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Six Acres and a Third jShe was visiting Islamabad State Department security types aren t the usual action heroes so this is a nice twist and the author does a goodob in keeping his main character authentic Other notable characters include a scheming CIA officer and a British soldier of fortune There are wheels within wheels as a scheming CIA officer and a British soldier of fortune There are wheels within wheels as action takes us inside Pakistan s corrupt intelligence agency as well as to a power hungry regional radical group which may or not be calling the shots While the writing style suited the action with alot of weaponry details and close in fighting descriptions a few descriptions were awkward such as when something was described as the color of hacked strawberries There was a bit of lapses into British isms that didn t belong for example when the American hero reflects on his weight in stones an American would have GIVEN IT IN POUNDS BUT THESE WERE RELATIVELY MINOR it in pounds But these were relatively minor didn t retract from the action or the nicely complex plotRecommended for those who like contemporary action thrillers with military overtones Thriller writers write about the world as it is Gary HaynesBritish author Gary Haynes digs into mystery thriller writing with STATE OF HONOUR with excellent credentials He studied law at University of Warwick in Coventry England and completed his postgraduate training at the College of Law His emphasis as a lawyer is on commercial dispute resolution but even pertinent to his input for the novel is his commentary on Middle East politics He has created a new action hero in Tom Dupree who he has shaped so well that he may become another Jack Ryan James Bond Indiana Jones trope As Haynes Reading this book was like watching an episode of the hit TV series at least here in America 24 Only better The story is every bit as gritty uncompromising fast paced thrilling and suspenseful And it brought to light for me events going on in Afghanistan and environs the Mideast in general in ways no amount of headline news could by penetrating the surface and exposing what goes on behind the scenes that much better The author did his homework what s as noticeable in the many flourishes and highlights down to the gear the special ops teams are using described in wicked detail and always Just the Way You Are just enough to point up the realism of what was going on never so much as to slow the pacing with boggy descriptive detail If you re a big Tom Clancy fan you ll love this book which is written in entirely the same tradition If you like Jack Reacher style heroes like you get with Lee Child or those Die Hard movies once again you ll feel right at home with this writer There were times when I wished Tom Dupree would take the bit out of his mouth and give us the unbridled version of himself in the same manner as the TV heroes But the author isust too in touch with *the real world for that When Tom does kick in to high gear it s calculated smart and of necessity *real world for that When Tom does kick in to high gear it s calculated smart and of necessity out of grandstanding By the time you get to the end of this novel you ll be crying foul on all the films that do stretch the truth Considering the author did take all the comic book extremes out of the euation I was surprised how much sharper the tension was and potent the adrenaline fix Maybe I shouldn t have been but I ve been conditioned as most of us have by Hollywood s cinematic excesses As realistic special agent thrillers go this one is highly recommended. Akes have never been higherand a web of conspiracy deception and betrayal leave Tom with no one to trust but himself Political thrillers don’t come turbo charged than this Prepare for twist after twist right up to the electrifying climax in this high octane political thriller.

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State of HonourSet in the war torn Middle East State of Honour is a political thriller focusing on the kidnapping and possible beheading of the US Secretary of State Follow Secret Service agent Tom Dupree as he races the clock to save the diplomat from the hands of terrorists in Northern Pakistan The book is packed with all the c A promising series opener Tough guy Tom Dupree secret service agent is charged with the protection of a woman when she gets abducted in Pakistan His sole mission is to recover her as the clock ticks towards a potential outright war Hayes manages a complex and little understood topic with realism and dynamism This is a political Thriller From A Military Outlook from a military outlook the action scenes are described beautifully He began to crush the windpipe Proctor gasped for air like a beached fish Ben This book was interesting enough to keep me reading it although there were a few times when I had considered stopping I feel for authors who are published with big name publishers Carina is a Harleuin imprint and they rightfully expect their publisher to put out a polished product but they don t Carina s editors andor proofers need to be flogged for all of the mistakes that were left in this bookOn the plus side the author definitely knows his way around the very complicated middle east with the convoluted politics and warring religious factions If you like a story with unexpected twists this one will knock you on your ass with its surprise change ups One of them was so dramatic I thought for a minute that I misread something or that there was a serious error in the plot But it was the character s deception that shocked the other characters and will definitely shock the reader as wellOverall a decent story with a great