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The Filthy, Rich Bitch dN feel Pratchett s rage when you read his work Even Dr Who nods to him A Slip of the Keyboard contains Pratchett essays and speeches The topics include writing the Discworld fans religion fantasy writing and of course his battle with Alzheimer s At times there is a little too much repetition This is true in particular of the first section of the book This section contains the essays and speeches on fantasy literature and writing Many of the fantasy essays are about what exactly are fantasy and its place in literature Pratchett s right but considering many fantasy readers think the same way I know Io it is a bit general and not very enlightening to read essay after essay that says basically what you and most fantasy readers are thinking It s a bit too much of the rich chocolate cake if you know what I mean There is brilliance here If you haven t read Why Gandalf Never Married you really should The essays about Nation Pratchett s best book it should have won the bloody Booker bastards are particularly powerful The Starring Tracy Beaker descriptions of book tours and cons are amusing It s also worth reading for phrases like We spray our fantasies on the landscape like aog sprays urine or what Pratchett said about his female characters when accepting the Horn Book Award Oh they sometimes start out soppy as anything but as soon as they find that it Mass Murders (Trese, doesn t work they tend to become a reasonably close relative of Miss Piggy Miss Piggyidn t just teach Yoda The most powerful and interesting essays for me were when he was writing about the literature and the writing process Whenever he The Matchmaker of Périgord discusses his former job at a nuclear plant it is rather interesting and funny More importantly it is impossible to read what Pratchett writes or says in interviews for that matter about the right toie and not think about the issue or about health care in general It isn t because of who he is but because of how he writes about it His essay about a The March Up drug will have you spitting inisbelief and anger regardless of where you live Considering the Home School Detectives 1-8 debates that swirl around the issue it is important to consider all sides and Pratchett is a far effective speaker than some others most likely because he isn t grandstanding Honestly read I m Slipping Away a Bit at a Time and All I Can Do Is Watch It Happen and Death Knocked and We Let Him In and tell me you weren t affected Iouble The Relate Guide to Sex in Loving Relationships dogare you And the rage you can feel the rage You can feed off of his rage in some of the essays And that s good because we need that kick in the bum So break out the Banana Daiuiris and enjoy I love Terry Pratchett s humor even in talking about his Alzheimer s and assisted The Secret death Oh and this book prompted me to write my first ever fan letter Here it isDear Sir Terry PratchettI am not a Kevin Ion t want you to write my loved one into one of your books I m not a writer but a reader so I live on the other side of the Holy Grail I already know where great ideas come from They come from books great and small and minds great and small I m not a librarian but I The Method do work in a library and have managed book stores and have my own online bookstore from which I sell my own personal collection the ones I can bare to let go and all that to say that I find your books to be uite real You are among my favorite authors but I m notoing any projects and so Tempting the Fire (ACRO, don t reuire you to fill out any surveys I m probablyefinitely not your biggest fan I Haven T Read haven t read of your books but I plan to eventually I m being rather stingy with them trying to take them slowly I seem to exist somewhere in the midrange of your readership and although I have many favorite books The Wee Free Men consistently falls within my favorite top ten I The War on Land discovered it in 2010 when we as a family read it together We have a habit of readinguring Sophia dinner taking turns so that everyone gets a chance to be a bit of a ham and the others get a chance to eat Do you know howifficult it is to find a book to interest a range of readers from 40something adults to boys ages 18 and 15 and a girl age 8 That is a rare book I know that your time is precious and I on t Reuire A Response I a response I wanted to say thank you Not only for me but also for my children thank you You have been a glorious inspiration I m so glad that for the most part you have had fun and that we have had the opportunity to benefit from itGratefully yours KevinRegina Miller Fierke I m not sure I ve ever read one of his books all the way through I ve tried uite a few over the years since he s so popular many of his books wound up in my hands He writes humor British humor which leaves me cold I usually Think It S Too it s too to be funny or just on t get it