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The World Since 1945

Read õ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ T.E. Vadney

This book was okay It provides a decent starting point for understanding the period particularly in the third world as the author defines it but the information is closely packed making it difficult to ecall which events happened where if you otherwise had no other knowledge of the period in the countryI also felt that there was a LACK OF FOCUS ON EUROPE AND OCEANIA BOTH OF of focus on Europe and Oceania both of barely gained than a handful of Big City Stories by Modern American Writers references The book also focused on descriptionather than judgements despite a proclamation of attempting to understand the period any conclusions were mostly to be made by the eader not "Within The Text THE REAL COLD WAR NEARLY TEVadneys The "the text THE REAL COLD WAR NEARLY TEVadneys The Since 1945 is an accessible and generally excellent overview of the world s historical experience between 1945 and oughly 1985 The book is comprehensive in ITS COVERAGE OF NOT ONLY KEY OR APPARENTLY KEY coverage of not only key or apparently key in world history but also for the particular focus Vadney brings to the experiences of the third worldVadneys writes from a tradition that can be broadly described as left of centre It is certainly not dogmatic for example the standards he holds the United States to are the same as those that he brings to his coverage of the Soviet Union but it is one that gives the book an internationalist flavour and a tangible concern for those who live in the third world or under oppressive situations of whatever kind Another strength of the THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF GLOBAL CHANGE FROM 1945 TO THE PRESENT DAY The world since 1945 has witnessed fundamental changes notably the increasing influence of the West particularly the USA in a variety of spheres the emergence and collapse of. Ook is that Vadney doesn t let himself become chained to the standard cold war narrative and the fruits of his freedom from this are excellent accounts of post war Latin American Asian especially Indo China and African history that deal with external factors in a The Social Construction of Technological Systems: New Directions in the Sociology and History of Technology rational andeasoned manner This is particularly important given that at the time these countries were struggling for economic and political independence which Vadney Stoic Warriors: The Ancient Philosophy behind the Military Mind rightlyegards As The Key Theme Of The Period He Is Also the key theme of the period He is also at summarising the pre 1945 histories in a way that gives the eader an insight into the historical context within which the developments and events he describes occurred and also pays serious attention to events
to nations as well as between nations The generally good coverage of third world countries in the book doesn t preclude Vadney from "coherently accounting for events in Europe North America and within Eastern Europe and "accounting for events in Europe North America and within Eastern Europe and Soviet UnionUnfortunately the book is by no means perfect there are a few noticeable bloopers eg he states that the Shiites are a minority in Ira and in the vast array of events and developments he writes on it is easy to make a case for problems of selection emphasis and less freuently accuracy This is most systematic in his coverage of the confrontation in the Middle East between Israel and the Arabs Vadney and it was not uncommon amongst apparent lefties at. The USSR the end of colonial empire in Asia and Africa and the escalation of wars and other conflicts in the Third World In this incisive survey T E Vadney examines the key events without ever neglecting the underlying trends He explores ther.
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That time and since follows a line that is sympathetic to the official Israeli discourse to a degree that ought to be a major embarrassment to anyone serious about narrating and explaining historical Stronger Than You Know realityIn general I find that books of this nature that synthesis a large amount of material in aelatively short space can form an excellent introduction to a subject In this case the subject is the post WW2 world and Vadney not only stimulates a curiosity to discover about particular developments from third world de colonisation and economic development to nuclear weapons and neo colonialism but also provides a basic framework for understanding them on a global basis With the exception of the material that pertains to the Middle East The World Since 1945 provides an excellent and intelligent summary of world history for the period that is well worth eading The makings of modern "me this was my high school honors contemporary "This was my high school Honors Contemporary History class textbook Our teacher loved it because a it s Canadian and b it gives a much thorough exploration of the themes of international conflict in the 20th century than any of the standard public school must fit everything into the narrative of the ise of the USA text booksI agree A fantastic survey of world history since the end of WWII If you e feeling undereducated about the world you live in this book is the easiest way to feel better pretty painlessly. Apid changes in the Middle East the end of apartheid in South Africa and the aims of American foreign policy He concludes with a new epilogue in apartheid in South Africa and the aims of American foreign policy He concludes with a new epilogue in he examines the direction of post 1945 history as the world enters the twenty first century. ,