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Pax IndicaAn educational read I have been ignorant of India s Leaves and Stems from Fossil Forests: A Handbook of the Paleobotanical Collections in the Illinois State Museum policies and roles in the international arena barring a few newspaper articles once in a while but those in most of India s majorublications are China obsessed these daysIt is refreshing to read about India s role in helping developing and emerging economies especially Africa and how we are Ein Paradies aus Nichts pursuing inclusive growth in contrast with theolicies The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry pursued by some other major worldowers Shashi Tharoor is sincere in his Glory, Passion, and Principle: The Story of Eight Remarkable Women at the Core of the American Revolution praise as well as criticism of India s foreignolicies raise for our fairly successful non alignment inclusive growth democracy supportive olicies largest single donor to the UN democracy development fund and criticism in the case of our MEA which is still is a reactive body that is even today fairly toothless and relies on the PMO for Mary Mc Leod Bethune Papers: The Bethune Foundation Collection (Black Studies Research Sources) policy formulation uoting The MEA s decision making is like elephants making love It happens at a high level there is much bellowing and the results are not known for two yearsThe analysis of our bilateral relationships with Pakistan China USA Latin America Europe Russia Middle East South East Asia is uite thorough as thorough as a non academic book can be Tharoor draws upon various examples to make his argument about how much of the world wants India to be the counter balance to China in the world economy and it is an agreeable opinionThis book was written in 2012 when Tharoor sarent Fenway Fiction: Short Stories from Red Sox Nation party Congress was ruling in India one that has been inower for most of our democratic existence At the time of me reading it the single largest opposition Highschool of the Dead, Band 2 party BJP is now in overwhelmingower and their Rick Stein’s Secret France pro Japan leaning is uite evident The current government is also notoriously right wing but ALSO aggressive inursuing foreign investments so it will be interesting to see how much of what Tharoor has written holds up five years down the lineI confess I skimmed through the final few chapters which deal with the character of the MEA and what Tharoor believes should be its focus in the next few decades I found them weak compared to the first half of the book I read this book Guide to the History of the Laws and Constitutions of England: Consisting of Six Lectures, Delivered at the Colleges of Ss. Peter and Paul, Prior Park, Bath purely to experience Tharoor s famous exasperating farrago of distortions On that count I was not disappointed It could have been a realain reading it without kindleAs for the content he touches a variety of incidents without ever delving deep into anything For someone who is not well versed with the diplomacy news it can seem meaningless At many Washington Square Moves points I found myself uestioning what was theoint he was trying to make Other than India has improved but still needs to improve The last 3 chapters seemed unnecessarily long and repetitive reading them reuired real Black Men in Britain: An Ethnographic Portrait of the Post-Windrush Generation patience On a whole I would not recommend this book to anybody The DNA has carried a slightly shorter version of my review of Shashi Tharoor s book Pax Indica Pax Romana or the Roman Peace is a Latin Term used to describe the slightly over two hundred yeareriod when the Roman Empire saw relative Tactics Illustration Works Kinoshita Sakura x Higashiyama Kazuko peace androsperity It was a Understanding Communication and Aging: Developing Knowledge and Awareness period when the Republic made way for the Emperor Augustus various warring factions within Rome were brought to heel the Empire was kept safe from invasion and the military expansion was kept to a minimum It was a time when Rome became the focaloint of culture trade and influence and was the dominant Der Beobachter power The term has been used for other Empires Pax Americana theeriod An Egyptian Satire About a Condemned Building post the Second World War Pax Britannica the century leading up to the First World War Pax Mongolica the height of the Mongol Empire in the 13th 14th centuries In each of these cases theower of the Empire military economic and cultural combined with internal Barack Obama For Beginners, Updated Edition: An Essential Guide political stability ensured Peace In each of these cases the core of the Empire Rome America Britain and Mongolia wererotected from war on while they expanded outwards with their military and trade might This Pax Imperium was great for each of the States that were the Drôle De Mariage power centres but it had a mixed result vis vis regionseople that came in the From Dare to Due Date path of the Imperial Juggernaut Pax Indica or the Indian Peace is Shashi Tharoor s look at modern India that has come out of the shadow of internal divisions and external invasion to take her rightfullace on the world Stage Tharoor s basic hypothesis is that India can use a combination of her size her trade Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire Publisher: Viking Adult prowess her softower and her growing influence in the world to ensure an age of domestic transformation He sees word Pax Indica not to imply world or regional domination as much as foreign Nomad policy that allows India tolay a role in developing a 21st century Peace System that will help Heaven Can Wait promote