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Indelible story writing People exist to transform characters into stories Relaxing and thoughtful based on deep sentiments and observations The lack of action in stories adds on a bit of mystery and gives way to reader s imagination When she went out into the hot sunlight she saw him pacing by the car smoking He hadn t smoked before not in Jonas s parents house or on the way here or with Aunt Muriel The act seemed to *isolate him to show some impatience perhaps an *him to show some impatience perhaps an to be done with one thing and get on to the next She was not so sure now whether she was the next thing or the thing to be done withThis incredible story pulls off a sensual and complex description of an affair and how it persists and transforms over time in the memory of the main character The savage award goes to Aunt Muriel who knew what was going on I could tell she said with some impatience I used to be a devil myself Great read the author really captures the emotions of the main character Read for free on the New Yorker website only marking as read so I can write down some of The Parts I Liked Does parts I liked does else handwrite uotes they. A fleeting affair lingers in the memory of a woman Thirty years after the event when both husba. ,

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What is RememberedTed my head to follow a *seaplane taking off or landing like an invitation to the islands of the Pacific North West *taking off or landing like an invitation to the islands of the Pacific North West Asher is one of the characters "IN ALICE MUNRO S SHORT STORY "Alice Munro s short story is Remembered published the collection Hateship friendship courtship loveship marriage He is a bush doctor who is moving around with his aircraft It is not said whether it is a seaplaneThat story is a superb example of the art of the short story as practiced by Alice Munro When she received the Nobel for literature in 2013 the Canadian octogenarian was compared to Chekhov and celebrated at the ueen of the short story most of her of the short story Most of her take place in the provincial cities of her native Ontario but in the 50s she lived for a few years in Vancouver with her first husband It was a time of her life when as she writes in What is remembered the husbands were starting serious and resolute lives ob mortgage while their wives could allow themselves to fall back into some sort of second adolescence Sigh She writes in a way that captures moments possibilities realities that are remembered deep in our solitudehttpwwwnewyorkercommagazine20. Story was previously published in the collection Hateship Friendship Courtship Loveship Marriag. Like it s such hasslei think the first time i read munro i came to it expecting lyricism than i got she s not a particularly word oriented writer in my opinion straightforward to a fault anyway i like munro s knack for writer in my opinion straightforward to a fault anyway i like munro s knack for down parts of life you notice but worry you ll forget or die without ever preserving them in any way Was she tempted She was probably ust letting herself imagine being tempted This short story demonstrates the mastery of Munro s writing when dealing with human frailties and the human experience Profound writer I will read of her shake hands 4ever friends I have a special attraction for seaplanes Is this a remembrance from my readings of the Tintin comics Or because I have only seen a few Or is it the feeling of freedom suggested by this aircraft which provided there is enough water around seems able to take off and land pretty much anywhereDuring my visit to Vancouver it was a rainy November week seaplanes were everywhere Despite the ever menacing rain I walked a lot during my stay in particular towards Stanley Park and its views on the sea the city and the mountains Many times I lif. Nd and lover have died she remembers one further detailPart of the Storycuts series this short. ,