Sometimes it s the odd words that sound like the same lang How is it possible to miss somebody so much when you ve never even met them face to faceI can t believe Terry Pratchett has been gone for over a year His The Drift Latitudes death affected me so much that I knew it would be a while before I could read one of this books again The time has finally comeThis collection of non fiction is an absoluteelight for fans of this wonderful man You experience his incredible sense of humour You experience his compassion You experience his anger What you get here is a small slice of Terry Pratchett the man speaking to us The Day the Falls Stood Still directly as himself rather than through one of the incredible worlds he createdThis wasn t an easy read for me It was painful to have Terry talk to me from beyond the grave and I cried while reading it a lot I also laughed a lot too because the book isamned funny He covers a lot of topics here from mushroom picking in the small hours of the morning to assisted Landscape Grading dying and he writes them all in his own brutally yet hilariously honest styleIt was good to spend some time with you Terry and I promise I ll return to the Discworld one of theseays but probably not too soon I know you won t mind waiting. Nces of the causes ear to himWith all the humour and humanity that have made his novels so enduringly popular this collection brings Pratchett out from behind the scenes of the Discworld to speak for himself man and boy bibliophile and computer geek champion of hats orang utans and Dignity in Dyin. A Slip of the Keyboard Collected NonfictionAn absolute must for all Terry Pratchett fans and an interesting read for just about anyoneThis is a collection of it seems pretty much everything that Pratchett s published that isn t fiction It s ivided thematically into three sections The first focuses on thoughts on writing and the writing process The second is autobiographical material The third has to A Dead Man in Istanbul (Seymour of Special Branch, do with Pratchett s early onset Alzheimers and his advocacy for the right toie cause And then it finishes up with a little bit of humor I guess the editors idn t want to end on a own noteThe first two sections are probably of specific interest to those familiar with Pratchett s work The third The Olivetti Chronicles definitely has a general appeal and gives an insight into the perspective of someone with an incurableisease who wants the legal right to be able to choose the time and manner of their passing with The Lost Heart of Asia dignityThe main flaw I found in the book was not with any of the brief pieces included here individually but rather with the effect of reading them all seuentially Pratchett is clearly a man with pet ideas and favorite uotes who uses every given opportunity to air them While there isn t a problem with this in practice when all his speeches introductions and such are set end to end it begins to feel a bit repetitive The volume would probably be better enjoyed in small segments reading an essay every now and again Favorite uoteYou want fantasy here s one There s this species that lives on a planet a few miles above molten rock and a few miles below a vacuum that suck the air right out of them They live in a brief geological period between ice ages when giant asteroids have temporarily stopped smacking into the surface As far as they can tell there s nowhere else in the universe where they could stay alive for ten seconds And what The Hungry Tide do they call their fragile little slice of space and time They call it real life In a universe where it s known that whole galaxies can explode they think there s things like natural justice andestiny Some of them even believe in To a Mountain in Tibet democracyAnd as a librarian I am from here on out going to take Pratchett s suggestion and call myself by the title of Shining Acolyte of the Sacred Flame of Literacy in a Dark and Encroaching UniverseMany thanks to NetGalley for providing me the opportunity to read this book As always my opinions are solely my own A collection of articles speeches columns etc from the late very great Sir Terry PratchettThe collection provoked thoughts laughter and tears in eual measureA great man a great writer gone far too soon I am not a Pratchett fan not yet My wife and my sister in law are making their way through the whole corpus So it s sort of odd I picked this up in part thanks to a review by Sam uixote that pointed me to his writing about assisted suicide I had thought of Pratchett as a fantasy writer and humorist a jolly elf writing in the mode of other funny fantasy writers such as Douglas Adams Been thereone that and I enjoyed that ride but I had no particular interest in going back in that Dead of Night direction reallySo this is a collection of essays that span Pratchett s career focusing on his life as a writer traveling the globe writing about various topics His Days of Rage section really