[EBOOK] Prayogshala Nepali Sankramanma Dilli Ra Maobadi (प्रयोगशाला नेपाली सङ्क्रमणमा दिल्ली, दरबार र माओवादी)

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A book you can ive a miss It has Book of Oceans (Diadem World of Magic, generated hype than its substance For detailed review please wait for a weekThe Chief Editor of Kantipur Daily Mr Sudheer Sharma has written a book in Nepali called Prayogshala Nepali Sankraman ma Dilli Durbar ra Maobadi Laboratory Delhi Royal Palace and Maoist during Nepal s transition herein after referred only as Prayogshala It hit market almost one year ago but Iot to read it only during holidays of Dashain Tihar of 2014 The book is about how India experimented s different things by using Maoist King and Political Parties during the period of 2052 BS to 2063 BS and even today The book was an instant hit and Sharma arnered a lot of praises and citations His main focus was to analyse India s intervention in Nepal s domestic affairs in different phase of Maoist movements and how India tried to tilt the movement in its favour In this process India s euations with different power sectors have changed and Sharma has tried hard to link every event with India s interventions I will come to this issue little later in my reviewBefore I will write on Prayogshala Laboratory or House for Experiment I would like to make a in my reviewBefore I will write on Prayogshala Laboratory or House for Experiment I would like to make a of two notable books among others which I read during the vacation The first one is Manjushree Thapa s Seasons of Flight I have stopped reading MST long time ago because of her uestionable contributions to literature I had bought this book long time ago as a mark of respect to Nepalese writers but now have stopped doing so The book is just an average novel without anything much to offer to the readersAnother book that I read is Open Secret of KP Dhungana published by FinePrints The author tries to show that Indian establishment was involved in various crimes in Nepal to eliminate Pakistan encouraged terroristscriminals The book also shows that Nepal Police and Government turn a deaf ear to investigate such incidents To derive this conclusion author has done a ood research but the references are regularly repetitive In many pages completely unnecessary irrelevant mundane and boring details have been provided making the book an ordinary one Nothing much one can say about the bookComing back to review of Sudheer Sharma s book Prayogshala the book was an instant hit It arnered wide appreciation Prayogshala the book was an instant hit It arnered wide appreciation being ordinary chronicles of events No new fact or new details having any significance have been revealed by the book The book suffers from the myriad of drawbacksIt makes continuous attempt to link anything and everything with Indian establishment and Research and Intelligence Wing of India In the process it throws some facts based on the interviews Song of the Abyss (Tower of Winds, given by retired Indian babus The book works hard toive credentials to rhetoric that nothing happens in Nepal without India s expressed permission This is a very sincere effort by Sharma to instil inferiority in Nepalese People As stated by KanakMani Dixit sometime ago in different context though this is another building block of that systematic Princess Tamer 2: A LitRPG Harem Adventure game plan to show that Nepal is subservient to IndiaWhile writing the book there is hardly any first person account of the author As Sharma was not a party to any of theame changing power deals concerning Nepal and India everything he mentions is based on interviews of retired Indian bureaucrats various leaders from across the entire spectrum To make the book little bit interesting he inserts some juicy stories about the meeting of different parties However all these accounts are sourced from different people s articles books etc This makes the book devoid of any new contentIf we have to compare this book with recently written book Maile Dekheko Darabar The Palace that I had seen of Bibek Shah Bibek s book clearly stands out in terms of uality of information and in terms of credibility Bibek was there making his hands dirty and he had certainly much credible information with him whereas a journalist can only pretend that he too was there This is where Prayogshala stands out lowly In fact Sharma has extensively referred work of Bibek to make any pointsAnother aspect where Prayogshala miserably suffers is compiling information not from so credible sources In fact the research Sharma has done is to rely on anything and everything written on Maoists King India etc So without any distinction he uite regularly cites Janadesh Maoist s mouthpiece to tell his views There is no filtering of information and hardly any application of sound आधुनिक नेपालको जन्म भएयता झन्डै अढाई सय बर्षको इतिहासमा दशक लामो माओवादी बिद्रोह सबभन्दा ठूलो आन्तरिक चुनौतीका रुपमा देखा परेको थियो | निश्चय पनि त्यो बिद्रोह दिल्ली वा दरबारमा जन्मेको थिएन हाम्रै पहाडी कान्ला कन्दराबाट उब्जेको थियो | तर त?. ,

