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The Dragons Lair (Heart of Danger,

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sameness that drives people who live in LA nuts And later in the same story on page 104He had her story down a single mother on welfare most of the time horny tired perfumed to make up for the lack of perfume in her life The grit of the city of life documented and undocumentedie government paper in the Barrios shines brilliantly through in Rodriguez s stories In Miss East LA is an example of this exuisitely captured way of life Pardon my extensive uote but I would like readers for this book so I m trying to tantalize My place is too small and cramped to even light up a cigarette It s a single room on the first floor of a two story house in a place called th Gully on Bernal Street just below the Fourth Street bridge This is the White Fence neighborhood one of the original barrios of East LA There are a lot of longtime residents here I m LA There are a lot of longtime residents here I m four or five generations I ve seen grandmothers with old pachuco tattoos up and down their arms screaming after their grandkids to come home on time A lot of the men here work construction They ve built skyscrapers freeways roads and houses all over Los Angeles with not much to show for S rap metal garage band in My Ride My Revolution or the monologue styled rant of a tes ti fy ing tent revivalist named Ysela in Oiga Rodriguez sueezes humor from the lives of people who are not ready to sacrifice their dreams due to

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The Republic of East LA StoriesIn The Republic of East LA those with spirit survive while those with no heart are crushed but of course there is much going on here There s humor My Ride My Revolution Pigeons Chain Link Lover tragedy Shadows Boom Bot Boom and a bit of both Miss East LA There s also desperation Mechanics hope Oiga and a crushing sense of loss La Operacion But at the very least the symbolism in the finale of the final story will bring a smile to your face although fiction it features many stories that one would find having grown up in east la I love this book It s a bunch of short stories that all take place in East LA It opened my eyes alot to immigrant communitites and hispanic communitites people just trying to get by in unincorporated East LA in the barros I ve just become a unincorporated East LA in the barros I ve just become a fan This book contains twelve of his short stories The descriptions in these stories are fresh I ll demonstrate a couple of examples of his techniueFrom Finger Dance page 76 Although they had long stopped being intimate she was connected to him like a canary to a song From the intro to Boom Boom Bot page 91 There was nothing around for miles but buildings rife with graffiti sun starched streets and bone. From the award winning author of Always Running comes a collection of short stories about life in winning author of Always Running comes a brilliant collection short stories about life in Los Angeles Whether hilariously capturing the voice of a philosophizing limo driver whose dream is to make the most of hi. T So with all the skill they ve gathered over time they stucco their wood fram homes or dry wall an extra room or gathered over time they stucco their wood fram homes or dry wall an extra room or most of the time without permits or inpectors That s how parts of East LA got built in the first place The Mexicans moved into the most undesirable areas like the ravines and hills and set up their own housing sometimes without plumbing or sewage Eventually the city and county provided basic services So its not unusual for small dilapidated homes to be torn down added on to undergo a metamorphosis like butterflies If ther s anything Mexicans are nown for it s hard work and I ve Mexicans are nown for it s hard work creativeness I ve here all my life Not far from downtown is General Hospital now it s the University of Southern California Los Angeles County Medical Center A lot of Chicanos inhaled their very first breath there and exhaled their last It s the cheapest and most overworked hospital in the city Our hospital East LA s I was born there I teach Anthropology and I can t wait to pair some of Rodriguez s work with articles on trans nationalism diaspora and nationalism It will be a great way for students to put faces and people into the circumstances so oft discussed in academic circle. IrcumstanceIn these stories Luis J Rodriguez gives elouent voice to the neighborhood where he spent many years as a resident a father an organizer and finally a writer a neighborhood that offers to the world than its appearance allows. ,

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