began toraw me in in particular though Pratchett was iagnosed in his fifties with Alzheimers so he draw me in in particular though Pratchett was iagnosed in his fifties with Alzheimers so he writing angrily and insightfully and often movingly about this These essays were for me the best part of the book and you know just might lead me into his Discworld This collection of essays covers Terry Pratchett s entire career from before he even started writing the Discworld novels up through now when he s possibly even famous as an advocate for Death with Dignity I personally enjoyed the first half of the book the most with his The Night Before Christmas discussions of writing touring and attending conferences It was fun to see what his workingays look like and comforting to see how anxious he stayed about *WRITING ENOUGH EVEN AS HE WAS SELLING LOADS OF *enough even as he was selling loads of The last third is very weighty stuff as it focuses on his Just for Christmas diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer sisease his fight for eual access to treatment in the UK for people under 65 #and his ongoing push to allow terminally ill people the right to choose the time of their own eath The essays #his ongoing push to allow terminally ill people the right to choose the time of their own eath The essays get a little repetitive when you read them all in a row but they were all interesting and enjoyable If you like Terry Pratchett s novels you ll probably enjoy this book While Terry s short fiction The Good Lord Bird doesn to much for me I think he needs longer forms to really shine this non fiction collection regaled me with laughs and thoughts worthy of further thinking Here re some of them Neil Gaiman really nails it in the introBut beneath any jollity there is a foundation of fury Terry Pratchett is not one to go gentle into any night good or otherwise He will rage as he leaves against so many things stupidity injustice human foolishness and shortsightedness not just the ying of the light although that s here too And hand in hand with the anger like an angel and a emon walking hand in hand into the sunset there is love for human beings in all our fallibility for treasured objects for stories and ultimately and in all things love for human The Meadow dignityOr to put it another way anger is the engine thatrives him but it is the greatness of spirit that eploys that anger on the side of the angels or better yet for all of us the orangutansI felt the same especially strongly when I read Soul Music Ehehe from How to Be a Professional BoxerI ve never had occasion to use one magnificent tip from a well known author but I pass it on anyway Keep an eye on the trade press When an editor moves on immediately send your precious MS to his or her office with a covering letter addressed to said eparted editor Say in the tones of one engaged in a cooperative effort something like this Dear X I was very pleased to. Terry Pratchett has earned a place in the hearts of readers the world over with his bestselling Discworld series but in recent years he has become eually well known and respected as an outspoken campaigner for causes including Alzheimer's research and animal rights A Slip of the Keyboard brings tog. Receive your encouraging letter indicating your interest in my book and I have made all the changes you asked for Of course they won t find the letter Publishers can never find anything But at least someone might panic enough to read the MS Fantasy on the noseFantasy should present the familiar in a new light I try to Daddyji; Mamaji do that on Discworld It s a way of looking at the here and now not the there and then Fantasy is the Ur literature from which everything else sprang which is why my knuckles go white when toe sucking literary criticsismiss it as genre trash And at its best it is truly escapistBut the point about escaping is that you should escape to as well as from You should go somewhere worthwhile and come back the better for the experienceInterestingly expressed a similar sentiment about escaping to Let There Be Dragons is another even fully fledged Fauna Und Flora Der Adria; Ein Systematischer Meeresführer Für Biologen Und Naturfreunde In Der Gemeinschaft defence explanation of fantasy I can t pick a single excerpt to uote Just go for the whole thing And humorLaughter can get through the keyhole while seriousness is still hammering on theoor New ideas can ride in on the back of a joke old ideas can be given an added edgeVersus humorlessnessWe look around and see foreign policies that are little than the taking of revenge for the revenge that was taken in revenge for the revenge last time There were fights at school over the uestion of whether or not Batman could fly Those of us who said he couldn t were in the minority and therefore got beaten up by the thick kids But hahaha it wasn t us who broke limbs by jumping out of their bedroom windows Shouting Batmaaagh on the