7 Wastes to address miscommunications that cause unbudgeted costs confusion and Lean Potion # 9 is a call to action for at all levels to embrace the power of lean to reengineer communication processes Communication Is The Next Lean Frontier Are You Ready To is the next lean frontier Are you ready to


In today’s global business arena the shop floor now covers the world and what ties EVERYTHING IS COMMUNICATION AUTHOR SAM YANKELEVITCH CHALLENGES READERS together communication #Author Sam Yankelevitch Challenges #Sam Yankelevitch challenges apply the transformational magic of lean thinking to the waste and confusion that plague global supply chains when cul. Tures collide and meaning gets mangled in even the CONVERSATIONS USING ENTERTAINING REAL LIFE STORIES
LEAN POTION Using Entertaining Real 
POTION Using entertaining real stories Lean Potion demonstrates that communication is a process and illustrates how lean champions like you can adapt familiar lean concepts and tools such as Five S PDCA and the. LEAN POTION #9

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