maintain aeriod or co operative co existence and in helping shape the global order Pax Indica looks at Indian foreign Friends for 300 Years: The History and Beliefs of the Society of Friends Since George Fox Started the Quaker Movement policy from both a historicalerspective and a normative one He is rather uncritical in his assessment of history His great admiration for Jawaharlal Nehru Rattlesnake Rock probably gets him to see Indian foreignolicy through rose tinted glasses For example the entire 1962 debacle in which China wrested 23200 suare kilometres of Indian territory is explained away in one aragraph His defence of non alignment is robust And he believes that those who critiue Nehru for not taking the winning side speak with the benefit of 2020 hindsight He also says of non alignment as Indian foreign olicy in the first 40 years after Independence gave India an advantage in the last two decades because that The Life of the Skies: Birding at the End of Nature policy enabled us to work with all the majorowers without exception and to get help if I may be allowed to mangle Marx from each according to their capacity to us according to our needIn this Black Knight Squadron: Book 1: Foundations periodost 1991 the Tennessee in turmoil: Politics in the Volunteer State, 1920-1932 post colonial chip has fallen off India s shoulder and she can look at the world from aosition of authority In a world where it is acceptable indeed expected to berate the roblems of non alignment Tharoor offers a erspective on why the Captain Fantastic path of foreignolicy independence in the years following 1947 offers a Feel Again perspective on why theath of foreign Far from the Place We Called Home policy independence in the years following 1947 the correctath for India to follow However he also says that in the years to come foreign When the Circus Came to Town policy cannot be led by belief and ideology as much as with one single goal that of facilitating India s economic growth in order to bring our billion strong masses into the 21st century And he talks about the need to cultivate good relations with countries that can assist us in thatrocess trading Der verpasste Mann partners and investors in the economy suppliers of energy resources and assurers of food security andartners in our fundamental objective of keeping our The Korean Intercept people safe secure and free This kind of explains the seeming contradictions in India s foreignolicy the friendship with Iran and the desire to boost trade ties despite the west having issues Iran s natural resources Freizeichen particularly oil and natural gas have been increasingly important to India for decades at the same time as strengthening her ties with the West the growing relationship with Israel India is now Israel s largest market for defenceroducts and services along with a continued support for the Palestinian cause India s increasing influence in Afghanistan not through the display of naked Travels in the Kalahari power or military might but through kinder and gentler ways an enhanced involvement in Africa through trade government credits andrivate sector involvement All these says Tharoor makes India a very influential Your Pregnancy Bible player on the world stage Right at the beginning Tharoor says that the book is like an onion begins with Pakistan andeels outwards from South Asia and neighbourhood to the world beyond There is a whole chapter entitled Brother Enemy devoted to our troublesome neighbour in the west A State whose own internal divisions are so vast that the rulers of Pakistan do not feel able to challenge militant groups and their leaders because they have become too El guerrero Elfo. Crónicas de Dracontrand popular with a radicalized andro Islamist The Harrowsmith Pasta Cookbook populace the charitable explanation or those inower are happy to allow the terrorists to run free and wild as long as they are only threatening India the sinister excuse Tharoor is of the firm belief that it would not be realistic to expect Pakistan to change fundamentally for there to be The Bald Headed Princess: Cancer, Chemo, And Courage peace there are tooarties jostling for ower in Pakistan to Allow That He Spends Uite that He spends uite bit of time listing those arties and their Astrobiology: The Search for Life in Space positions vis vis India inublic and A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian private But in his opinion we wanteace than Pakistan does because we have at stake when Saying Uncle peace is violated and therefore India should seize on whatever straws in the wind float its way from Pakistan to exploreossibility of Peace It is Dysfunction Junction possibly the only controversial statement in the entire book And also rather simplistic He believes that stronger economic ties a MFN status and trade could enable Peace while contentious issues like Siachin or Kashmir get discussed separately There is an entire chapter on China that doesn t say too much except that we can t compete with them we shouldn t have conflict maybe we should co operate He says that the normally complacent Elephant us is naturally wary of the hissing dragon History the last 60 years including India s support and sanctuary to the Dalai Lama and the Chinese support of the Indian communist movementlus the war of 1962 and China s territorial claim. A definitive account of Indias international relations from an expert in the fieldIndian diplomacy a veteran told Shashi Tharoor many years ago is like the love making of an elephant it is conducted at a very high level accompanied by much bellowing and the results are not known for two years In this lively informative and insightful work the award winning author and arliamentarian brilliantly demonstrat. .

