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Spies Patriots and TraitorsLore I feel that I know much about that period of time in Our Country S History country s history downside of all that documentation and research was a book that was a bit hard to read At points specially in the beginning it was dry and not as interesting as it went and not as interesting As it went parts of it became much interesting At the conclusion the author does a critical analysis of the intelligence activities of George Washington and the British My preference would author does a critical analysis of the intelligence activities of George Washington and the British My preference would been to draw my own conclusions This book is highly recommended for the history buff who does not mind a book that is highly footnoted If you just have a passing interest I would probably skip it Loved this book True story of courage and Barrayar (Vorkosigan Saga, espionage So interesting to learn what was going on in counter intelligence during the 70 s and 80 s Parts of the book made me a nervous wreck DNFButnjoyed what I read of it This is a really well researched book written from the point of view of an intelligence professional And it provides a whole new insight into why Washington was known as The Fox Daigler really makes the material interesting and relevant showing how good intelligence can affect not only the battlefield but the political landscape Great info wish it went in depthI really Dying Inside enjoyed this book The author takes his background in the intelligence industry and applies it to the history of intelligence and counterintelligence during the Revolutionary War He places his facts within historical cultural context very well so you get a broad overview of what was happening outside and alongside the typical military history you know about already My only negative is that despite it already being uite long I wish the author had gone in depth on some of the lesser known stories Highly recommend to anyone interested in the American Revolution The. Nsights into thesevents from an intelligence professional's perspective highlighting the tradecraft of intelligence collection counterintelligence and covert actions and relating how many of the principles of the Gattaca era's intelligence practice are still relevant today Kenneth A Daigler reveals the intelligence activities of famous personalities such as Samuel Adams George Washington Benjamin Franklin Nathan Hale John Jay and Benedict Arnold as well as many less well known figures Hexamines the important role of intelligence in key theaters of military operations such as Massachusetts New York New Jersey Pennsylvani. .

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A thorough book on all the spy like and clandestine behaviors during the American Revolution From the subtleties of Ben Franklin to the failed and obvious Nathan Hale the reader will get a taste of what things were like during the age of Colonial War What Is Most Fascinating About war What is most fascinating about book is the way Daigler a former CIA operations officer applies the modern interpretation for what some of these folks were doing at the time sometimes with a crit This is a Goodreads First Reads reviewEveryone who has read about the Revolutionary War has heard about the Founding Fathers George Washington Benedict Arnold And Paul Revere But Not Much and Paul Revere but not much been written about the spying that went on Having a retired CIA agent tell the STORY OF ALL THE MEN AND of all the men and involved adds a great amount of credibility to the narrative It is rather interesting that some of the undertakings used are still commonplace and if you are unclear on something there is a handy glossary in the back This is a definite must read for those interested in Dante and the Lobster early American history or spying I received this book for free through the First Reads program What follows is my honest opinion of the bookSpies Patriots and Traitors by Kenneth Daigler is a well documented account of intelligence activities during the Revolutionary War told from an American viewpointKenneth Daigler is retired CIA officer This book is very well researched Much of the information was new to me and interesting However the author s pedantic definitions of any intelligence term in than one instance was a bit annoying Anyone reading this book would probably have a basic understanding of simple intelligence termsI felt the glossary at thend of the book would have been sufficientThe book does a good job of The Mystery Science Theater 3000 exposing the truth of some of our patriotic folk. Students andnthusiasts of American history are familiar with the Revolutionary War spies Nathan Hale and Benedict Arnold but few studies have closely The Rocky Horror Picture Show examined the wider intelligencefforts that Nightwings enabled the colonies to gain their independence Spies Patriots and Traitors provides readers with a fascinating well documented and highly readable account of American intelligence activities during thera of the Revolutionary War from 1765 to 1783 while describing the intelligence sources and methods used and how our Founding Fathers learned and practiced their intelligence roleThe author a retired CIA officer provides ,