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I honestly loved this and Would Love To Buy It love to buy it I could find out what happened to the book and author It used to be one Wattpad But Was Removed I but was removed I reatly appreciate it if anyone could say what happened and if their is a way to find the book again or contact the author I honestly didn t min. Please note that this story contains mistakes in it As the title states I am EditingRevising it and therefore do not need any comments on the spelling rammar or anything of the likes I don't mean to sound rude but believe me I know the mistakes and will correct them when I see. Her Hideous Saviour

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Post it this was one of my favorite books on wattpad can t help but fall in love with Sabin and Luna characters are strong story line is reat Can t wait for next installment Her hedious protector This book was lovely to read Please "I would so buy this just keep it and read it again and again. "would so buy this just to keep it and read it again again. So fragile utterly weak as a newborn babe waiting in near pieces as Luna’s big silver orbs danced over him; concealing her thoughts from him in usually expressive eyesShe took a tiny step towards him both warming and icing his chest with his conflicted emotion. D the spelling mistakes and just found it a read This book was amazing just found it ood read This book was amazing read it on wattpad but the author deleted it and I haven t been able to find it for a few years Does anyone know anywhere else I can read it Or how to let her know that this book made my life complete and she needs to re. Fit Thank youOnce he felt his wolf spirit settle within him he knew the change was complete Sabin made a small sound caught between a whine and a huffLuna peeked over her shoulder at him "timidly sabin forced his body into stillness while "Sabin forced his body into stillness while insides fidgeted violently Sabin felt.

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