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Chocky, o amigo invisível iRy butt feels richer Maybe that s just me not being familiar with the non colonial cultural aspects but I certainly enjoyed reading and rooting against the fanatical of the church The victory of the Even More Ardently indigenous over the colonials perhaps a little overly simple but that s really best judged by Amado and I just enjoy the book Amado has a style all his own Addresses the reader from time to time A mashup of plot lines From Out Of The Shadows in this one and severaldentities to keep track of The religious repression and the many unethical Catholic priests portrayed particularly n the early sections of the book were unsettling to me And I will admit the book were unsettling me And I will admit that s love of listing names of non essential people throughout the book got aggravating at times but even the narrator tells us No one s obliged to read this book straight through I did skip some a lot of the lists Once I got nto Walking Home it though I really did liket very muchAmado s conspiratorial storytelling style was very appealing He made me feel that I was sharing all the secrets of his joyfully rreverent and lusty romp through Salvador de Bahia Brazil during Carnival I learned a lot about the history and culture of Brazil from reading "this book This book tells the story of the Afro Brazilian goddess Yansan aka as Saint Barbara of Thunder running "book This book tells the story of the Afro Brazilian goddess Yansan aka as Saint Barbara of Thunder running n the city of Bahia and changing the life of the people she visits She arrives to Bahia as a statue of Saint Barbara and Over Tumbled Graves is scheduled to appearn a sacred art exhibit but the statue walks away and starts having fun around town Watch the Lady (The Tudor Trilogy, instead The storys fun and The Sense of an Ending imaginative a mix of realism and fantasy depicting European Christian vs African traditionsn Brazil and Always the Perfect Moment (Perfect Moments, is annteresting social portrait of the city of Bahia at that time The least Fred Dibnah - Made in Britain interesting part of the books Amado s endless criticism of Brazilian writers and other public figures of the time which to a non Brazilian reader sound obscure and pedantic for the most part All Love Is a Four-Letter Word in allt s an entertaining book easy to read very representative of Amado s magical Bahian fiction I find there really A Bouquet of Black Orchids is a bit of magicn this book I found Black Lipstick Kisses it or rather the book found men a funky bookstore Persephone in a funky part of San Francisco and somenteresting changes happened Brady in my life right after findingt. Into the milling crowd on the uay  Somewhere Migrating to the Movies in the city a young woman has fallenn love and her prudish guardian aunt has locked her away an act of ntolerance that Saint Barbara must redress  And when she casts her spell over the city no one's life will remain unchanged. O Sumiço da Santa

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This took me forever to get through because there Hunter (The Caine Brothers is too much descriptive writing and not enough story Meandering and confusing At firstt was difficult to understand some pages due to the many foreign words Once I found out there was a glossary at the end of the book things got a lot smoother The story
"Is Entertaining But I Would "
entertaining but I would preferred Big Mal it to be shorter Heres the thing It s a fun little story I felt as Island Fortress if I was there during Carnivaln Bahia and the narration was some cool I loved how he addressed the readers directly throughout the book The problem was Louisa The Ballerina it was a tough read It took me uite a while to get throught It didn t flow and then the dialect had me confused for most "Of The Book Had I Know There "the book Had I know there a glossary Sweet Revenge in the back I may have had a little easier of a time reading but there was still some confusion with the saints and all I loved this story It was sexy and magical It was good enough to keep reading until the end regardless of the ups and downs I feel bad giving this three stars but I try to be honest as I expect others to be with my own work This warm vivacious fun novels set n late 1960s Bahia the capital city of the Brazilian region of the same name A famous and antiue statue of St Barbara of the Thunder Is Due To Arrive due to arrive the city s port so that t can be Verboden te lezen includedn an mportant exhibition of sacred art However upon arrival the statue miraculously comes to life and St Barbara disappears nto the city where she has a profound affect on the lives of many people Hiroshima Nagasaki in the city Among the effects of her actions andnfluence are the freeing of a young woman from Contemporary Business Law (8th Edition) incarcerationn a convent liberating the young woman s aunt from her overly rigid and puritanical ways saving a left leaning priest from assassination making the police and other authorities look foolish and Without Their Permission inciting celebration throughout the cityThe War of the Saints champions sensuality over prudery liberality over constraint and joyfulness over repression As sucht was delight to read 2018 Reading Challenge book set Martin ONeill in a BRICS country eg Brazil Syncretic Saint Seeks Solution to Sexual SnafusI ve enjoyed reading Jorge Amado s novels for most of my life I love to get backnto that world of tough guys and sexy ladies who get n. Jorge Amado has been called one of the great writers of our time  The joyfulness of his storytelling and his celebration of life's sensual pleasures have found him a loyal following  With The War Of The Saints  he has created an exuberant tale set among the flashing rhyt. Volved n various good causes helping the poor or saving the environment but never fail to appreciate each other fully I admire Amado s nterest n the Brazilian religions known as macumba or candomble religions based on a mixture of African gods and Christian saints and practiced by millions of Brazilians whether they possess African ancestors or not He always weaves a fast moving humorous optimistic colorful story How close Amado s world may be to the actual Brazil Benedictus is something else again I mean did Miami Vice resemble Miamin any substantial way If you ve enjoyed such great novels as Gabriela Clove and Cinnamon The Violent Land Tieta do Agreste Tent of Miracles or Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands and there are many "others then no doubt you are going to like THE WAR " then no doubt you are going to like THE WAR THE SAINTS too It s a slight plot but Amado performs his usual magic and creates a engrossing story out of Queer: A Graphic History it The wooden statue of a saint disappears en route to a museum exhibitionn Bahia Everyone thinks the statue has been stolen but actually St Barbara the Little Ghetto Girl imagen uestion has suddenly come to life as an African goddess Her aim Thanks, Johnners is to set aright the sexual lives of severalndividuals She does so and resumes her wooden form just n time to save the director of the museum from total ruin The histories of the various characters the political and cultural the museum from total ruin The histories of the various characters the political and cultural of the times 1970s Bahia under the despotic rule of the generals and lots of detail about Afro Brazilian religion make up the bulk of the book which covers a space of only three days Amado ncludes large numbers of actual people Reprise in his novel this time how many I couldn t determine not being so familiar with the Brazilian cultural scene but Caetano Veloso Gilberto Gil Gilberto Freyre and many others do appear OK political correctness a la North American feminism does take a hike butf you can accept that sexual attraction plays a large role How To Make It in the New Music Business: Practical Tips on Building a Loyal Following and Making a Living as a Musician in our lives and not everyone lives by the same principles then you can plungento the joie de vivre humor and happiness that suffuse this novel like so many others by Amado I could have called my review Reading a Samba For sure According to Ruth it s tropicalismo but you ll definitely liket I enjoyed this one of Amado s than The Violent Land Maybe The Secret World of Arrietty (Film Comic), Vol. 2 it s just a happier sto. Hmsntoxicating smells and bewitching colors of the carnival The holy Kidnappied icon of Saint Barbara of the Thunders bound for the city of Bahia for an exhibition of holy art  As the boat the bears the Men, Women, and Girl Singers images docking a miracle occurs and Saint Barbara comes to life disappearing.
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