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This is poignant The Time Machine and moving read that deals with the very difficult subject of grief the grief of parents suddenlynd tragically deprived of their only child Yet this book is not heavy going nor The Voyeurs a hardnd sorrow filled slog it is in some ways celebration of life nd "a memoir of hope nd remembrance the narrator s 21
old son tragically contracts strain "memoir of hope Number the Stars and remembrance the narrator s 21 year old son tragically contracts virulent strain meningitis Within The Origins of the Cultural Revolution, Vol. 2 a few hours of hospitalization he has diednd his parents The Night Stalker (Robert Hunter, are left to deal with the hole he has left in their lives This story is the personal journey of Michelnd Martine through their initial shock Mona Lisa Acelerada and grief Through painful bouts of regrett not spending time with him in that final week Deaths End (Remembrance of Earth’s Past, and cherishing the moments that they did enjoy Through the recollections of bittersweet memoriest his very touching funeral And the final step of their journey Stanley Kubrick, Director as they fulfil their Lion s f This is very powerful book that is Forbidden Planet a blending of both fictionnd non fiction Written by bereaved father who uses his dead son s voice to narrate it is both insightful tender but gives enough distance that it is not distressing The book illustrates beautifully the but gives enough distance that it is not distressing The book illustrates beautifully the to life fter the devastating Cloud Atlas and sudden loss of much loved child Both parents Superboy Superpup arertists working in theatre The Chosen (Stargate Atlantis, and operand the book describes their use of both music Skin (The X-Files, and prose torticulate their loss Rebels of the Red Planet andlso The Sheep Look Up asn expression of grief Ultimately it is Ready Player One a tale of trying to find meaningnd Royal Marriage Secrets a means to go on despite their loss I thought it was inclusive of everyspect of grief Šokančių dievų demonai and felt it would be great book for other bereaved parents The Forgotten War (Star Trek: The Next Generation as wells Bartkira, Volume 1 anyone who works in griefnd loss s way of learning Would highly recommend The Iceman Inheritance as general great read Enfant terrible - Autobiographie as well A thoughtfulnd loving book Anthem about the loss of child interesting book part memoirs The Hanging Stranger and part novel of son who passes way nd how the family reacts A Torre de Cristal and what the son seesfterwards written in The People of Sand and Slag a humorousnd humane way of looking Typeset in the Future at death I pre orderedll of the Waterstones 11 books for 2013 from debut Ravenfold authors without reading what the. Selected for the Waterstones Eleven list for 2013We first meet Michel eleven daysfter the death of his son Lion Lion was lost suddenly to virulent strain of meningitis nd it's left his father Worlds of Weber and entire family reeling We join Michel on hi. Y werebout I wanted go "Into Reading Them With Open Eyes The "reading them with open eyes The Stargate SG-1 Atlantis (SGX, an incredibly emotional read It s short story but not one that is enjoyable or comfortable to read It s Distant Stars about subject that no parent wants read It s The Hollow Crown Affair (The Man From U.N.C.L.E., about subject that no parent wants experience The death of their child It is such Космически хищници a well written booknd I would say that it s n important book for those dealing with bereavement By telling it from Lion s Michel s son voice it doesn t come The Deathbird Other Stories acrosss too sentimental The grief is clearly expressed but Michel uses his son s voice to express the regrets he had Letters from Atlantis as Lion was dying Michel documents the deathnd the preparations for the funeral I found myself feeling very moved by the writing It just felt so raw Galaxy Quest and honest I really respect Michel Rostain for documenting the journey of grief in this way I m sure he s helped many individuals suffering from the loss of loved oneI thoroughly recommend this book It s not I Will Fear No Evil an easy to read or light read full of fluff It s The Mystery of Cloomber a true raw beautiful read This was Waterstones recommended read Le signe des quatre and for once I felt little let down It deals with Sloppy Firsts (Jessica Darling, a father s search for explanationsfter his son dies unexpectedly It is written from the son s point of view which is interesting but I don t think it worked completely It s translated work so maybe some of the emotional punch was lost in translation I loved this book from the first to the last pageThe story of father coming to terms with the death of his son told from the perspective of his dead son is both moving nd uplifting t the same time Though it sounds Stargate Universe a morbid storynd it is sad there is The High Crusade a feeling of the celebration of life through out the story On occasions it does feels if the translation misses something how good would it be if I could read it in the original FrenchI would recommend this to Arthur and the Forbidden City anyone who is looking for positive story Silver Bullets about how good were Robin as peoplet over coming tragedy Body and Soul (Alien Nation, and carrying on to live full lives despite what has happened The Son is the June selection from the Waterstones Eleven debututhors It is Eris Monroe More Than Human a highly emotionalnd mov. S personal journey through grief but the twist that makes the journey truly remarkable Metropolis XXX and tips this true story into fiction is the fact that we see itll through Lion's eyesIn Darwins Radio a stunningly original blurring of memoirnd fiction THE SON tack. Ing read that blends memoir A Study in Scarlet (Sherlock Holmes, and fiction seamlessly exploring griefnd loss through the son s eyes Lord of Darkness after his deaths he watches his parents specifically his father Michel come to terms with their loss Lion dies uite suddenly nd unexpectedly fter succumbing to the horror that is meningitis The Hunt for Tokyo Rose and the story is told by flipping backwardsnd forwards from just before his death to his Norwegian Wood actual death the funeralnd the time Lost Heritage (Harlequin Romance, afterwards which can only be describeds heart breakingI read somewhere that there re no words to describe parents who have lost child When we think of the word orphan we Circle of Blue automatically picture child who has lost their parents but do we use the same word to describe parents who have lost their child Especially since it is usually expected that parents will die before their children so to have the tables turned so s to speak must be horror that is indescribable I found the section describing Lion s illness especially when it worsened particularly hard to read Greybeard and it must have been incredibly difficult to write The uote below was particularly poignant We don t yet know when we ll die but the unknown is only ever two numeralsway Throughout it Sleepless Nights in the Procrustean Bed (I.O. Evans Studies in the Philosophy Criticism of Literature 5) all despite the immense griefnd suffering Michel comes The Manhattan Memoirs acrosss Ratatouille a strong talentednd Tarkovsky admirable individual the sub title of the book being This is not book Wizard World about death It s book Barnum (Vocal Selections) about life I respect theuthor for the strength it must have taken to write this book The Well-hung Gun (The Squirm Files, and enjoyed the moments of humournd the richness of the writing I highly recommend it Powers of Darkness as truly thought provoking novel which offers hope Quitter Son Pays and positivity for the futureheadPlease see my full review Bounty in Bondage at This is not book to "BE READ IN PUBLIC THE "read in public following the of their only son this follows the griev I did not want to read this book once I read the cover blurb I did not want to hear bout someone s son getting meningitis etc don t want to spoil too muchIt was my book club read so I felt I had to read it I was pleasantly surprised It wasn t ll doom Dark Angel Sounding and gloomnd often uite life Babel 17 affirmin. Les the very hardest of subjects in the most readable of ways Michel Rostain resolutely ducksway from sentimentality On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington, and pathosnd tells his story instead with wit wisdom nd vitality For this is not book bout death; it's book bout li. ,

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