Prayogshala Nepali Sankramanma Dilli Ra Maobadi (प्रयोगशाला नेपाली सङ्क्रमणमा दिल्ली, दरबार र माओवादी)A history of recent past in which period I have lived and it amuses me that so much have happened in this short span of time I appreciate Sudhir Sharma for capturing each and every event that has took place day by day during the period of Maoist Insurgency period in a very precise and beautiful way The Book is written
in a very 
a very manner with a mix plot of thriller suspense conspiracy loyalty betrayal human reed human desire human audacity human suffering sacrifices human can make etc I think this book can also be read with these angles apart from documentation of history of NepalThe title of book Prayogshalala Is Given After Considering The Bigger Role Played By is iven after considering the bigger role played by in Nepal Writer believes that India is doing micro management in Nepal and India has been testing various theories in Nepal After reading Book I would like to put role of India with some excerpt from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery Excerpt from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery I d like to see a sunset Do me a favor your majesty Command the sun to setIf I commanded a The Way of Acting general to fly from one flower to the next like a butterfly or to write a tragedy or to turn into a seagull and if theeneral did not carry out my command which of us would be in the wrong the Air Bunnies (F*ck Like Bunnies, general or meYou would be said the little prince uite firmlyExactly One must command from each what each can perform the king went on Authority is based first of all upon reason If you command your subjects to jump in the ocean there will be a revolution I am entitled to command obedience because my orders are reasonableThen my sunset insisted the little prince who never leto of a uestion once he had asked itYou shall have your sunset I shall command it But I shall wait according to my science of Breathe government until conditions are favorableAnd when will that be inuired the little princeWell well replied the king first consulting a large calender Well well That would be around around that would be tonight around seven forty And you ll see how well I m obeyedI think role played by India in Nepal is same as of king as described in The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery Further Book suggests that Maoist has succeeded because India wanted Maoist to succeed which in my view is not correct Maoist has succeeded because Maoist wanted to succeed as the little prince of Antoine de Saint Exupery wanted too thats why he went and not because king has directed him to Damned (Four Horsemen MC go and all the other concerned parties along with India do not have option other than to support Maoist Further Monarchy has beenone not because of movement of Maoist but because Monarchy has to have Fire With Fire go may be if Maoist have not started insurgency and believed in peaceful politics Monarchy may haveone earlier that this Further Book suggests that Maosit particularly Prachanda and Baburam have realised that the path taken by them is not taking anywhere and hence they have changed it I think this is not the case Human by nature wants to rule over other and if we consider the sacrifices made and sufferings endured by Maoist in these periods of insurgency and their clear view towards complete power capture I think Maoist will not settle until unless they have complete control over powerHowever whatever may be the case Maoist have to Next-Level Spiritual Warfare give answer to history whether it is justified to hold development of 2 decades kill than 17000 people just to remove King Further they also need to answer how they are justified in destroying one completeeneration it is said that 20 years is one Paul Goes Fishing generation and who will be responsible for them Rich and insightful details of major political events in Nepal from the birth of the Maoist insurgency around 1996 to the demise of the first constituent assembly in 2012 and formation of a consensusovernment headed by the chief justice in 2013 As the name suggests the book presents accounts of important activities and decisions of #the Maoists Nepali palace and different overnment institutions in India leaders the foreign ministry Indian #Maoists Nepali palace and different overnment institutions in India leaders the foreign ministry Indian to India RAW etc which will provide insights on the draconian transformation of Nepali politics A rather bleak portrait of Nepalese politics At times I could see the limmer of hope for the future Most of the time however it was turning me pessimistic I don t know how accurate the details in this book are But even if a few details here and there are mere speculations this is a very insightful read. ुपमा छ |यो पुस्तकमा नेपालका माओवादीलाई केन्द्रमा राखेर तत्कालीन राजतन्त्र र भारतीय संस्थापनसंग उनीहरुको त्यहि उतार चढावपूर्ण सम्बन्ध केलाउन खोजिएको छ | यस अर्थमा प्रयोगशाला नेपालि सङ्क्रणमा दिल्ली दरबार र माओवादीको भूमिकाको लेखाजोखा हो.

