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On arrived These beings called the Krell devised a planetary scale civilization that was beyond immense literally covering undreds of suare miles in the center of Altair 4The book written by WJ Stuart one of Mr McDonald s pseudonyms was a fictionalized account Based on the logs Stuart one of Mr McDonald s pseudonyms was a fictionalized account Based on the logs the various crew members of the C 57 D similar in some respects to those that many naval officers and crew are either reuired by regulations or by their desire to remember their contribution to the operations of their vessels be they either ocean going or space faring These reports or logs maintained by the senior staff provide insight into the vessel s actions and the crew s experiences Provided by officers and some non commissioned crew including the medical officer navigator chief scientists and others with responsibilities for the C 57 D the logs and related reports provide the substance of the words on the pages one readsAs such the book looks at the senior officers as the reporters on what when on from their perspective which was very similar to the reports of their colleagues It was a litany of the mysteries of Altair 4 the Krell and the unusual events surrounding Dr Morbius and the malice that the forces beyond the understanding of all except possibly the Krell As a component of the presentation the reader needs to know that this is a story told from various points of view As such it sometimes seems to be fragment thoughts or ideas but in reality it is a story of the feelings experiences and in some cases the fears of those involved in some incredible unexplainable events on a distant world The crew and the survivors eventually succumb to the powers contained within Altair 4 s solid interior and the incredible worldly wealth of past experiences eld in the various areas known only to the KrellRECOMMENDATIONSOn the standard 5 star evaluation image this work rates as solid 4 It is

clear and concise 
and concise presents a log like view about the events viewed in the film with an added umanity included in subtle and surprising ways as you immerse yourself in the story It is a uniue uman means of sharing the thoughts and feelings of the crew on a uniuely dangerous mission It is no wonder why the planet was destined to explode at the end as there were just too many secrets and too much engineering that created the Krell interior of Altair 4This book is suitable for readers of late middle school and above who like adventure some intrigue and a uniue approach to the typical alienness of science fiction stories It is worth your while regardless of your age in middle schools and beyond Review of Forbidden Planet by Philip MacDonald aka WJ Stuart by Richard W Buro is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 40 International LicenseBased on a work at beyond the scope of this license may be available at Contact Peril Press for information. Becoming Master of the UniverseForewordONE Major Medical C X OstrowTWO Major Medical C X Ostrow continuedTHREE Commander J J AdamsFOUR Commander J J Adams continuedFIVE Edward MorbiusSIX Major C X OstrowSEVEN Commander J J AdamsEIGHT Commander J J Adams concludedPostscript58400 WordsUpdate Sep 12 2013 Numerous typos fix. Ace travel and e s on is first voyage The book adds Several Dimensions To The dimensions to the It s a uick read but than worth the time I only found slight differences to the movie of the same name a the time I only found slight differences to the movie of the same name a science fiction movie all you could ask for in a space story a sense of adventure exploration into the unkown always grips my imagination and this as it all a very imaginative peace of work by the author and easy to understand why it is very popular story Imy my opinion the story line in never out dated It is a pleasure to read such a bookNo editorial errors that I could find Excellent work by the author Excellent storyExcellent storyI absolutely loved this book Forbidden Planet is my favorite movie and I was extremely pleased to find it in book form Very true to the movie storyline fast reading A must for all fans of old sci fi classics I ave always considered the movie this is based on to be part of the trinity of classic SF movies How I managed to wait until now to read this is beyond me Certainly I could Kayla Eli Discover Jazz have read it forty years ago but It is an interesting take on the film novelizing and adding to the story some both for good and bad Familiar enough to be like an old friend but new enough toold interest I would Sleeping with Her Fake Fiance have preferred notaving the POV shift from one chapter to the next but I get what the author was trying to do even if I didn t care for it It gets a five if for nothing other than sentimental value The short version first Science fiction stories Das Sommer-Märchenbuch have been around for decades some of the best written in the 19th Century by authors like Jules Gabriel Verne HG Herbert George Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs to name only a few of those better known The mid 20th Century audiencead other media for the genre including feature motion pictures comic books and pulp science fiction in both paperbacks and serials Philip McDonald Spying on the Brat however was better known foris work outside of the genre until the debut of the groundbreaking motion picture and novel entitled Forbidden Planet For its time it was groundbreaking using advanced special effects an eerie soundtrack that future audiences would compare with the synthesized music of the late 1960 s and early 1970 sThe film starred Leslie Nielsen as Commander JJ Adams Walter Pidgeon as Dr Morbius Anne Francis as Altaira and a young Earl Holliman as the Bosun and cook As the story unfolds a spacecraft designated as C 57 D was dispatched from Earth to discover the status of a previously launched vessel the Bellerophon Unknown and unexplained tragedy struck the Bellerophon resulting in the loss of all The Exchange hands save for Morbius andis daughter Altaira Unusual events continue to plague the old and soon the new crews as well With the loss of several of the personnel and Morbius imself all falling to the unseen immense power of the race that inhabited Altair 4 for ages before the Belleroph. Previous expedition But the only one they find is Dr Morbius a scientist with a deadly plan to take over the universe Dr Morbius warns the earthlings to leave at onceBut Commander Adams and is crew stay despite the terrifying attacks on their spaceship For they know that theirs is the last chance to stop a madman from. ,
Forbidden Planet

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