way Ethics in Criminal Justice downidn t work id it Hahaha indeed From The God Moment I ve never isliked religion I think it has some purpose in our evolution I Brink of Passion (Alpine Woods Shifters, don t have much truck with the religion is the cause of most of our wars school of thought because in fact that s manifestlyone by mad manipulative and power hungry men who cloak their ambition in GodI number believers of all sorts among my friends Some of them are praying for me I m happy that they wish to La conquista del aire do this I really am but I think science may be a better betSo what shall I make of the voice that spoke to me recently as I was scuttling around getting ready for yet another spell on a chat show sofa More accurately it was the memory of a voice in my head and it told me that everything was okay and things were happening as they should For a moment the world had felt at peace Whereid it come fromMe actually the part of all of us that in my case caused me to stand in awe the first time I heard Thomas Tallis s Spem in alium and the elation I felt on a walk one Bibir Tersenyum Hati Menangis day last February when the light of the setting sun turned a ploughed field into shocking pink I believe it s what Abraham felt on the mountain and Einsteinid when it turned out that Emc 2It s that moment that brief epiphany when the universe opens up and shows us something and in that instant we get just a sense of an order greater than heaven and as yet at least beyond the grasp of Hawking It The Cottage doesn t reuire worship but I think rewards intelligence observation and inuiring minds Ion t think I ve found God but I may have seen where gods come fromI m not at a stage where I can tackle this topic properly but it always amazes me what roadblocks people can raise when they cling to the notion that God is somethingsomeone entirely separate from us I m a panentheist At the same time it s just as amazing when this notion of separation lifts even for an instant and we hear ourGod s voice Have you felt that Terry s appeal in The Orangutans Are Dying expectedly struck a chord with me The essay is from the year 2000 just before I started Circles of Healing doing whatever I can to help restore the balance I wonder how many of its readers were moved to act Or whato one s words matter Kudos for having the strength to treat your iagnosis Posterior Cortical Atrophy A Form Of Alzheimer S Like ThisI cortical atrophy a form of Alzheimer s like thisI the opposite of a superpower sometimes I cannot see what is there I see the teacup with my eyes but my brain refuses to send me the teacup message It s very Zen First there is no teacup and then because I know there is a teacup the teacup will appear the next time I look This came as a surprise espite the fact that there is no scriptural objection to suicide the prohibition came about in the fourteenth century when because of religious wars and the Black Death people were committing suicide on the basis that well since this world was now so readfully unpleasant then maybe it would be committing suicide on the basis that well since this world was now so readfully unpleasant then maybe it would be good idea to make an attempt on heaven Authority thought otherwise and objected Who would milk the cows Who would fight the wars People couldn t be allowed to slope off like that They had to stay and face their just punishment for being bornI Deluge (Shifter Chronicles, d thought the Christian mortal sin status of suicide was older Wikipedia seems to confirm it wasn t in the Bible The late great Sir Terry Pratchetteity of Discworld has made me laugh an awful lot over the past few years OK The Management of Luxury decades with his richly imaginative fantasy series In aeparture from his normal output this is a collection of articles speeches and letters that he has written since the late 1980 s But over recent years he has become eually well known for being an outspoken campaigner for causes such as orang utans and of Disclaimer ARC via Netgalley I should note however that I pre ordered the book before I got the Bright Ruin (Dark Gifts digital ARC It came theay before I sat Radically Simple down to write this review Perhaps in recent years Pratchett has come to wider attention because of his activism in the right toie movement I on t know it s hard to judge here in American *I Did Have A Shy *did have a shy who actually came out of his shell when he iscovered that I read and enjoyed Pratchett Pratchett s appeal seems to lie in the fact that he is a great humanist feminist realistic and pro compassion even if as Neil Gaiman shows in his introduction you ca. Ether for the first time the finest examples of Pratchett's non fiction writing both serious and surreal from musings on mushrooms to what it means to be a writer and why banana aiuiris are so important; from memories of Granny Pratchett to speculation about Gandalf's love life and passionate efe. .