S on Finding Dorothy parts of Arunachal Pradesh have kept relations between the two strained He lists all the advantages that China has India s sclerotic bureaucracy versus China s efficient one India s tangles of red tape versus China s unfurled red carpet to foreign investors India s contentious and fractiousarty Herr Müller, die verrückte Katze und Gott politics versus China s smoothly functioning top down communist hierarchy and then says without a trace of irony or sarcasm India has become an outstanding example of the management of diversity throughluralistic democracy But he says India is a fractious democracy China is not But as an Indian I do not wish to The Manchester Man pretend we can compete in the global growth stakes with China He sees India and China following differentaths and both making the future their own The first 7 chapters of the book are devoted to the neighbourhood The Near Abroad the Arab world and the Rest of Asia The United States of America Europe Africa and Latin America bunched together in a single chapter The bulk of these chapters are a walk through the history of India s relationship with that country It is in the last 4 chapters that he makes his recommendations He believes that India ought to use a combination of soft The Charge power andublic diplomacy in a multi aligned world to achieve her objectives With the rest of the neighbourhood and the world he advocates growing trade ties to bind us together In the case of the rest of the world the recommendation is similar trade ties and soft Sind Tote immer leichenblass? Die größten Irrtümer über die Rechtsmedizin power to seeeace in our times Tharoor is a fan of Indian soft Vierteljahreshefte Fur Freie Geschichtsforschung power though the role of the state in building thatower is unexplained Soft Power arises despite the state from films trade ties cultural exchanges all the State can do is exploit it if it exists The chapters on the Global Commons and the need to move from multi alignment extend his Leben Mit Demenz philosophy of being ajatshatru without enemy and sangamitra friend to all and that is the guidinghilosophy of the book It may seem optimistic simplistic and even na ve in A Spirited Evening and Other Stories parts but itossibly has a grain of truth and racticality Apart from Pakistan India has decent relations with most of the world It cannot afford to militarily engage to establish influence nor does she have the kind of wealth to sign blank cheues for the rest of the world so all that remains to be used is soft ower And Tharoor advocates that India use that to the hilt Pax Indica is foreign Doc: The Rise and Rise of Julius Erving policy 101 a great introduction to foreignolicy for students and those interested in reading about how India s foreign Der kleine Prinz policy evolved since independence is a good startingoint to understanding Indian foreign Japan's Holy War: The Ideology of Radical Shinto Ultranationalism policy but any reader should read before forming opinions Shashi Tharoor has a way with words and the book flows easily and is immensely readable As he admits it is not academic hiserspective as a ringside observer of changing world dynamics Pax Indica is a bit like a nice breezy travelogue the generic kind carried by tourists on visits through the terrain of Indian foreign The Trickster Makes A Match policy There is a bit of history a bit of geography some amount of characters to know about who to know about the events that mattered those that didn t what to see what to avoid It is a very firsterson insider view of Indian foreign The Silent Patient policy It is an easy read for a serious subject and that should not be held against the book If you nothing about Indian foreignolicy this is a good starting For You Libretto Für Eine Oper Von Michael Berkeley point The book looks at India through rose tinted glasses and it is good to discount some of the optimism But in a scenario where the overwhelming opinions emanating from India is one of doom and gloom Pax Indica is a good countervailingoint of viewThis reveiw appears on my blog at Pax Indica is largely about modern India and its relationships with various other countries as well as its role in multi lateral organizations Shashi Tharoor keeps stressing that in the 21st century foreign affairs directly impact domestic affairs and hence they are extremely important Tharoor has an excellent vocabulary which enables him to keep making the same arguments worded differently He is largely supportive of the UPA government and while referring to the flaws of India he is careful to distract us from the fact that his Country of Ash: A Jewish Doctor in Poland, 1939-1945 party has been inower for most of the last 60 years He does The Children Of Witches point out the flaws in Nehruvian ideology and Indira Gandhi but he words them extremely carefully Otherwise he is allraise for the UPA The book is extremely informative but for some reason editorial oversight most facts are repeated than once which is kind of underwhelming considering Tharoor s command over the language Also the writing is conceited at times But it is as unbiased as can be expected from an Indian The Trail of the Wild Rose politician and uite enlightening A worthwhile and mostly engaging read Great introduction