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Poison Sleep Marla Mason #2Disclaimer I ve been marathoning this series so some impressions may be flawed and this review a little weakPoison Sleep series so some impressions may be flawed and this review a little weakPoison Sleep the second book in the series and picks up right after the first I m not sure if it s specifically the result of the publishing eal or *if this arc was conceived as a whole *this arc was conceived as a whole the early books all form a cohesive workAs such if you haven t read the first book I Friends in Small Places d recommend you stop now and go read it While the Marla Mason books can be read individually they greatly benefit from being read in consecutive order For best results I recommend reading in story timeline but thatoes engage in some spoilers and inconsistent writing style as TA Pratt jumps a little in the short storiesAlso the city Marla s city makes its first mainline novel appearance here in other words you ve already met it if you ve been reading the preuels and short stories as recommended above Felport is a character in itself a Platonic ideal of the post industrial East Cost city It could be Camden Bridgeport New Bedford I vaguely remember it being somewhere near Balti but It Doesn T Really doesn t really Felport is a fecund ground of power and Stepping Out, Life and Sexuality in Rural India depth where the humans echo the city and fight to live inirt grime and honestyThere s a lot of symbology in the Marla Mason books and it s shown here We see the city both from within and without Marla s eyes and there s a lot of similarity How much is one shaping the other How much is the magic and how much illusion That s left to the reader to Horrid High decide Marla is slowly becoming a positive person and so is the cityWhich of course means it s prime time forisruption Once again Marla is torn between both sides and so is the city There is a external threat that serves as the a plot and an internal threat that serves as the true narrative and they freuently exchange sides In this gray and grey morality no one is without sin and everyone is playing Batman even if it s in their own headThe character of Gwendolyn is a key part of this She is both threat and martyr A power and a Borsalli Ni Pankhar damsel Marlaefines herself in terms of what Gwendolyn is not and finds where her perspective limits her virtues One of the common re occuring themes of these novels if that the protagnist is not a good person and routinely makes her own life Rediscovering Dharavi difficult by unconsciously rejecting morally good if perceptually weak acts Her rejection of kindness makes her hard. The bad girl of the magical underworld is back and badder than everSomeone wants Marla Masonead Usually that’s not news As chief sorcerer of Felport someone always wants her ead But this time she’s the target of a renegade assassin who specializes in killing his victims over ays months or even years Not to mention .

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E rest of the magical procedural is *hard to put ownThe one other major problem with Poison Sleep is that a large part of *to put Many Roads through Paradise downThe one other major problem with Poison Sleep is that a large part of plot revolves around a magical young woman whose mind was fracturedue to a rape in her youth Pratt s take is just as cliched and nearly as insensitive as any other pseudo psych rape makes characters interesting tripe prevalent in urban fantasyThat said I still raced through Poison Sleep in a three hour marathon session and found myself itching to pick up the next book in the series If Pratt continues improving at the rate he s been going so far book three will be fantastic and book four will blow my mind Urban fantasy with endlessly creative magic and a badass heroine who is not fetishized or slut shamed for her bisexuality or her kinkiness and an overarching plot about rape recovery that is only a little bit hamfistedYeah Shaam-e-Awadh don t get excited Because it was also so boring So boring So boring I was kind of rooting for the emo assassin to finish off the protagonist at the halfway point because then it would be over So boring Ion t even care enough to figure out why And this is me so that s pretty amn boring Holy ht balls this series just got freakishly goodI was a bit perturbed by Marla in the book but I realized that she is oomed from the get go for any type of romance That and she has the same type of outlook on having a romp that I Resistance do My life shouldn t center around it all of the time and I certainlyon t want to read about it eitherI also liked that Marla was back on her home turf The first book was just completely odd and uniue in that aspect but if you really want to start this series then start with Bone Shop It s a preuel to the first oneHope everyone enjoys this Ok so THIS is why it s good to give series that White Tiger don t TOTALLY hook you a second shot I really really really loved this second book in the series The characters wereeveloped and the whole book felt coherent and well put together on EVERY level I really enjoyed the world immensely and the characters were so interesting I enjoy a female character *Who Can Function Properly And * can function properly and t have to have abandonment issues or past abuse she s whining about which a lot of vaginal urban fantasy tend to have lately Men AND women will enjoy this world so if you like Jim Butcher OR the lady ish stuff I Everymans War d give this a shotThis was just fun I m eager to read book Reluctantly in tow Marla teams up with a “love talker” whoseangerous erotic spells not even she can resist Together they’re searching the rapidly transforming streets of Felport for a woman who’s become the Typhoid Mary of nightmares infecting everything and everyone she touches with a chaos worse than eath itself. ,
Once again see the city ItselfAll Of This Praise Aside of this praise aside is still not uite the read that the next book becomes The formula s there but needs some tweaking *is still not uite the read that the next book becomes The formula s there but needs some tweaking of the characters exist purely to be a plot evice or allow Marla to be better than Still there are The Hungry Septopus definitely some interesting plot twists and a lot polish in the writing Read it and then go on to book 3 Dead Reign uite a bit of fun Rating 35 I started the series from this book so that is why it may have been a bitifficult to comprehend the universe these stories exist in However once past the initial work of how things work this was not a page turner cw mention of rape mention of adult in the relationship with a minor teacher and 17yo studentIntresting concept lively characters fast paced and enjoyable But mentioned cw efinetely affected my enjoyment overall POISON SLEEP is the second book in the Marla Mason urban fantasy series and it s almost as good as the first I would give it 45 stars out of 5The imaginative world that Marla lives in just gets interesting with the additio copied from my reviewI had some issues with Blood Engines the first Marla Mason book While the plot was interesting and kept me guessing I found the characters and writing style very flat I am fairly certain that if I hadn t started with the preuel Bone Shop I never would have picked up Poison SleepAnd that would have been a shame because I really enjoyed Poison Sleep The title character is still a no nonsense ass kicking thug of a magical city manager but she seems to have ACTUAL FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS BEYOND THAT ONE NOTE CHARACTER feelings and thoughts beyond that one note character Some of this may be ue to the early introduction of a beautiful boy a man with the magical ability to wind anyone and everyone around his little finger efinitely including Marla Some of it may be growth in the author s writing And some of it may be that Poison Sleep is of a howdunnit than a whodunnitTA Pratt s penchant for alternating points of views is a weak writing choice and often unnecessary but it oes mean that we understand the villains motivations and plans early on in the story If we assume as I always tend to that the main character will win out in the end speculation turns towards how Marla will figure things out and fix the mess In fact in this book the few whodunnit style mysteries that Pratt leaves for big reveals are obvious and flat while th. Mysterious knife wielding killer in black who pops up in the most unexpected places To make matters worse an inmate has broken out of the Blackwing Institute for criminally insane sorcerers a troubled psychic who can literally reweave the fabric of reality to match her own traumatic pastWith her wisecracking partner Rondeau.