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Y Buddha belly If you like other books this author *you will like this one the storyline doesn t differ that *will like this one storyline doesn t differ that from book to book But that doesn t stop me from enjoying them and Lean on Me had funny and likable characters the sexy parts are enough to get you suirming and the romance bloomed beautifully between Matt and Lori This was a light and fluffy read but that isn t necessarily a bad thing it was fun and I would recommend if you want something nice to chill out with Angela Verdenius never fails to give me something sweet and sexy Her characters are just so relatable Lean on Me was great It was fun sweet sad uirky romantic funny and we can not forget hot 45 starsSo far this book is my favorite from this author I loved both the Hh eually doesn t happen too often since I have a tendency to favor the hero all the confrontation and interaction between the Hh were spot on and I loved the nosy neighbors they brought humor and heart to the story I especially loved the part when they went to see Lori and brought her a rose funny and sweet The little side story with Minx was emotional but in a good way and it was a great Too many cats and nosy gossips for my taste Nailed it This was JUST the ind of angsty insecure heroine I adore I loved this Too bad it makes me vainly hope for someone just like Matt There s no way he and half the other guys in that town exist But I love to read about it This story is about the second sister Lori I laughed in spots and cried in others In some places I wanted to scream This book brought out a lot of feelings for me and I loved seeing Lori come into her ownThe impression I get of 3 characters in the books Guess who I m thinking of LO. Es to exploreIn a town where gossip is rife and secrets abound can Matt convince Lori that they're meant to be togethe. ,

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Lean on Me The MacKay Sisters #2Adorable story with a sweet heroI loved Matt I love reading about a
"Hero That Gets A Little "
that gets a little and crazy in his pursuit of his girl And that is what Matt did He was adorably confused but no less determined to get Lori to date him and see him I think I may now those crazy gossipy people in the book doesn t everyone have someone like that in their lives they frustrate me while they try to make up stories if nothing is really happening that is gossip worthy according to them and reading about them in this book Just Cracked Me Up All AlongI Love This Author S cracked me up all alongI love this author s she can make a story sweet but really hot and I love the characters in all her contemporary books I have read them all Ms Verdenius did it again Another great heart warming emotional I actually cried fun and sexy story I can t wait to read the next book Highly recommended Enjoy I am a huge fan of this authors work Why Her characters are just so entirely relatable I get the big girl with confidence issues What is refreshing is the insecurity freuently shown by our hot paramedic hero So few contemporary romances particularly those featuring BBW realistically portray heroes who are *concerned that the women they love will love them back Thank you Ms Verdenius very muchI *that the women they love will love them back Thank you Ms Verdenius very muchI this instalment and am eagerly awaiting Ever since I read Call On Me I ve been anxiously awaiting the story of Lori and Matt the shy Mackay sister and the neighborEMT that is patiently waiting for the right moment to smooch on her Lean On ME did not disappointI expected the signature humor ever present fur babies and scorching sex I got all that and The gossipy old townsfolk had me in stitches Matt s newly discovered caveman possessiven. Sweet shy rubenesue Lori Mackay she’s lived all her life in the small country town No one nows her secret desiresSt. Ess had me fanning myself *hoo boy and Lori s love for her Minxy made me shed a tearAngela Verdenius *boy and Lori s love for her Minxy made me shed a tearAngela Verdenius have fast become my favorites to read and re read Her characters are relatable working normal jobs overcoming obstacles that are real having relationships that include joking fighting loving interfering consoling These are all people you love and root for And I think it s worth mentioning that many of her books are BBW s meaning that they feature a larger heroine I read as many BBW s as I can get my hands on and I find myself increasingly frustrated by what is offered in this sub genre It seems like there s a lot of short 20 60 page erotic serials or short stories that seem to be nothing but erotica that is catering to those with a fetish Maybe I m wrong maybe it s just me but there s a market out there for women like me who want erotic romance of substance that feature a larger woman Multi dimensional characters sweet romance laughter believable HEA sthat s what I m after Ms Verdenius brings exactly What I M Looking For I m looking for time So please Walking in Light keep em coming uiet and shy voluptuous Lori Mackay isn t used to much attention especially of the maleind But suddenly everyone in her small town is gossiping about her love life even though there is nothing to tell Matt Winters has been falling for Lori since he moved in to her neighbourhood he just needs to convince her that he wants her curves and all but convincing Lori is easier said than done Angela Verdenius never fails to give me something sweet and sexy her combination of too good to be true heroes and rubenesue heroines is fun to read and sends me straight to fantasyland where the stud with the 6 pack doesn t mind Ill waters run deep and local paramedic Matt Winters suspects the sexy curvaceous beauty has hidden depths he just ach.