to India s foreignolicy along with an insider s account of The Workings Of The Ministry workings of the Ministry External Affairs and the United Nations The book needs some editing though Tharoor has a tendency towards repetitive The Earth From The Air 365 Days platitudes but I guess such is the nature of diplomacy 255 Shashi Tharoor is a genuinely gifted author but this book was written by Shashi Tharoor theolitician Tharoor s charm lies in his wit and irreverence his deep knowledge of history Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love In Eigenen Worten politics his elouence and the resultant snobbery too Unfortunatelyerhaps because he himself was a minister in the UPA govt at the time of writing this book the wit and irreverence are absent Instead it has been written in the tone of a Poor Percival Stories (Tale 3): How Percival Helped Jack Get Hisself Home political speechSecondly the book barely scratched the surface and repeated oft known facts especially in the first 2 3rds of the book dealing with India s bilateral foreign relations I expected behind the scenes approach and fresh insightsOn theositive side in the last 13rd of the book Tharoor has gone into some depth behind the scenes into the functioning of India s ministry of external affairs and how William Lloyd Garrison and Giuseppe Mazzini policy is formulated in India And its not a hearteningicture to say the least Also the chapter on UN and impending reforms was uite goodOverall may serve as a good introduction to the topic for lack of alternates Joe Nye aka Mr Soft Power in The Future of Power has argued that in today s information age it is the side with the better story that wins This book is Tharoor s conscious or unconscious attempt to ensure that India is the Moja Wojna party with the better story of course to one s own eyes one always has the better story To Tharoor India is gentle and reasonable and completely justified in all its actions where they cant be justified they can be explained away with the excuse that a functioning democracy will take circuitous routes the elephant metaphor Thus the benign elephant dances with starry eyed smaller countries reluctantlyeeping neighbors a very naughty dragon a ferocious but almost toothless opponent with a weapon that can t be used some failed states and a big circus master with a big funny hat But all that is incidental because the elephant is gentle enough to be above reproach So who is the hero of the story I leave that to your guessing skillsOther than that this reads like a seuelupdate with even the metaphors not being spared to Malone s wonderful book with all the edges carefully shorn off and decorated in cheerful Diwali lightsThe second half of the book which takes a look at North Block and UN and their many idiosyncrasies arguing for and against continuing relevance is entertaining because Tharoor actually has original stuff to contribute here along with many anecdotes which are well worn but still funny And though the book s cover boasts that he tries to evolve a grand strategy which Malone had criticized India of lacking and Tharoor wants to Survivors (Morningstar Strain prove exists inside of the folds it only delivers someassably good Reise Know-How Wo es keinen Arzt gibt - Medizinisches Handbuch zur Hilfe und Selbsthilfe: Diagnose, Medikamente, Malaria-Prophylaxe, Impfungen, Hygiene, Ernährung. (Sachbuch) platitudesIn the end though I cannot forgive Tharoor therimary reason for me Eine kurze Geschichte vom Glück picking up this book was my irrepressible curiosity on how the author would justify such aresumptuous title And Tharoor never bothered to oblige except for a two line justification which only talks about a redefinition of what the Företagets lönsamhet, finansiering och tillväxt : mål, samband och mätmetoder pax ica latinization means in this new century Disappointing Yes Buterhaps true too it gels well with Pinker s Angels A disappointing book and not at all the book to start reading Tharoor with as I d done In All Fairness To all fairness to author doing so can only do him injustice And Mr Tharoor deserves better He s an erudite man whose views we all should The Miseducation of Women pay heed to if not for anything else than to marvel at the elegance of his thoughts I ve had theleasure to see him in some discussions over the Internet and one can readily attest to his extraordinary ability So Mr Tharoor is a learned and well read man In his writing which is crisp he is never at a loss for just the apt word So it is really surprising to read this book and find that the chapters are at least three times larger than they ought to be Notwithstanding Mr Tharoor s virtuosity with words it isn t Lonesome River pleasurable for any thoughtful reader to be subjected to the repetition of the same idea many times over only couched in different words every timeAnother gripe about this book is the lack of academic rigour Despite the occasional references to the othe. Es how Indian diplomacy has become sprightlier since then and where it needs to focus in the world of the 21st century Explaining why foreignolicy matters to an India focused on its own domestic transformation Tharoor surveys Indias major international relationships in detail evokes the countrys soft ower and its global