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Re worth reading and this One Was Interesting To Me was interesting to me first became acuainted with country singer Trace Adkins when he appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice a few years back The Celebrity version of Donald Trump s reality series The Apprentice had the celebrities playing for their favorite charity Adkins stole the show imo kept me laughing and I just had to get to know him better The country boy from Louisiana s reaction to spoiled celebrities that took themselves way too seriously was pricelessIn one episode he was tasked with catering to some boy s band that I ve forgotten the name of before their concert appearance Apparently they had never heard of superstar Trace Adkins as they arrogantly barked orders at him One of them asked Trace to run down to a health food store "And Buy Him Some Wheat Grass A "buy him some wheat grass A Adkins thought they wanted grass seed to be planted and the look of horror on his face when he was told that the product was ingested orally for health reasons still makes me laugh In this autobiography Trace candidly relates the story of his life his bad boy younger years and his rise to fame in country music as well as his opinions on various subjects He holds nothing back "and if you re a fan of his you should enjoy reading the entertaining boo. Labor "if you re a fan of his you should enjoy reading the entertaining boo. Labor not for the workers it once protected• I believe the easiest way to solve the illegal immigration enforcement problem is to go after the employers who hire illegal aliens• As a society we’re nwilling to sacrifice our luxuries and our conveniences in order to conserve We won’t change Yoko Tsuno - tome 29 - Anges et faucons until we’re forced to• The war on terror is like herpes People can live with it but it’ll flarep from time to timeBrash ballsy persuasive and controversial A Personal Stand isn’t just the story of Trace Adkins’s life; it’s the story of what life can teach all of s. Very political I like Trace but this was so much about his political thoughts that it really turned me off I wish it had been about him details about his wife shooting him would have been interesting Trace talks about his personal life and his ideas on various issues facing the nation such as immigration the education system the war on terror and nions For those liberals that like Trace s music it might be best just to continue to listen to his music and bypass this book Trace is a very outspoken conservative Republican and Tells It Like It it like it Laced with ite a bit of humor and Trace s personal beliefs this book is a very easy read I enjoyed it very much and "THINK THAT A PERSON SUCH AS THIS IS WHAT "that a person such as this is what needs to lead it out of the hell hole the current administration has dug s into If I could write a book about my personal philosophy this would be it Trace Adkins is a country music singer most famous for performing Honky Tonk Badonkadonk I like that song and the video so much that it was my ring tone for almost a year Trace s personal philosophy is a pleasant surprise and his writing style is very engaging He is articulate and thoughtful and rather than espouse some good ole boy rhetoric he presents a very balanced view of America and its place. Country music superstar Trace Adkins isn’t exactly known for holding back what’s on his mind And if the millions of albums he’s sold are any indication when Trace talks people listen Now in A Personal Stand Trace Adkins delivers his maverick manifesto on politics personal responsibility fame parenting being true to yourself hard work and the way things oughta be In his inimitable pull no punches style Trace gives The Presley Arrangement us the state of thenion as he sees it from the lessons of his boyhood in small town Louisiana to what he’s learned headlining concerts around the world Trace has worked oil rigs in th. A Personal Stand Observations and Opinions from a Freethinking RoughneckIn the world I was impressed with his grasp of historical context and the metaphors he sed to make his points Trace "Adkins Was Born And Reared "was born and reared Louisiana and has made it BIG in the country music genre This book is his biography plus his stand on various and sundry contemporary issues He is a true conservative and has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Late Night with Conan O Brien Hannity Colmes and Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher According to the book s jacket he delivers his maverick manifesto on politics personal responsibility fame parenting being true to yourself hard work and the way things ought to be He is a no nonsense guy who says exactly what he thinks writing about his blue collar background in extreme NW Louisiana his work ethic and his circuitious path to where he is today in Nashville s music scene As the father of five daughters he is wise loving and also funny he is a man s man a former college football player and very large of stature at 6 6 tall His contenporary country music crosses country RB rock n roll and honky tonk genres If you ve never heard or seen his video on You Tube for This Ain t No Thinking Thing give yourself a treat In the video he dances just like a good old Louisiana boy I think all biographies E Gulf of Mexico been shot in the heart been inducted into the Grand Ole Opry and braved perhaps the greatest challenge of all being the father of five daughters And shaped by these experiences he’s sounding off• I’m incredibly frustrated with the state of American politics If there were a viable third party I’d seriously consider joining it• If anybody wonders who the good guys are and who the bad guys are in this world just look at the way we teach our children as opposed to the way the fundamentalist Muslims teach their children• Organized labor now exists for the sake of organized.