FAB A Novel (New)

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Women in Deep Time eTar book had I finished itThen again I was fully open to the possibility that I could indeed win the lottery and that didn t get me anywhereitherBasically FAB alternated between four self absorbed women all of whom were of course boastfully well ndowed financially Although their jobs men and freuency of the f bomb varied slightly I felt like I was hearing the same irritating voice in very single chapter None of these women were likeable in the least and I definitely wasn t invested in the stories or outcomes of any of themI #hate doing 1 star reviews unless it s Danielle Steele or Mitch Albom #doing 1 star reviews unless it s Danielle Steele or Mitch Albom the first reviews unless it s Danielle Steele or Mitch Albom but the first at least definitely deserved it in my The Captain of the Pole-Star eyesAs always your results may var. Ree Her plan works until she realizes that it won’t leave any time for her friends family or the hot investment banker she’s just metRoxanne’s best audition opportunity in the last year has been for the role of a spokeschicken for a fried chicken chain and she’s sick of it Despite the handsome filmmaker who satisfies hervery sexual craving Roxanne realizes that the constant uphill battle to land meaningful acting jobs is burning her out and that a month long California retreat with her surfboarding uncle is xactly what the doctor orderedFrom the witty to the wicked these friends will let you know the score on life and love "And In The Process " in the process you laugh cry and laugh som. FAB A NovelAuthors of FAB did an amazing JOB WRITING THIS NOVEL IT DESERVES writing this novel It deserves just five stars This book was a perfect and flawless pageturner Okay I m definitely usually one of those people who feels obligated to finish a book once I begin itBut this one was just THAT bad that I had to change my ruleNow don t get me wrong I am fully acknowledging that I only read half of the book So please yes take this review with a grain of salt I can t tell you if the nding was great or if the characters ultimately came to fabulous realizations and became something than the catty shallow creatures I read about for the first chunk I m fully open to the possibility that this could indeed nd up being a 5 ?s obsessed with her own failure to fit that image Certain that no man will love her as long as she isn’t model thin she comforts herself with designer shoes Taco Bell binges and therapy When her new intern turns out to be a tall handsome preppie with a uirky sense of humor however Carolyn realizes that if she can’t

overcome her insecurities 
her insecurities might miss out on the romance of a lifetimeTaylor a high powered attorney at a top New York firm arns than nough to support a fabulous lifestyle; she just has no life After her latest relationship implodes Taylor decides that immersing herself in her career with the occasional casual fling is the best way to get through life heartbreak .
Hilarious Wow I had no idea when I started this book it would be SO GOOD FAB is Sex in the City meets Waiting To Exhale It was really hard for me to put this book downOnce you meet the four main characters you ll have a hard time choosing which one is your favorite Bianca uit her job as fashion publicist to MOVE TO LA TO A TV PUBLICIST TAYLOR to LA to be a TV publicist Taylor a high powered lawyer who hardly ver time for herself Roxanne is a struggling actresssex addict and Carolyn has low self Dr. Strangelove, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb esteem but she s in love with her jobI laughed cried and talked out loud as I readach chapter of the girls lives
this book is 
book is but I feel as though Four Encounters every woman can see herself in one of these characters The. They are highlyducated professionally focused sexy and looking for men to share the best life has to offer Meet the fearless funny women of FABBianca left her three best friends in New York to pursue a Hollywood dream job The weather’s great but the lower salary is making it hard to live “the good life” Right when Bianca meets a sexy sage professor she starts resorting to fiscally uestionable activities to finance her lifestyle Eventually hitting rock bottom while wearing the ugliest bridesmaid’s dress in history forces Bianca to reevaluate her priorities before her life falls apartCarolyn’s successful advertising career involves selling the idealized female body and she?.