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S friends demise lets you get a glimpse of the real Mitch Well part of him The other partthe sarcastic smart sexy part is the first thing you notice but once the story progresses you see layers developing right before your yes Caroline made me laugh out loud literally She s always threatening to shoot folks who tic her off Yes she s buttoned up and a very astute agent but as with Mitch you see her layers developing as well It doesn t take her long to figure out that maybe the straight and narrow might not be all it s cracked up to be And the chemistry between the two Smoking hotThe action in this book is awesome as well I couldn t wait to see what happened next as I was reading it I will say though that I did get a little blurry The Billionaires Unwanted Marriage (BWWM Romance Book 1) eyed trying to remember who all the bad guys were and how they were all tied together But in thend Awesome story Had no idea this was part of a series but I will tell you based on this one I d love to go back and read the first one and can t wait for the second Well done ladies very well done I was a happy camper to say the least when I got to read the next one in this series I met the two characters in the previous one but in this one they continue on with a hum dinger of a case Mitch is on the run trying to clear the name of a good friend and former undercover agent Even though he is framed he is concerned with getting to cover up that has been used as a scapegoat He then Turns To Caroline A to Caroline a special agent for help She has already helped him once that jeopardized her career once before but this time as she goes a digging she realizes he is on to something and their friend was not a the bad guy but others higher up could actually be The action here is intense and fast which makes for good reading because there is no chance of boredom or wondering off Having been together before in ways than one this also makes for a challenge to them both because the intensity of feelings are still there but now flare up ven hotter Trust is to be a big factor also she knows Mitch is not be a big factor also she knows Mitch is not killer regardless what might be out there about him So with the help of other key players in this novel these two take you on a wild ride to finding justice for all involved with the nd result hopefully being they can too have a chance of a real The Anthropology of Magic every day relationship without the drama There is one character in here that is introduced that is comedy at times that writes a blog that uncovers cover ups Brice becomes a partner with these two that makes them uite the trio Even though also Mitch has been giving his services to the justice team being he is on the run they too aid these three with whatever is needed Sometimes the action gets so intense you might find a trickle of sweat now and again Oh and for a switch the guy here is trying to be the good one when it comes to the relationship side by being so considerate of their situation he does not want to carry things to far leaving her hurt by the wayside ifverything goes south That was a switch to me because usually the guy is the one raring to go with the girl holding back She sees a good guy though that she has intense feelings for not wanting to waste another minute You will never look at a body of water the same after reading some of the scenes in this book All in all very good drama based romance that comes with some very satisfying results with at the The Current War end the Justice Team might pick up a few to their team Received a arc for a honest review In Cheating Justice Justice Team 2 by Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano former FBI agent Mitch is now a fugitive trying to clear his name after being framed for a murder he didn t commit When two of Mitch s long time friends and fellow agents are killed Mitch knows something big is going on and he is determined to find out what Now he has not only his name to clear but murder s to solve and a conspiracy surrounding his friends death to uncoverCaroline is an FBI agent and a sniper for the SWAT team She is also a former friend and colleague of Mitch s After a hot one night stand with him that she s determined to pretend never happenedverything started to go wrong and Mitch disappeared Caroline still dreams of him and remembers his touch When he take. Sniper and a woman who wants nothing to do with him to clear his name After sharing a single night of simmering passion with Mitch a year ago Caroline hasn’t been able to get him out of her head Or her heart He's already jeopardized her job oncehelping him now could Savage Spawn end her career But a friend has been murdered and no matter. The review originally posted atnjoyed this story with its many levels of deception and secrets the all for one loyalty in friendships not to mention the sweet romanceI liked Mitch in the previous book of the series and was looking forward to read his story And it didn t disappointThe suspense in the story is intense Londons Late Night Scandal (Midnight Secrets, even though there s not that much action in itself But the constant fear of getting caught and the possible conspiracy theories are scary The layers of secrets uncovered are spreading anxiety and withvery chapter there s something new revealed that makes the heart race fasterThe relationship and history between Mitch and Caroline is complex but the pull they have for Lasciviousness each other the chemistry between them is tangible Not to give anything away but the moments when Mitch and Caroline ar I received an ARC from the author inxchange for an honest review This story drew me right in I loved the plot and the suspense Mitch Tommy and Kemp had been best friends throughout high school After graduation they joined the FBI The instructors had called the three friends The Three Musketeers Tommy had been working undercover when he was killed The FBI and ATF and people high up in the government is trying to cover up the murder by saying Tommy went rouge Mitch is determined to get justice for his friend Tommy Kemp was also murdered and Mitch was wanted for uestioning He was a

