The Third Book of the Dun Cow (E–pub Download) Ç Walter Wangerin Jr.

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Nothing seemed to be given adeuate time to sink in which robbed the story of a chance to REALLY have me emotionally invested That ending however was a beautifully welcome relief After the sheer hell of The Book of Sorrows it s good to know that the innumerable heartbreaking personal sacrifices of these characters were not in vain If SORROWS LEFT YOU IN AN EMOTIONAL WRECK LIKE IT left you in an emotional wreck like it me perhaps this book may assuage your pain Although it lacks much of the beauty and wisdom of the previous two books and the first chapter in particular reads about as comfortably as a fist in the face Peace at the Last is

#Worth Reading For The Finale #
reading for the finale A good but not great volume that in the end overcomes its weaknesses and wraps p the Dun Cow series well. Y Animals with a murderous intentWhen the disparate bands of Creatures converge on a hidden crater high in the dangerous mountains they make a monumental discovery that may finally mean an end to their trials and tribulationsThe epic journey begun in THE BOOK OF THE DUN COW reaches its powerful conclusion in THE THIRD BOOK OF THE DUN COW PEACE AT THE LAST proving the sacrifices of Chauntecleer and the Animals were not in vai.

Summary The Third Book of the Dun Cow

Did not finishI was really disappointed with this final installment of the dun cow series I read the disturbing first chapter and then checked some other reviews on Goodreads to see if it was worth finishing It wasn t The very first chapter has some really graphic stuff and probably explitives than the first two books combined As This was a disappointing ending to what is one of my favorite series The first two books The Book of the Dun Cow and the The Book of Sorrows are fantastic stories of good and *Evil This Book Seemed *This Book Seemed Together Just seemed thrown together just end the trilogy The story line isn t compelling It was poorly edited leaving multiple spelling errors and punctuation errors Wangerin added nnecessary detailed sexual description of animal copula. The long awaited conclusion to the National Book Award winning THE BOOK OF THE DUN COW trilogy from Walter Wangerin JrPertelote widow of Chauntecleer the Golden Rooster takes p his mantle as leader of the Animals as they seek safety from the great evil of the Wyrm and his children Desperate to keep safe those she’s responsible for Pertelote is travelling blindly suffering the purposeless ndirected but insistent journey .

The Third Book of the Dun CowTion that subtracts from the story I had gone back to read the first two after 20 years and convinced my young son that they would be a great read Unfortunately I won t let him read This One Due To The Above Gratuitous one due to the above gratuitous of the animals as well as needless profanity that only subtracts from the story line I was really left wondering what happened to Walter Wangerin Jr He definitely seems to have lost his mojo Meandering and at times nnecessarily graphic for the point being made Kinda wish I d stopped with book 1 REVIEW WIPLike the previous book Lamentations this book seemed rather rushed as if it was abridged from a much longer original story However Lamentations WAS abridged from an original story which Peace at the Last isn S the new leaderTwo other groups of Creatures are making their own journeys through the perilous land Eurus the merciless yellow eyed Wolf and his pack and the sociable pair Wachanga the Cream Colored Wolf and her friend Kangi Sapa the Raven When Pertelote and her band of Animals meet Wachanga and Kangi she finds much needed allies in her travels Allies that become Wachanga and Kangi she finds much needed allies in her travels Allies that become the valuable after cruel Eurus begins following the wear. .