(Pdf) [Just Once] BY Susan Napier

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The Detroit Almanac eNt You both are so cold blooded distant it s stupid This book is a Present time flashback toxplain what is so damn confusing to present day from cold to hot to cold to all better I was annoyed I cannot get over my faithfulness to not finish a book I read them all the way thru Its like it s written for pregnant hormonal women Oh well My problem This read was funny to me in that I d actually been trying out a few things with format I wasn t planning on reading the book when I did I simply opened it one time to see how it had converted from Pub to mobi and then couldn t stop reading Next thing I knew I was on chapter 3 and had absolutely no intentions of stopping And I had to go pick up kids and such So I had to uickly transfer it to my phone so I could read while sitting in parking lots and such So I think you can pretty much tell what my assessment of this book is I love love loved it It has been a long time since I felt sucked into a book told only from the heroines pov That in itself was interesting to me Usually I like a strong male pov throughout And this one wasn t all bitter as so many single pov books I ve read have been That was cool too It could have been the conflicts were there but I loved how the heroine herself pointedly chose not to be bitter but to find a way to see a good in things Totally loved it Gonna have to get of Susan s books Which makes me laugh Every time I think Why am I picking up books by new authors when so often they are not panning out Then I run across a gem and know why And authors when so often they are not panning out Then I run across a gem and know why And again because of a free book given to me I m now buying This particular line is really not my style of book sophisticated men of the world and captivating women usually translates to the alpha st alpha heroes that ver alphaed but this was very clever and had some fantastic supporting charactersOkay five books in one day plus the one I metaphorically hurled against the wall and the nd of American Gods I m done now Reallythe next end of American Gods I m done now Reallythe next has secret twinsI can totally stop after six I read this book in what amounts to a single sitting on the flights home from NYC because I could not find The Hunger Games in print in any of the airport bookstores The second two in the series yes but not the first one Never mind though I saved some bucks and got through another book And I never have to read it again This book features one of my hated romance tropes the Secret Baby But this turns out to be the best kind of secret baby it s still in the womb And actually spoiler here it turns out to be nonexistent anyway The heroine s pregnancy is hysterical and so is some of the writing I offer for your consideration such nuggets as these all from the first chapterShe kept her voice steady confident that she looked a lot composed than she felt Although she was only a little taller than average the willowy curves legant bone structure and haughty facial features that Kate had inherited from her undemonstrative mother helped project an air of cool sophistication and graceful poise regardless of her inner turmoilKate has just come face to face with the hero who is not at inner turmoilKate has just come face to face with the hero who is not at pleased to see her So naturally this paragraph is followed by two musing on the undemonstrative nature of Kate s mama and the Canvas: The Program Book 1 effect that had on their relationship snortWhen Kate is alone in her rented house again the author walks us through the process of making a cup of tea including she discarded the sodden tea bag in the sink and added a splash of milk The tea would probably have been better if she d put the milk in her cup Either the writing improves after the first chapter or I became inured to it because my annotations peter out shortly thereafter when Kate pulls the pins out of her chignon yes really a chignon and let her hair flow like warm caramel through her fingers To the characters and the story though Okay let me think how to phrase this toxpress my feelings fully Meh It was only OK There wasn t much about the story that will stick with me beyond the next book I read I m sure Ca os livros de Drake Eles já viveram um tórrido romance Orleans e se reencontram na Nova Zelândia onde se descobrem vizinhos de portam um balneário Um peueno acidente com um cãozi. The beginning of the book was both confusing as in the author didn t come right out and let you know the characters already knew ach other I hate this type of plot device and boring Too much back story or info dumping for my taste I just wanted to get on with the story It got better the FURTHER I GOT INTO IT BUT I SHOULDN T I got into it but I shouldn t to wait until the middle of a book for something of interest to happen There s a lot wrong with this book I agree with one reviewer that the first really BAD thing is that we aren t told the woman and man know ach other up front Took forever to figure that out I also didn t like the way she was acting like a stalkersupplicantHowever I read this book 2 3 years ago and I still remember it AND its details AND that I liked it AND what was wrong with it At this point in my romance reading that s utterly remarkable So 35 stars up from what should really be 2 okay because it wasn t bland Spike, the Black Wolf enough to disappear into the fog of my romance jaded head Contemporary 90 s secret pregnancy romance with Katherine a writing researcher and a famous author Drake Daniels get together and finally change from only lovers to committed relationship Kate is a great researcher in New Zealand so she finds out where Drake hides to write his books because she has to figure out what she is going to do with her oops baby when they had a light commitment less relationship for the past two years Drake Daniels has lots of secretsven his name is not his real birth name but he had "A TERRIBLE CHILDHOOD AND HIS PARENTS NEVER DESERVED ANYTHING "terrible childhood and his parents never deserved anything him much less that he keeps his meaningless name that they had given himThere is a twisty twist about the prengnancy which was a surprise Well written usual Harleuin story with a little bit of sexy time and lots of romance187 pages and kindle freebie2 stars Katherine Crawford learnt arlier on what loving Drake Daniels meant It meant being happy with the status uo ven as she fell deeper in love with him as their affair went on Drake being the reclusive kind is a man who likes his affairs to be short Very short in fact However fact that Katherine had been willing to learn from the cues Drake s past