The Secret History (E–pub)

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The Secret History

Donna Tartt Ä 1 READ & DOWNLOAD

Lol why is this on my tbr and why yall keep liking it ead my ecollections of my time in the classics department at a college in New England full eview of this book here is the problem with Rumiko Style reviewing every book Iead Sometimes I throw around terms before I The Glorious Strategist really need them and then once Iead THE book The Story that euires and deserves that descriptor I have nothing to give itRight now I have this problem Because that euires and deserves that descriptor I have nothing to give itRight now I Have This Problem Because this problem Because used the word immersive before and immediately upon my completion of this book it became clear that I should have saved it for ight nowI felt like I lived inside these pages I felt like I began to think in the beautiful and SHARP PROSE THAT FILLS THEM I prose that fills them I like I knew the characters ate decadent lunches and walked the snowy campus and whispered with them I felt an aching emptiness a genuine longing when I ead the final wordsI miss living hereThis was very very slow to the point that about halfway through I said inexplicably aloud I don t know what they ll even do for the Big City Stories by Modern American Writers rest of the book and yet I was gripped by itIt s genuinely masterfulI love Richard and I LOVE Camilla and I love Francis and I fine okay at least like Charles and Henry and even Bunny and JulianAnd I miss them allThis is an incredible work but maybe the most incredible thing is how theeader is Richard I too miss my bygone days at my prestigious New England college with my whip smart group of eccentric friends and like him I am too uickly forced to Witchy realize the fallacy of such a feelingAfter all it was all a fictionBottom line I maising this to a five star The Social Construction of Technological Systems: New Directions in the Sociology and History of Technology rating you ll have to excuse me i d love to actually write something here but my brain is broken and i am incapable of thoughtalso seems absurd to try to use words when donna tartt took all the good onesreview to come 45 stars me is slightly behind on myeading challengealso me starts a 600 page book beauty is arely soft or consolatory uite the contrary genuine beauty is always uite alarming and oh how alarmingly beautiful this story is as all the best greek tragedies tend to be full of sorrow and struggle but often accompanied by pure loyalty and divine inspiration gosh i just i cant even ight now on the surface this book is great but donna tartt is an absolute goddess of writing for the sheer depth of this book its a work of absolute brilliance i was never a classics student but as someone who has taken an interest in the subje. La vida no es fácil en un college de Nueva Inglaterra si eres un chico modesto y falto de afecto ue llega de California y Richard Papen lo sabe; por eso agradece ue lo admitan en un peueño grupo de cinco estudiantes capitaneados por. ,
Ct over the years i cant even express my geeky joy for how multifaceted and layered this story is by exemplifying fatal flaws dissecting the apollonian vs dionysian philosophical theory personalising the mask of death understanding the action and stagnation of life and ealising the lifelong uest for the picturesue this story is a modern greek tragedy and a classic in its own ight wow i will be thinking about this book for uite some time 45 stars Beauty is terror Whatever we call beautiful we uiver before it I Have Never Read have never ead like this book in my entire life I laid In Bed For Over bed for over hour last night upon finishing this book just tossing and turning and thinking about everything I just consumed I still don t think I can put my feelings into words but I can honestly say this book was a cathartic experience for me and the irony of the word catharsis being a Gr This novel like so many other first novels is full of everything that the author wants to show off about herself Like a freshman who annoys everyone with her overbearing sense of importance and unfathomable potential Donna Tartt wrote this book as though the world couldn t wait to ead about all of the bottled up personal beliefs literary eferences and colorfully apt metaphors that she had been storing up since the age of 17The most fundamentally unlikable thing about this book is that all of the characters each and every one of them are snobby greedy amoral pretentious melodramatic and selfish The six main characters are all students at a small and apparently somewhat undemanding college in Vermont studying ancient Greek with a professor who s so stereotypically gay as to be a homosexual version of a black face pantomime In between bouts of translating Greek the students end up murdering two people and then devolve into incoherent drunken boring decay The best thing I can euate this book to is
experience of listening to someone s dream or listening to a very drunk friend amble on and on and on Keepers of the Kingdom: The Ancient Offices of Britain revealing a little too much awkward personal information in the process The climax of The Secret History s narrative was around page 200 but the book was 500 pages long So essentially this book contained 300 pages of scenes where the characters do nothing but drink alcohol smoke cigarettes go to the hospital for drinking so much alcohol and smoking so many cigarettes get pulled over for drunk driving talk about alc. Un profesor de literatura clásica con mucho carisma y pocos escrúpulosLos chicos sueltan comentarios en griego y seíen de la ingenuidad y la torpeza de los demás pero bien mirado se pasan el día bebiendo y engullendo pastillas Ohol and cigarettes do cocaine and gossip about each other while drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettesTartt s writing was sometimes genuinely good at establishing a thrilling and suspenseful mood but other times especially toward the end her writing became the kind of self conscious contrived empty prose that I can imagine someone writing just to the kind of self conscious contrived empty prose that I can imagine someone writing just to out a page until a good idea comes to them kind of like how joggers will jog in place while waiting for a traffic light That kind of writing practice is fineas long as the editor is smart enough to cut it before the final copy The last 300 pages were the authorial euivalent of that kind of jogging while going nowhere and it soured the whole book for meIn the book s attempt to comment on the privilege self interest and academic snobbery of ich college kids in New England the book itself comes to be just as self absorbed and obsessive as its characters it turns into a constant litany of unnecessary conversations sexual tensions that go nowhere purple prose descriptions of the landscape contrived plot twists that fizzle out and forced overblown metaphors The confusing part was that Tartt seemed to identify with and expect us to identify with these students not to admire them for with and expect us to identify with these students not to admire them for people obviously but to espect and envy their precious contempt for everything modern and popular as though they lived on a higher plane than normal people The cliche of academic types being Bom Dia, Brasil: 3rd Edition of Português Básico para Estrangeiros remote from the mundane world and out of touch witheality may have a grain of truth to it but Tartt took that cliche way too far The story is set in the early 90s and yet some of the characters had never heard of ATMs and they still wrote with fountain pens drove stick shift cars cultivated oses in their backyards wore suits and ties to class and said things like I say old man Did I mention that this story is set in the early 90s It got to the point where all man Did I mention that this story is set in the early 90s It got to the point where all anachronisms came to seem idiculous and gratuitous Ostensibly the point of the novel was to critiue the point of view that privileged academics are somehow superior to the average person but Tartt seemed too enad of her own characters and the endearing way they held cigarettes between their fingers to Nightshade Tavern (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, really allow that kind of critiue to be successful Maybe Tartt s second novel managed to get away from the claustrophobic selfishness of The Secret History but I don t feel up toeading it after this. Asta ue un mal día lo ue parecían chiuilladas se convierten en asuntos donde la muerte tiene algo ue decir Es entonces cuando Richard y su pandilla descubren ué difícil es vivir sin máscaras y ué fácil es matar sin The Guardians (American Family Portrait remordimiento.