fugitive and on 
and on run He needed Caroline s help They had shared one steamy night together that the two pretended never happened They still had that simmering heat that sizzled when they were close to one another Caroline is a FBI agent and she is one heck of a good shot Caroline knew she was burning her career when she decided to help Mitch prove who was behind the murder of his friends This book was so good I loved the banter between Mitch prove who was behind the murder of his friends This book was so good I loved the banter between and Mitch The lake scene had me smiling Nothing like being caught skinny dipping The action and suspense was intense Some people in the government are dirty and it can be very dangerous to try to bring them down Caroline and Mitch and a few other friends worked hard to build a case and dig up clues The problem was they didn t know who to trust or how high in the ranks the corruption went I would recommend this book if you love books with action suspense and a dash of romance along with a great plot This book took xcitement to the next level Mitch Monroe is on the run He s lost his job and now he has lost his friends Both were murdered and he is the main suspect for one of them He gets help from his former co worker and one night fling Caroline to figure out what is going on They had no idea the situation was going to be so complex that they would be Going Up Against Some up against some powerful peopleRight from the beginning this book screams xciting The mention of Executive Privilege had me intrigued immediately and Mitch Kemp and Tommy were so close you know they had a big story already and this was going to make it bigger Caroline and Mitch are so much fun to watch I love how Apologia Libri de Reditibus Ecclesiasticis entertaining they are and the little games they play withach other However one of my favorite parts in the book is when they are completely honest with The Vanishing Man each other You know it isn ta Wow is the first word that comes to mind Cheating Justice begins with Mitch Monroe meeting with one of the few people in the world whom he knows he can trust But when that person Valley of Shadows (The Lakeview Series, ends up dead and Mitch s face is plastered all over the news as wanted for his murder he knows he has to step up his game and figure out what is going on and why they are involving him He makes the hard decision to go to the one person who can help him Or break his heartCaroline has her path plotted Top sniper Check SWAT Working on it Dots her I s and crosses her T s Absolutely So why then when Mitch Monroe shows up does she feel the need to help him Yes she knows he s an innocent man But when he tries tonlist her help to not clear himself but to clear one of his best friends who has been murdered she has one answer for him No Yeah rightCheating Justice pulls you in from the beginning Mitch Monroe is an awesome person who you find yourself cheering for from the first time you meet him His angst over hi. For fans of Scandal and Justified The second novel in the xciting and bestselling Justice Team romantic suspense series While investigating a government cover up former FBI agent Mitch Monroe is framed for murder A wanted man Mitch has no choice but to stay off the grid and he needs Special Agent Caroline Foster the FBI’s top. S the risk to approach her for help Caroline is very cautious But wants to do what s righteven if it means risking Caroline is cautious But Caroline wants to do what s righteven if it means risking career Suddenly on the run with Mi I so love this book one of its kind i love the romantic aspect between Mitch nd caroline Cheating Justice by Adrienne Giordano and Misty EvansThe second in the Justice series is a political thriller romance Mitch is on the run fingered for his best friends murder With the help of his Justice team friends and sexy Caroline Foster they help of his Justice team friends and sexy Caroline Foster they the threads of the mystery on gun running murder and spionageMitch and Caroline have a romantic history and this story forces them together in tight uarters and situationsI read this via Audible and it was narrated by Michael Rahhal It was my first Heels, Heartache Headlines experience by a male narrator I took me a little while to get used to the characters swearing Hearing it out loud rather than reading it And frankly I laughed whenever he vocalized the surroundings But it was still annjoyable action readI won a copy of the audio book from the authors Facebook contest They were friends once former FBI agent Mitch Monroe and Special agent Caroline Foster That was until one night it became something and Caroline realized she was just a temporary satisfaction and Mitch was truly the jerk he was rud to be A year later Mitch is a wanted man and he needs help he reaches out to Caroline who is not interested in The Rise of the Community Builders ever interacting with him again Curiosity is not Caroline s friend though and as she begins to look into the mystery surrounding Mitch she finds herselfmbroiled in a cat and mouse game with MitchExciting story about a cover up ready to be unraveled if the people investigating can uncover it in time There is a definite chemistry between Caroline and Mitch The Book with No Pictures even as Caroline is ready to throttle Mitch there is still a sizzle in the air when these two come together Look forward to in this series My ReviewI really reallynjoyed this one The suspense story line is way above average from what I Cosplay Deka, Vol. 3 expect when going into a romantic suspense novel I never knew whohowwhy throughout thentire book and when it was revealed it was a brilliant plot Seriously kudos to these two authors for that aspect of the story There s a lot to the story politically and within all the different federal and state agencies that impact the story It would have taken TONS of research to get it all right and it read like there was no doubt that these girls had their facts right It was suspenseful It was intriguing And it was HIGHLY Baba Sali entertaining to read And that was before we get to the romance story line which was almost as incredible as the suspense story was Mitch and Caroline have a past They worked together on a case which cost Mitch his job and freedom in thend They hooked up together for a single night and through miscommunication never knew what that night meant to the other Some serious unreuited vibes between these two because they are both haunted by that night But now Mitch is a fugitive on the run and Caroline is an FBI agent They are pretty much at crossed intentions and the possibility that things will work out for them long term are pretty much nil I like that the two have a history Mitch only comes to her because he knows she can get justice for his friend who was murdered on the job He misses her desperately but knows that his presence will affect her job and doesn t want to do that He s so protective of her Wax and Paper Workshop even though she s a tough FBI agent and sniper I loved that about him but he also respects hernough to realize that she needs control These are two opposite personalities but it was fun to see how they work off ach other to make that work in this investigation The addition of Brice to the mix was just perfect I loved his little uips and his backstory too Every justice group out there like Grey the head of the Justice Team and hero from book 1 is trying to form in these books needs to have a conspiracy theorist blogger to whistle blow on the government His connections were almost as impressive as his snarky uips Everything about this story worked for me and I definitely look forward to from this seriesI received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest revie. How Caroline feels about Mitch he's not the killer She needs answers and she needs Mitch Monroe out of her life once and for all On the run and with no one to turn to Mitch and Caroline can’t fight the reigniting passion between them She’ll lose her career if she proves Mitch is innocenthe’ll lose his life if she doesn’t.

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Cheating Justice Justice Team #2

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