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D Your journal is an extension of you and therefore it can be whatever you want it to beAccording to the book if you are brutally honest in your journal you ll be able to use your entries in a variety of ways I loved O Shea s interpretation of prior journal entries as remnants of our prior selves Keeping a journal is a good Way To Keep A Semblance Of Your 16 Year Old to eep a semblance of your 16 year old and your college freshman self and your newly married self etc I love this idea and it inspires me to put of me on paperIn all I really enjoyed this short honest and personal look at journaling I must say that each night I read a little of this book I was compelled to also spend a little time with my journal Now that is the best praise I can give this gem of a book i wanted to like this book i have been eeping diaries since i was about five i enjoy reading published diaries from famous diarists i actually ind of enjoy weird self help style books especially when they are about finding yourself through writing even though they are all so repetitive i pretty much never actually learn anything from them but this was not what i expectedthe author is about my age in fact i think she is just a hair younger so i wasn t really expecting the Chacal kind of insight that is gleaned from many years of lived experience but i was anticipating a fresh sassy voice what i got was a stilted journalism major who wrote the entire book as a diary of her career path to date unfortunate love life um that s not what i came for thank god i got this book at the library didn t actually pay money for it oh all the godreligion stuffi wanted to gouge my eyes out she has religion that s awesome for herudos to other religious diarists who choose to document their relationships with their deities but it s a really tedious read just so you nowthe worst part about this book was imagining her ex boyfriends reading it dear god each chapter is about some specific aspect of what you might journal about finding you vocational path coming to grips with your spirituality exploring your sexuality etc somehow she managed to filter almost all of it through her trials tribulations with men the star of the show was some poor bastard named tyler the author dated him for a whopping two months yet he makes appearance after appearance in the diary entries she includes as real life examples the actual book writing in between exhaustively documents their brief time together its profound effect on heras if anyone cares it was so uncomfortable to read i mean we have all been there probably everyone has that one person they dated for like six weeks who affected them way above beyond the time they spent together OR SO IT FEELS AT THE TIME then eventually you grow the eff up get into a real adult relationship that isn t built on cotton candy dreams of all the hot sex you d be having if adult relationship that isn t built on cotton candy dreams of all the hot sex you d be having if he d answer his damn phone you realize that all the fantastical feelings you were having for this dude were a product of hormones emotional immaturity then you put the guy out of your mind you DO NOT write a book exposing your ridiculous fantasies for all the world to see ughthe author reminded me of every awkward lunch date i have ever Had With A Friend Who Just Couldn with a friend who just couldn grasp the fact that her boyfriend wasn t really her boyfriend wasn t going to be returning her calls unless he was drunk horny one night you now the conversations where you just want to shake some sense into your friend compel her to stop airing her dirty laundry to everyone within a ten foot radius over a platter of samosas but you bite your tongue try to be uietly supportive instead at least my friends were just giving the other diners a peek into their sorded personal lives not writing books about their misadventures disguised as innocent possibly intriguing books about eeping a diary god it s going to take a while to cleanse my mind of this book s noxious memory. Ll eventually reveal its meaning to you O'Shea's own journal entries reveal alternately moving edgy and hilarious stories from throughout her life as she hits the party scene in New York poses naked as an aspiring model stands by as her boyfriend discovers an infidelity by you guessed it reading her journal and There are also fascinating journal entries of notorious diarists such as John Wilkes Booth Anais Nin and Sylvia Plath p tribute to the healing and reflective power of the written word Note to Self demonstrates that sometimes being completely honest with yourself is the most dangerous and rewarding pursuit of al.

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Note to Self On Keeping a Journal and Other Dangerous PursuitsThroughout my affair with this book I found myself tripping over poignance clarity and refreshing honesty at every turn Samara O Shea brings to life the venture of journal authorship to anyone willing to sit down with a cup of coffee and listen I picked up this and a few other writing books at the library after making a calculated decision to develop my own writing This volume may very well have made it into my list of the most inspiring and motivating books I ve read Reading it was sitting down chatting with a indred spirit When the most inspiring and motivating books I ve read Reading it was sitting down chatting with a Life 3.0 kindred spirit When about what I learned from the material I can t pinpoint any exact techniues or prompts that were new to me I ve beeneeping steady journals for well over a decade so I m uite seasoned I suppose I took away the most from her forthright honesty with herself Her honesty was downright startling at first I wouldn t want my parents and grandparents nowing 90% of the things she admitted to in those pages Although it bordered on purely autobiographical at times her use of her own journal entries of former selves was incredible O Shea is terribly honest vulnerable to that end relatable her own journal entries of former selves was incredible O Shea is terribly honest vulnerable to that end relatable ve already seen a difference in my own journal entries in the 3 days I ve spent studying her words This book will without a doubt reuire a second reading someday I have ept journals and diaries on and off my whole life so when I saw this little volume at my local library I decided to see what it had to say In the end it didn t have much to say to me though a younger reader might find it useful There are some uotes I liked like this one We write to taste life twice in the moment and in retrospection Anais Nin I liked that and I was interested in her comments on other writers who also ept journals or notebooks like Anne Frank Samuel Pepys Tennessee Williams Lewis Carroll Thomas Paine Louisa May Alcott and the previously mentioned Nin Other than those bits I wasn t particularly interested in her suggestions for journaling topics or the excerpts from her journals which mostly dealt with her love life Only made it to page 32 before I gave up It just felt