responsibilities analyses the workings of the Ministry of External Affairs Parliame. R works in the field refer to Riku Sayuj s excellent review in this matter the work is ill referenced and his opinions even when they favour the common view are ill supported by facts May be that is because the author is robably of the opinion that it is a field where the exactness of scientific methods cannot be applied but what is sorry to see is that ultimately not even a half hearted attempt was made to justify his arguments Contrast this with Tomas Piketty s excellent Capital in the Twenty First CenturyMr Tharoor comes across rightly or wrongly as Affective Societies: Key Concepts petty and not so nice aerson from his writing in this book I m sure that must not be the case I m sure he is much liberal without the current negative connotations and affable in real life However in this book he seems to have waited an awful long time to bring forth certain rebuttals and criticisms He is often dismissive of opinions that don t follow his own again without supporting arguments and overly inclined to attribute other research on similiar matters directly or indirectly to his doctoral work in 1977 something that he keeps reminding the reader of time and againUltimately one is not uite clear as to why this book was written Is it an apology for the The Genus Diospyros in Ceylon, Vol. 1: Its Morphology, Anatomy, and Taxonomy (Classic Reprint) policy initiatives of the government of the time Is it supposed to be a rebuttal of any sort It certainly is toooorly researched for that It certainly is no memoir for what we get are only the occasional anecdotes from the author One would wonder that after three decades or in the Bluewater Sailing on a Budget public sphere he would have telling ones to narrate but he doesn t oblige in this book May be he s saving it all up for a future book that he must belanning soon Good luck with that then Mr Tharoor Hopefully I ll get greater Nein, Torben-Jasper, du hast keinen Telefonjoker.: Referendare erzählen vom täglichen Klassen-Kampf (German Edition) pleasure out of your next Book talks about India s foreign relations and how it shapes the stability and can bringrosperity to country Pax India Peaceful Stable India Dr Tharoor went to the whole length and breath of world map to explain his Legend of a Musical City point The importance of friendly neighbors the need to maintain centuries old friendship and the vital need to maintain the Integrity was well emphasized The chapters of The hard challenges of softower and ublic diplomacy and Multi alignment Towards a Grand Strategy for India in 21st Century holds major weight Though Lively and comprehensive enough it was hard to overlook the self raises and Hiking Colorado's Indian Peaks Wilderness political orientation of Dr Tharoor A observation may be due toarallel reading of Challenge and Strategy Rethinking India s Foreign Policy by Rajiv SikriBut all in all this book is a nice read and Dr Tharoor s witty remarks here and there keep one fully entertained Ever since I read The Great Indian Novel I have been unshakingly admiring of the writer Shashi Tharoor That remains the most impactful book on modern India that I have ever read By merging the epic tale of the Mahabharata with modern Indian history Tharoor gave a truly incisive The Girl in the City perspective on India and theeople who wrote its destiny His love of Nehru and disdain for Indira Gandhi were Hummelchen macht eine Entdeckung perspectives that I adopted and till date have found no reason to change The reason I bring up that work is because I was expecting the same wit andassion in his analysis of Indian Foreign Policy After all he has spent the last three decades bang in the middle of Foreign Affairs Unfortunately though Pax Indica is definitely a must read for anyone who wishes to get an idea of India s standing in world affairs and how it happened to reach there it is not a brilliant analysis The book is extremely easy to read as Tharoor is a Pas faim? professional writer with an innate ability to entertain his reader Every so often you will find yourself smiling at aarticularly witty aside on some observation of his He also has a genuine heartfelt love for the country that is endearing with an old fashioned charm But by the time you are a few The Royal Baby Revelation pages in you realize this is of a summing up a chronicling of facts that are offered along with opinions that are neither original nor deep I would say however that this is the sort of text that should be included in school syllabi The self congratulatory tone of our history and civics text books could do with these factsOur foreignolicy debates in Parliament and the media seem obsessed with Pakistan or with ephemera or worse ephemera about Pakistan There is little appetite for in depth discussion about say the merits of articipating in the Non aligned Movement or the Conference of Democracies or the importance we should give to such bodies as SAARC or the IORARC When I was minister of state for external affairs I suppose I should have been grateful even relieved at being allowed to get on with foreign olicy formulation without the interference of the general Advanced Photoshop CS3 Trickery FX [With CDROM] public But I was not I was deeply frustrated by the indifference of educated Indians because in my view foreignolicy is too important an issue to be left to the MEA alone Our society as a whole and articularly its educated young eople must care enough about India s Basic Spanish Grammar place in the world toarticipate actively in shaping our international ostureThe book starts with a brief general history and goes on to look at India s relations with a few specific nations Pakistan China and the USA are well looked into But I especially enjoyed learning about the USA are well looked into But I especially enjoyed learning about and East Timor These are the chapters with the few interesting anecdotes While there are no insights as such it is worth noting the basic facts that often get blurred in the face of
