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Tells the stoy in comic book form of Matilda Tristram s experience of bowel cancer and chemotherapy while pregnant with her first child Poignant funny informative and life affirming It will change you I had to pace myself with this book I found it uplifting and funny at times and totally honest and angry espairing at others A real emotional rollercoaster which was enhanced by the totally wonderful cartoon which accompanied the writing The one tiny complaint was I wanted of the after what happened once treatment finished how When We Were Dragons did she feel Not a huge fan of the art style Book left me simultaneously wanting eitheretail or less Felt like this type of format Doesn T Do Enough Justice t o enough justice this type of story To be honest there were some parts where it seemed like the author was striking back in anger that resonated poorly with me These were infreuent but still triggered personal negative feelings in me ue to my personal situation Eg most people probably would be fine with it and wouldn t have the same reaction I Conduct Unbecoming do to it Matilda Tristram sent me her book Probably Nothing A Diary of not your average Nine Months and it s one of those books that begs to be finished in one sitting Iid it in two but only because I had to tear myself away for something urgent otherwise I could have chugged along without caring about the time It s a graphic memoir that recounts her journey from finding out she had cancer while she was pregnant at 17 weeks to giving birth to James and to the end of her chemotherapy I loved it It was honest open and incredibly real I loved it It was honest open and incredibly real could imagine the things Matilda said in her head you know the things you wouldn t say out loud I appreciated her humour and openess in expressing her thoughts especially when she recounts her experience with people who mean well but could Erikson, Eskimos, and Columbus do betterI had a chance to email her about the book and I hope you enjoy reading the interview on my blog Never read a book with a story uite like this Ion t remember any where I learned about this I thought it was from a Library Journal spotlight on Graphic Medicine but I can t find that article any maybe I Church Bell Tolls dreamt that Well reviewed on the official Graphic Medicine project website by MK the Graphic Nurse herself The intersection of a cancer narrative and a pregnancy narrative well really her experience of both at the same. At 31 Matilda Tristram was 17 weeks pregnant and looking forward to having her first baby Then sheiscovered she had cancerThis touching and hilarious graphic memoir which is never morose or self pitying starts at the moment Matilda was iagnosed and ends when her course of chemotherapy finishes in October 2013 Recording the awkward conversations the hi.

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R motherhood and then actually be a mother to baby James It s gently funny People say that having cancer makes them Peaceful And Tolerant I M and tolerant I m the opposite is true I on t know how long I ve got left Can t waste time on these boring conversations and I get touchy when people ask me too many uestions So when will they reverse the colostomy I Beyond Human Rights and the War on Terror don t know I guess when everything else has settledown a bit Would you normally ask someone about their arsehole so irectly but there s a bit too much one thing after another and the rawing style emulates Roz Chast but looks like a third grader s output That sounds harsh I m sorry Anyway Matilda Tristram is still alive And teaches animation So that s good Just had to have a little cry at the end thereA terribly sad but remarkably heartwarming graphic novel it s actually autobiographical about Matilda The Womens Movement in Postcolonial Indonesia dealing with a pregnancy and eventual motherhood whilst tackling cancer and treatment Probably Nothingepicts a very emotional time period from Mathilda going through such a uniue experience that most will never be able to sympathise with and obviously this read is understandably melancholic But Matilda manages to maintain an inspiring mostly optimistic attitude throughout and the book is peppered with some genuinely hilarious moments of ark humour A and the book is peppered with some genuinely hilarious moments of ark humour A of these are in reference to what kind of beverage etc her shit most looks like and how uninhibited she has become with her body after she s been through so much with it I especially liked a great moment where her armpit and pubic hair starts to fall out and she comments that it suggests she is no longer fighting the patriarchy The book is split into nine chapters each signifying a new month and is laid out in classic comic strip style Mathilda talks us through Men of Destiny doctors appointments her therapy trips to her parents houseays out casual nights in eating pizza and lots You can tell that she was being very honest and raw and some of the sentences accompanied by their lovely rawings really gripped my heart She seemed to have a really awesome support network and I really loved that her friends and family members seemed to try their upmost not to victimise her and really appeared to remain as positive as possibleAll in all a really special story and a book that I m glad to own so I can revisit it in the futur. Plications and is reliably keeping her up most nightsCharming witty and uplifting this uniue and beautifully illustrated book will leave you cherishing the good things in life and ready to face your own challengesWill be enjoyed by readers of The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil by Stephen Collins Fun Home by Alison Bechdel and Building Stories by Chris Ware. ,

Time was at some times uite harrowing and overwhelming Lots of tears Lots of swearing Lots of waiting But also lots of support from of swearing Lots of waiting But also lots of support from boyfriend and family This is an exemplar of the kind of comics that libraries should have if they are serious about eveloping Graphic Medicine collections that not only share experiences with those experiencing similar medical situations themselves but broaden the scope of narrative you see in cancer narratives or pregnancy narratives viewed on their own Also this takes place in the UK so one not only learns of the ins and outs of the National Health System but one gets to hear British turns of phrase too I really liked this graphic memoir It was touching and interesting Honest comic on a hard year of pregnancy while battling cancer While escribing very ifficult times the author manages to include some comic parts and balance the hard stuff out with her observations of THE SMALL AND BIGGER GOOD THINGS AROUND HER 35 small and bigger good things around her 35 graphic memoir of pregnancy and cancer Matilda Tristram was 15 weeks pregnant when she was unexpectedly Reportage on Crime diagnosed with bowel cancer Probably Nothingescribes her American Architecture decisions about treatment she chose to have chemotherapy and go forward with her pregnancy Chemo while pregnant and with a new born reallyoesn t sound like fun not that it ever sounds fun Matilda Resonance of Suffering documents heraily experiences and also the small things that she now notices that she wouldn t have seen before like the look of those heading to chemo they re tired looking wearing too many clothes and have stiff wigsActually a lot of her joys seem somehow similar to lockdowncorona times of 2020 She starts making sourdoughSmall things like eating grapes in the park seem significant these The Last Circus and the Electrocution daysSuddenly cry on the bus I think because putting on makeup and going out for the evening is normal and fun and it feels good to beoing normal fun things againShe even slips in wuthering as a word I on t think I ve seen that before I ve read an awful lot of cancer memoirs This one is uniue in that it s in the form of a graphic novel awful lot of cancer memoirs This one is uniue in that it s in the form of a graphic novel was 13 weeks pregnant when she went to the emergency room for persistent vomiting and stomach pain and was iagnosed with bowel cancer She underwent surgery to remove a tumor and had six months of chemotherapy and a colostomy bag all while trying to prepare fo. Ghs and lows of treatment the mixed blessings of receiving 'Get Well' cards and the reality of still having to ueue too long for croissants Matilda captures her experiences with characteristic style and warmth Along the way she cherishes the small etails of life and learns not to sweat the big things Her beautiful and boisterous son was born without com. ,

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