lead character who takes his honor and commitment like a dog who would rather die than give up a cherished bone It will be interesting to see Tom Dupree and the series mature and most likely improve over time Maybe Carina Press will even invest some time in prepping the next one before publicationRecommended to anyone who enjoys military action international intrigue black ops foreign affairs etc A complex action adventure packed with authentic detail and enough twists to keep thriller fans happyThis is the first in a new series from the lawyer come novelist Gary Haynes This debut features Tom Dupree a special agent in the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security Dupree is a man of honour a loyal likeable character but he also has his demons and is partly driven by a need for atonement Like the Jack s Ryan and Bauer Tom Dupree has the dogged determination to succeed amid the complexity and dangers of a volatile political world The US Secretary of State is missing She Linda Carlyle was abducted Dupree is determined to protect her but he s soon racing against the clock as he s only three days To Find And Save Her Before She S Killed The find and save her before she s killed The that abducted her are threatening to behead her unless their demands are met The implications for Dupree s mission should He Fail Would Be Catastrophic As There fail would be catastrophic as there than ust one life at stake The prevention of another world war could be on the line in this action led thrillerThe book concerns terrorist threats but this is not your standard terrorism thriller The usual ingredients are replaced by contemporary themes and a focus on Pakistan Iran and Saudi One man one mission; prevent the outbreak of the next world war Live reports of an explosive attack in Pakistan are flooding the world’s newsrooms The US Secretary of State is missing and with tensions on the international diplomatic scene at boiling point Special Agent Tom ,
Rabia in a globe trotting ride that also takes in Europe and has Dupree following a lead back to the States The lines between good and bad are blurred with scheming and betrayal on all sides For Dupree it s hard to fight an enemy you can t even identify but there are plenty of evil adversaries including the tortuous Hasni The writing reeks of authenticity It s clear that the author has a deep understanding of Pakistan and the Middle East especially the complex political situation and the military details ring true as well as the fight scenes and weaponryMixing politics and espionage with a race against time plot Haynes has produced a novel that fans of the TV shows 24 and Homeland will enjoy I can almost see the white Fiat screeching around the corner State of Honor is action packed I really liked the hero in this novel Tom Dupree is an agent who is in CHARGE OF PROTECTING A HIGH RANKING PERSON DUPREE IS of protecting a high ranking person Dupree is kind of protector anyone would want watching out for them and especially if you were abducted The stakes are high in this game It is definitely a scary galvanizing and exhilarating ride from start to finish Readers will be taken into the explosive Middle East Where do you run when there is nowhere to run Jeannie Walker Award Winning Author I loved this book which mixed political spy and military genres in a fast paced action packed adrenalin ride All the characters have depth and complexity but The Hero Tom Dupree hero Tom Dupree special agent in the Bureau of Diplomatic Security stands out on the page The story is told in a short three day time span across four continents The detail both in terms of contemporary Middle East politics and high tech weapons and tactics is extraordinary given the speed with which it zips along I can t wait for the seuel I read the excellent reviews on both co I can t State my enjoyment of this book enough badwordplayThis is an exciting political thriller set around the kidnapping of the US Secretary of State in Pakistan Special Agent Tom Dupree is tasked with finding her and bringing her home safe He only has 3 days to do this however because her captors have given an ultimatum Adhere to their demands or in 3 days she will be beheadedI picked a very pertinent time to check this book out because it has to deal a lot with negotiating with terrorists something that has been very prevalent in the news over the last couple of weeks It deals with the political uagmire surrounding hostage negotiations or hostage rescues whichever the case may be deals with the political uagmire surrounding hostage negotiations or hostage rescues whichever the case may be negotiators have to walk this tightrope in order to keep the Secretary of State alive and keep this country out of warThis was a very well paced political thriller that kept me reading for much longer than I intended to each night When I read a book like this I try to guess what the ending is or the twist is but about halfway through this I gave up There is ust so much stuff going on I couldn t keep thinking about the What If s and possibilities the entire time It was very entertaining and I thought the entire experience was very satisfying through the end This is an action adventure novel for those who like Bob Mayer style tough guy action stories In this case Tom the head of the Secretary of State s diplomatic security detail strikes out on his own in Pakistan to discover who has kidnapped the Secretary code named Lyric while. Upree has only three days to track down her abductors Linda Carlyle will be beheaded in three days if her abductor’s demands are not met Except everyone knows that the US never negotiates with terrorists Saving Linda’s life save the world from a brutal and bloody war The st.