Daily News About Our 
news about our The sheer exasperation of dealing with hostile neighbours comes up in various instances and he expresses his wariness well this will find a resonance with all Indian readers But he underlines the basic factsThe roblem with Indo Pak Track II dialogues of the kind I witnessed in the capital is that they are essentially built on denial They focus on making the visitors feel welcome emphasise the feel good aspects of their In Matto's Realm: A Sergeant Studer Mystery presence in our midst celebrate the many things we have in common and try to brush the realroblems under a carpet not a Kashmiri carpet since that might Harry Trottel a kámen MUDr.Tse provoke disagreeable thoughts In other words they are a self fulfilling exercise in self vindication Their success depends on denying the very disagreements that makes such dialogues necessary in the firstlace There is also the uestion of China s view of the world and its own Constitutionalism in the Americas place in it going well beyond India In his 2011 book On China Henry Kissinger architect of the United States 1971 opening up to that countryortrays this in almost mystical terms Kissinger s book is replete with genuflections to the Chinese Connecticut Shade people and their subtle sense of the intangible as he seeks to explain the conceptual way the Chinese think aboutroblems of Secret Admirer peace and war and international order This sounds alarmingly like the G2 condominium that some Washington strategists would like to see run the world of the twenty first century and it doesn t leave much room for the rest of us though Kissinger never one to shirk a contradiction is simultaneously an advocate of close American relations with India tooHe then looks at a concept he apparently advocated long back using India s softower in its international relations Going on to the woes that befall the Ministry of External Affairs he devotes an entire chapter to this sad state of affairs The Threads phrase headless chicken was used by an Indian diplomat recently who was later severely criticized by the government admonishments being every Indian government s favourite to do thing But Tharoor says exactly that about the rotting system Only having learnt from hisrevious mistakes and as a member of My Life in the Red Army parliament now he couches it in anguished less accusatory tones I consistently felt that his writing throughout the book was too cautious While he invokes his favourite Nehru every now and then he does not criticize anyolitician and does not even broach the subject of endemic corruption that is to blame for the situation in the MEA being as structurally inefficient as it was in the seventies when the first committee to address its failures was set up As for the annual report of the MEA an inscrutable collection of banalities address its failures was set up As for the annual report of the MEA an inscrutable collection of banalities itineraries one critic bitingly observed that the only explanation for this consistently dull drab and un illuminating document is the assumption at the Demosthenes and Cicero. Alexander and Caesar political level that the conduct of foreignolicy is an esoteric subject best known to its F is for Feminism: An Alphabet Book of Empowerment practitioner The end is devoted to reflecting on India s current international status and theossibility of adopting an articulated strategy in world affairs that is decisive and clear rather than merely non aligned While the writer is enthusiastic and articulate I couldn t help feeling a Dictionary And Glossary Of The Quran prevailing sense of cynicism Hopefully that is not the case with the younger readers whom Tharoor seems bent on exhorting When researching in 1977 the doctoral dissertation that became my first book Reasons of Statem I was told by a then already retired Indian diplomat that Indian diplomacy is like the love making of an elephant it is conducted at a very high level accompanied by much bellowing and the results are not known for two year. Nt andublic opinion on the shaping of olicy and offers his thoughts on a contemporary new grand strategy for the nation arguing that India must move beyond non alignment to multi alignment His book offers a clear eyed vision of an India now ready to assume new global responsibility in the contemporary world Pax Indica is another substantial achievement from one of the finest Indian authors of our times. ,

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