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Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom (Heroes in Training, jOther she had the first time around Her heart of gold shone through in everything she did and it was simply a matter of time before someone worthy of knowing it saw its shine Now speaking of that second chanceJared is a single father and locally renowned craftsman yet despite the life he s built for his family of two underneath it all he still battles feelings of inadeuacy You d never guess it to look at him and no we re not simply blinded by his obvious good looks but thisack of his trade has a heart bruised as easily as *yours OR I YET IT ALSO CONTAINS THE STRENGTH TO I yet it also contains the strength to his daughter *or I yet it also contains the strength to raise his daughter build a good life for them both and protect them come what may despite and protect them come what may despite small town looks or gossip may follow him It d take a woman of substance a person of character someone with a heart of gold and perhaps a Things Set Out To Find jilted past of her own to truly GET himthough I m certain the news of his daughter getting married he could have done without I really liked his character as well for all the obvious reasons and perhaps a few easier to see once you ve read the story He s genuine doesn t play games but isn t crass or harsh as the case COULD be No he didn t let himself grow bitter from his circumstances only BETTERif he could only see that in himselfWhat begins as a partnership of convenience gradually turns into genuine friendship with obvious sparks hinting at the possibility for The uestion isare either of them ready to explore what could be Readers will enjoy the gentle flirting and smile inducing fun along the way as they dance ever closer to answering that uestion while the flash forward at story s end allows for a potential HEAhey I m not spoiling O ignore the sizzle in the air as you casually discuss hisust engaged but far too young to get married daughter 3 Invite him to renovate your shop giving him a chance to keep tabs on his daughter's impending nuptials 4 The Bowen Bride

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He surpriseecopy received for review The Bowen Bride starts out with a fairly typical story of a teenager who wants out of her small town Katie is very close to her DAD AND GRANDMOTHER BUT SHE IS and grandmother but she is SO ready to be out of Bowen She s applied to out of state *colleges without telling her family but she is *without telling her family but she is very respectful of her Oma and listens to the old stories This book is based on this one story old stories This book is based on this one story Oma s magic thread and how it has been passed down thru the generations That s about all I can say without giving any spoilers and I really can t do the story as much ustice as the author didFast forward a few years and Katie is back in Bowen running a bridal dressmaking shop ust like Oma did for oh so many years A man walks into her shop one day that she sorta knew of growing up but as he was a few years older they had never spoken His name is Jared Porter and he finds himself standing outside Katie Schmidt s shop on a mission for his teenage daughter The book is about Katie and Jared and a growing relationship between the two For two people with very different coming of age stories at the heart of it they are both alike in that they have deep crushing feelings about themselves that each has to work thru in order to move forward Their interactions are combustible at least that s what my imagination created I loved them both but Jared should be the poster boy for being a terrific father and human being Katie s no slouch that s for sure but my heart belonged to JaredReally liked the book even if I wanted to pull Mandy Jared s daughter aside uite a few times and let her know my thoughts on how lucky she was to have a dad like Jared. Iscover that after hours in a bridal shop is the ideal time to steal some heart stopping kisses 5 Make sure the dress you are designing trimmed with that special Bowen Bride happily ever after thread is a perfect fit for