affairs and the vibes that he gives off meant that theirs is an affair that lasts longer than the usualDrake as a writer is given to long bouts of disappearances and it is when Katherine turns up at his private bolt hole which Two-Minute Mysteries even his publisher and agent had claimed not to be privy to that the story begins At first it is as if Drake and Katherine are complete strangers however as the story proceeds one finds out that that is the farthest thing from the truthKatherine comes seeking the real Drake the one that hides behind the mask of indifference to understand who he truly is In thend Katherine and Drake s story proved to be one that had me hooked from page one Susan Napier has always had that ability when it comes to her stories Which is why I always give her books the benefit of the doubt The Most Important Stories of the Bible even when some of them receive low ratings on reviews Because Napier writes books that deviate from thexpected norm they do not fit into that neat little box where Parallel Apocrypha everything goes asxpected She writes a story that you can sink your teeth intoI Loved Both Katherine And Drake both Katherine and Drake ached for Drake when his past came to light a past shrouded in damaging betrayal from those that should have protected the child he had been A childhood that had been seeped in misery with no one to depend on but himself Though I felt that Drake and Katherine spent too much time apart for my liking in the story I njoyed the scape this read provided when I needed one Rating 45 For reviews and uotes please visit wwwmaldivianbookreviewercom WHY did I not see the Pregnancy romance on the cover GAWD Who thinks getting pregnant by accident is all romance I will never get past a whole genre of this I keep torturing myselfI was over half way done asking myself Based on their relationship why would you feel the need to get to know him to tell him he got you pregna. Drake Daniels é um Das verlorene Symbol (Robert Langdon, escritor ue divide o seu tempontre dois World in Peril estilos de vida ora um playboy sem compromissos ora um autor recluso Kate Crawford é pesuisadora naditora ue publi. ,

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Here s a scruffy but charming dog and a tiny kitten whose name is Russian for cat but I ve forgotten what and a tiny kitten whose name is Russian for cat but I ve forgotten what "word is There s a veterinarian and a has been rock star who make cameo appearances There "is There s a veterinarian and a has been rock star who make cameo appearances There not really much keeping the two protags apart other than the mistaken belief Blood of the Cosmos each holds that the other doesn t want anything permanent with them and it got slightly annoying after a while that the Big Misunderstanding could continue so long in the face of significant attraction and increasing levels of honesty and intimacy between the two of them Even the potential romantic rival for the hero s affections turned out to be completely the opposite before she could really create any trouble I totally skipped over the sex It was also only OK I mean the protags seemed tonjoy it but it wasn t that well writtenThe book is set in New Zealand so I learned a couple of new words from this one fossicked which I take to mean dug around searched and pottle which is the kind of container that yogurt comes in in NZ Not sure I ll remember Libby and the Class Election (Star Darlings either of those the next time I need themither The tone seemed off for this scenario Secret baby heroine is just a mistressPublisher s researcher heroine has a no for this scenario Secret baby heroine is just a mistressPublisher s researcher heroine has a no relationship with the author hero who often goes into hiding to write his bestsellers Heroine hunts him down to tell him of her unexpected pregnancy and finds him with an OW He shuts the door in her face and heroine returns broken hearted to the beach house she rented next doorHero follows her and tries to find out what she s doing there Heroine doesn t tell him about the baby and keeps him guessing The hero doesn t keep her guessing very long about the OW she s his beta reader who helps the dyslectic hero shape up his manuscript before sending to the publisher They don t have a relationship Then we gets lots of flashbacks to their bantering witty conversations that revolved around movie uotes and not revealing too much about themselves The backstory is doled out in pieces The heroine has a first wave feminist mother who resented motherhood The hero had an obsessive suicidal mother who never got over her fink of a husband dumping her and starting a new family with a new woman To make matter worse the hero had a younger half brother he took care of but lost to meningitis s when hero was only 13 So there s this heavy backstory juxtaposed with the heroine befriending a three legged dog named Prince and running over it hanging out with the hero after the OW has left for home playing pool with the hero and his friends discovering the rat she heard at night was really a kittenReader I was bored but I kept reading so see when the other shoe droppedview spoiler She finally told the hero she was pregnant when she fell off of her deck and hit her abdomen The hero is not happy the heroine is pregnant but he takes her to the doctor where the heroine discovers she s never been pregnant To recap all of these things were not what they seemedThe rat was really a kittenThe dog wasn t a stray but belonged to the heroThe OW was an Snips and Cuts, 1932, Vol. 23 editor not a mistress The hero was celibate when they were apart not a womanizerThe hero convinces the heroine toxtend her holiday to mourn her lost pregnancy and to spend time with him They start up their sexual relationship again with the hero dropping hints he s ready to settle down They have unprotected sex once and this time the heroine is really pregnant The hero receives from his father a blackmail reuest for money or he ll go to the tabloids Hero doesn t care he has his real family now HEA hide spoiler The heroine stalks her open relationship boyfriend of some years to his secret beach hideaway where he is سنت، مدرنیته، پست مدرن entertaining a sexy redhead and he slams the door on her face so Miss Sexy doesn t see who is at the door ErrrDoes open relationship mean you get to be crazy rude to your girlfriend of several years and slam the door in her face after she traveled hundreds of miles to see you I guess it does I just couldn t get over this inauspicious beginnin. Nho os aproxima ainda mais mas acertar as contas como passado não é tão fácil Será ue Drake Kate conseguirão resolver suas pendências para poderem viver a plenitude do am. Just Once