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Ind in athering references This further deteriorates the uality of writingIn Sharma s books the heroes and villains are pre meditated It seems Maoist brought panacea to all ills created by political parties who were struggling to establish multiparty democracy Hence the book is well scripted to create stardom of Maoist and to create larger than life #picture of Maoist Leaders The Author seems to be so much moved by Maoist s vision that he treats #of Maoist Leaders The Author seems to be so much moved by Maoist s vision that he treats The Emptiness of Japanese Affluence general peace loving public nothing than a trash This can be seen in his derogatory reference to people s retaliation against continuous Maoist protests in Kathmandu It seems author was shattered as Moist had to call off all their protests due to unimaginable public outcry in Kathmandu So the shattered soul has only the contempt to the people of this republicHowever at one instance Sudheer is very honest about himself He recognises his fallacy of showing soft heart to Maoists and recognises his failure to come to any conclusion despite talking with and reading numerous sources So he howsoever painful it might be to state this disclaimer accepts his futile attempt at the very beginning that he has nothing to offer in his book Painfully honest disclosure indeedTo close the review I borrow words from Vinod Mehta a celebrated India journalist who writes in Lucknow Boy A Memoir 2010 For a journalist credibility is like virginity You can lose it only once Sudheer may be a celebrated among his tiny amateur circles of journalists many a times his actions as an editor of Kantipur have come under scanner and this is hardly a first stance of his losing it The book falls devastatingly short of hype it could luckily managed to create The literal translation of Prayoshala is Laboratory The core theme of the book is how the nationot turned into a Laboratory of its own under various experimental Unlacing Lady Thea guinea pig leadership The book begins at the time of parliament dismiss by then PM Dr Baburam Bhattarai and the writer takes the readers back to the start of first people s movement in 2046 along with the formation of Maoist Mr Sharma addresses Maoists Palace Political Parties and Foreign powers that come to play for conseuential power struggle during various time period of political development from 2046 Mr Sharma also provides detailed information about the formation development rise and fall of Maoist party during thereat insurgency period This could be a pro or con on its own but the book is convergent on Maoist and their armed revolution influence of foreign powers on political scenario unprecedented victory in first election dialogues on military adjustment of liberal armies transformation from monarchy to a republic nation fire ice relationship with the neighboring countries to existential crisis faced after second eneral election Compared to it the book provides very less ideas on other political parties and their development during the same period of time However the book contains important issues sought out after 2046 in depth In the final pages the writer puts his words regarding the mistakes that various leaders made during their respective time frame that conseuently put forward the country into such shamblesEventually over the course of the time past ets erased or say events Environmental Ethics from the Roots Up get dimmed but this particular book by Mr Sharma can for sure provide the upcomingeneration of the nation sufficient light about the political history of the nation It s amazing book #about history of contemplation politics of Nepal particularly dealing with 10 year civil war the author also highlights the role of # history of contemplation politics of Nepal particularly dealing with 10 year civil war the author also highlights the role of and its influence in Nepal during that time period and the transition after The micromanagement by RAW in Nepal s politics at that time was enormous according to the book and it makes sense Now this is a Nepali book but for the English viewera out there we have the Nepal nexus also a Nepali book but for the English viewera out there we have the Nepal nexus also Sudheer sharmaAll in all a must read book if you are fan of Nepali politics A How to Make Polymer Clay Fairies great repository of key events pieces of evidence and conspiracies that shaped Maoist insurgency and hence changed the trajectory of Nepal s political landscape Halfway through the book I was anxiety stricken as the same politicalames continue to this day with the same players literally and Nepal still a laboratory I would like to review this book with a uote of C S Lewis Isn t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different Prayogshaala is. ??यसको तीव्र फैलावटमा ती दुई शक्तिकेन्द्रको निर्णायक भूमिका रह्यो | तीमध्ये दरबारले पराजित भएर आफ्नो अस्तित्व नै नामेट पार्यो भने माओवादी आफैलाई बदलेर शान्तिपूर्ण मूलधारमा फर्क्यो | बाँकी रह्यो दिल्ली जसको नेपालनीतिको अभिस्ट अझै पहेलीकै र. ,