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Ch and poorest of the poorWhat drove me crazy throughout the novel was the fact that the author kept the name of the disease secret she did explain her reasons in the author s note but still it was not fun being kept in the dark I didn t feel the urgency in finding the cure simply because I didn t know what it was how serious a disease it was nor really what the symptoms were that struck fear in Lily s heart the ones that ultimately led to her Mom s deathOverall it was an okay read CRITICAL DIAGNOSIS by Alison Stone has characters that are very interesting however I thought the pacing moved along rather slowly at first but smoothly et the great story line kept me wanting to find out what would happen next so I kept reading The villain was a surprise BUT the ending was a wonderful and sweet love story filled with love faith hope inspiration and Courage I Highly Recommend This Book To Anyone Liking Good I highly recommend this book to anyone liking good inspiring suspense novels This was a great mysterysuspense book Pharmaceutical researcher Lily is working at a low income clinic when she mysterysuspense book Pharmaceutical researcher Lily is working at a low income clinic when she attacked James an Army doctor saves her but she continues to be stalked James struggles to protect Lily while trying to convince his family that he wants to re enlist not become CEO of the pharmaceutical company I identified several suspects as I couldn t put the book down until the actual culprits were revealed I was disappointed in the ending as the epilogue happening 9 months later did not include an update on Emily Other than that it was a great book Great for the beach pool waiting in line basically anywhere anytime For some reason this one just didn t grab me I didn t get uite the right impression of it from the summary so I was expecting a bit of a different story The style was a bit hard for me to get into and I found some of the characters changes and motivations a little hard to understand Also everything seemed to work itself out rather uickly at the end25 star. Nor can he stay and stop her from pursuing her goal No one can including the stalker who shadows her every move Still James has lost too many people he's loved and this time he refuses to lose Lil. S he plans to reenlist but his heart says otherwiseAlison Stone is on my auto buy list Need I say Sorry I didn t get the review written in time so I ve forgotten the good bad points about this book The characters were written well Really enjoyed this light love suspense story Lily and James were great characters to follow and would recommend this book Suspensemystery is my favorite genre but when it also includes medical or pharmaceutical talk I m in my glory And if it s Love Inspired there s a bonus point because The Animated Films of Don Bluth you know it will be clean The race is on to find a cure for a family disease that has claimed the life of researcher Lily McAllister and the disease that is currently infecting heroung niece Someone is after Lily or appears to be someone who wants her researchDr James o reilly is the heir to the pharmaceutical Reilly is the heir to the pharmaceutical where Lily works and whose family took her in after her mother their housekeeper passed away from the disease Lily is working to find the cure for James is obviously struck by her right from the get go Romance working to find the cure for James is obviously struck by her right from the get go Romance t play a huge role it was about Lily being stalked while trying to find the cureThis is a Harleuin romantic suspense novel in Harleuin s faith based fiction line It s not heavy on the romance or on the faith aspect Both Lily and James have faith James parents were missionaries who were killed in a plane crash and Lily strayed from her faith They both resolve their faith issues at the endThere is suspense and intrigue throughout the entire novel sometimes enough to keep the reader wondering what is coming next The author did a great job creating the suspenseful scenes but I found that the subtle hints or red herrings planted here and there were predictable at least to me they were I knew exactly who was the mastermind behind everything from Chapter 1 The descriptions of characters and places were well done and I could picture some of the locations a contrast between the very ri. Ng of army physician James O'Reilly can save her As the would be CEO of his family's pharmaceutical company James's secret dream is to reenlist But he can't leave Lily with a bull's eye on her back. I just could not get into this book The premise a medical researcher being stalked for reasons at least initially unknown caught book The premise a medical researcher being stalked for reasons at least initially unknown caught eye The book did start off with an engaging action seuence and I could even see the heir to the pharmaceutical company funding Lily McAllister s research as a likable love interestHowever the author turns uickly from streamlined ACTION AND SUSPENSE INTO SOME KITCHEN SINK PLOTTING WHICH and suspense into some kitchen sink plotting which turned the book cumbersome Add into that the fact that I was able to guess the villain before I was even one third of my way through the book and I decided to call it uits Critical Diagnosis by Alison Stone is a suspenseful terrific read Although I consider it a great beach read it s perfect for all A Good Man in Africa year round The story centers around researcher Lily McAllister and her uest to find a cure for an illness that has ravaged her mother s life and threatens the life of heroung niece When a dangerous man attempts to enter the clinic Lily works at and attacks her in the process Lily suddenly has a target on After reading Plain Pursuit by Alison Stone I couldn t wait for the next Love Inspired Suspense story by this author I enjoyed reading her first LIS but Critical Diagnosis was even better The suspense in the book made me turning pages but it s Ms Stone s wonderful writing style and a great sense of humor that made this book a stand out for me The vivid interaction between the main characters was so much fun to read and their courage in the face of difficult and painful circumstances made it easy to root for themDr Lily McAllister has a personal stake in finding a treatment and possibly a cure for a rare genetic disease She s a workaholic with no time for romance in her life Even when she starts feeling an attraction to an army physician James O Reilly who protects her from an attacker and is by her side to save her life and her important research James s mind says he has no time for romance either HER PERSONAL PROTECTOR Researcher Dr Lily McAllister has dedicated her life to finding a cure for a family disease and now steps away from a promising new treatment Lily is attacked Only the traini. ,

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Critical Diagnosis

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