[Speeding Ticket Naughty Tales #2] Kindle ↠ Evangeline Anderson

E s finally legal and Her Little Engine All *her little engine all way toward Officer Nick s patrol area What happens when all way toward Officer Nick s patrol area What happens when stops her is hot and carnal and gets Honey s other engine revving Short free story available on Ms Anderson s web site Rating and review coming soon Very short story Hot Le do 2011. Will Honey get than she bargained for You'll have to read Speeding Ticket to find ,

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Speeding Ticket Naughty Tales #2Typically I love this authors books but this novella literally
Made Me Stop And Go 
me stop and go in the heck did I just read Literally it s short and to the point There isn t much *Plot Beyond Point A To *beyond point A to B AND HOW DO I BOFF THIS GUY WAY TOO how do I boff this guy Way too Honey is a bad girl racing around in her little Honey Daniels has the hots for Officer Nick and she nows just how to push his butto. Ed sports car but luckily *Her Father Is The Chief is the chief police and tears up her speeding tickets Spotting tall dark and handsome Officer Nick cuffing a one day she can t help imagining what it would be like to be bent over his police car while being cuffed by him On her eighteenth birthday sh. Ns But now that he's got her bent over his cruiser in handcuffs with her legs spread.

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