obnoxiously self absorbed to me in a way I couldn t relate to at all So as a devoted journal writer I new the moment I spotted it on the library shelf that I would be really annoyed by what it had to say Chalk it up to morbid curiosity and now I almost feel bad rating this book because it was just what I expected but I made the decision to go ahead and read it anyway So I ll be charitable and say that I m not at all part of the target audience for this book as I don t need tips on motivating myself to write topics to record my thoughts on etc etc But than that I had a lot of issues with O Shea s writing itself it has a calculated creative writing major style that seems really popular these days but I find difficult to sift through examples the irony of the title predictable sprinklings of pop culture references Lindsay Lohan that were already dated at the moment of publishing etc To give credit where credit is due O Shea selects a number of really terrific dairies and journals to uote at length Oates Plath Nin Anne Frank but that s Stolen Childhood kind of my problem I ve found that my own adventures in journaling have been most profoundly influenced and inspired by simply reading actual journals of these caliber instead of bothering with self help motivators But hey that s just me A young woman s thoughts on the how s and why s ofeeping a journal or diary with thoughts and examplesI read this because I always had trouble eeping a journal and wanted to see how it was done by someone who finds it a rewarding experience The tips and tricks probably could have been boiled down to a blog post Most of the book was
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up with examples her personal journals and her reminiscing about her life explaining the context of those excerpts Things I learned1 It doesn t have to be a daily. Keeping a journal is easy Keeping a life altering soul enlightening journal however is not At its best journaling can be among the most transformative of experiences but you can only get there by learning how to express yourself fully and openly Enter Samara O'Shea O'Shea charmed readers with her elegant and witty For the Love of Letters Now in Note to Self she's back to guide us through the fun effective and revelatory process of journaling Along the way selections from O'Shea's own journals demonstrate what a journal should be a tool to access inner strengths uncover unknown passions face uncertain realities and get. Record of what happened2 Be brutally honest with yourself Writing Your Thoughts Down Is An Excellent Way To Who You thoughts down is an excellent way to who you was a good uick read I was astonished by her courage and willingness to share her private thoughts and life Not mind blowing but I would recommend to anyone feeling the pull to eep a journal but uncertain about how to start or what others find satisfying about it Note to SelfWith the disappointment from Melissa Burch s book put aside I was a little wary of picking up this book Maybe the reception of this book was favorable due to its comparison with the former but unlike Melissa Burch s book which boasts of how she wrote all I bought the Kindle version of this book because it s only 395 I thought it would read like many other books on journaling but it turned out to be better than I thought O Shea takes journal writing pretty seriously but her book is not just about using the journaling for spiritual and healing purposes It s about using the journal as your personal friend your mental processor and your personal confessor I appreciate how she shares entries from her own journals and addresses taboo subjects sex and adultery that are typically not addressed in other journaling books or workshops Part of her book s content is based on her experiences as a teen and young woman in her twenties learning about herself and using her journal similarly to how other famous journal Facebook, mode d'emploi keepers like Anne Frank Tennessee Williams Joyce Carol Oats and Annis Nin who wrote honestly and frankly about her sexual affairs and life have O Shea includes sample entries from these journaleepers but it s difficult to tell if she read them as she was growing up or if she read and referenced their books for purposes of writing her own book Nevertheless some of the excerpts from published read and referenced their books for purposes of writing her own book Nevertheless some of the excerpts from published are good models for journal writing O Shea recommends for her readers to Pull out your journal and be brutally painfully overwhelmingly and cathartically honest with yourself Her advice is similar to what Nin wrote about eeping her journal I m going to write the absolute truth in my journal because reality deserves to be described in the vilest termsSome readers will find O Shea s journal entries about her sex life a bit titillating and it is but I think what she shares is a good example how important it is to use your journal for writing honestly about what s going in your life and to confess to yourself thoughts and experiences that you might not share with anyone else Tha Great book loaded with plenty of advice on journal writing I enjoy her style of writing as well so that helps O Shea takes the topic of journaling and creates a hybrid memoirtextbook ish book The essential thesis is that journaling honestly can be a ind of self therapy It can help you learn from your mistakes to set goals and to evaluate where you are now The book is divided topically into sections like Romance on Record Hearts that Hurt While You Were Sleeping and A Day in the Life There s even a section on blogging as journaling All the News that s Fit to Blog In each section O Shea gives tips about how to explore and journal about the subject honestly and then gives examples from her own journalsThis method is highly effective O Shea assumes that you now how to purchase a journal and a pen or a computer and she just jumps right into how to make your journal personal enlightening and rewarding The two primary take away things I learned from this book are related 1 repeal all rules you ve inflicted upon yourself about journal writing and 2 write honestly O Shea saysA journal is one of the only places where no one can judge you and it should also be a place where you are not judging yourself It s difficult to do that when you re already criticizing yourself for falling short of the process so I invite you to dismiss everything you think a journal should be from your min. To the center of self To help create an effective journal O'Shea provides multiple suggestions and exercises including Write in a stream of consciousness Forget everything you ever learned about writing and just write Let it all out the good bad mad angry boring and ugly Ask yourself uestions What do I want to change about myself What would I never change about myself Copy uotes Other people's words can help you figure out where you are in life or where you'd like to be It takes time Don't lose faith if you don't immediately feel better after writing in your journal Think of each entry as part of a collection that wi. ,