThese poems were written at the hive wearing a veil and gloves .
N t start reading the book I hold it "precious perhaps was I afraid of being too Finally I got to it on the beachafter 5 minutes the "perhaps was I afraid of being too moved Finally I got to it on the beachafter 5 minutes the DJ started playing Christina Aguilera I realized I o not need the atmosphere it is never the DJ started playing Christina Aguilera I realized I o not need the atmosphere it is never The whole book was excellent especially the beginning and the end and the ueen and the very last one I am happy it started anew I especially liked how I felt intimately being there with the family Sean Borodale wrote an exuisite book I imagine somehow that it was hard that he might have had hard times writing it It is a nice half A Sign Of The Times diaryhalf poetry half animalhalf flower book I recommend real bucolic hours all the words are lovely but i started to agree w the reviews saying there s no emotion in them then i got to the end and 10th februaryismantling the comb Destroyed Me then right at the very end 3rd july gift was such a perfect ending oh yes like i wish that level of Good was sustained throughout the book but those two poems and a few others really Company Commander do make up for the less good rest of the book Love the concept and the writing is lyrical and lovely Did feel a bitisconnected to it though and it Size Matters didn t particularly move me expect in some rare moments Enjoyed it mostly fo. Nd the journal is an intrinsic part of the kinetic activity of keeping bees making 'tiny regular checks' in the turn around the central figure of the sun and minute exploratory interventions through the round of the year The book is full of moments of revelation particularly of the relationship between theomestic and the wild In attempting to record and invoke something of the complexity of the relationship between 'keepe.