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Talented and unabashedly debaucherous Joey a fictionalised Miller and his roommate Carl mostly seem to spend their uiet days in Clichy either writing or fucking Every woman in these two stories exist entirely as sex objects for Joey and Carl and almost all of them are ready and willing to spread their legs for money or lust and occasionally with utter indifferenceNormally this would lead me to rip the story to shreds for its sexism but I was completely swayed by Miller s brilliant writing There isn t much of a plot here and there are no admirable or perhaps even likeable characters but I devoured every word It makes me feel like the parents of Colette the 15 year old runaway waif who ets taken in by Carl and Joey and becomes their Cinderella concubine and cook When Colette s parents eventually find her they naturally want a word with Carl about his illicit relationship with their daughter But upon finding out that he and Joey are writers who study the likes of Proust and Goethe they are instantly placated and decide not to press any charges As Carl interprets it The French have a Every Last Piece great respect for writers you know that A writer is never an ordinary criminal In the same way the artistry of Miller s writing makes me forgive and in fact thoroughly enjoy the depravity of his content Should I feel a bituilty or perhaps deceived about this I don t know but oh what a reat readRead reviews on my blog Violin in a Void uiet Days in Clichy there is nothing uiet about Miller s days in Clichy Henry Miller is my one author who affected me the most and I am not using the word influenced on purpose I ve read and reread his novels countless times always finding new meanings hidden messages obscure sentences that burst forth with life Miller has the power to pick me up when I m down the obscure sentences that burst forth with life Miller has the power to pick me up when I m down the to make me laugh when I m sad the power to see beauty in our messed up world Why Because his works are full of life life unrestricted untamed like pure blood just drawn and spilled all over the pages while still warm That s Miller for me uiet Days in Clichy chronicles a period of about one year As usual Miller is broke sharing an apartment with his friend who In This Book Goes this book oes the name of Carl Alfred Perles an excellent author himself In Miller s own words When I think of this period when we lived together in Clichy it seems like a stretch in Paradise There was only one real problem and that was food All other ills were imaginary I used to tell him so now and then when he complained about being a slave He used to say that I was an incurable optimist but it wasn t optimism it was the deep realization that even though the world was busy digging its Leading Snowflakes grave there was still time to enjoy life to be merry carefree to work or not to work This statement is straightforward Miller if you never read him Miller throughout his books and most of his actual life has had problems with money or rather the lack of money As for being an incurable optimist no Miller was not an optimist he was a man who has lived life to the fullest tasting all and baring nothing If you are familiar with his books you know it wasn t always easy It was a period when cunt was in the air Did I forget to mention that Miller was awfully honest when it came to matters of sex Most of his works have an underlying sexual motif a presence of sorts Some than others and uiet Days in Clichy is of the former category While many call Miller obscene and eveno as far as calling his books pornographic I ve never felt this way Miller s sex scenes and encounters are spread throughout his work in a matter of fact way He assigns them no importance beyond their occurrences and their conseuences His sexual encounters while prolific just happen so to speak Here now tomorrow It would be foolish to deny that sex played an important role in Miller s life and in his writing but his writing of sex is not meant to arouse or to provoke it just is Sort of like Bukowski s drinking it just is This short novella has a surprising amount of crazy encounters in it Knowing that during this period Miller was writing my favorite book of all time Black Spring helps put things into perspective There is sex peppered throughout the pages but the sex. This tender and nostalgic work dates from the same period as Tropic of Cancer 1934 It is a celebration of love art and the Bohemian life at a time whe. uiet Days in ClichyEne than the word boobiesA lot of people seem to be

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the impression that this other Miller is written by an old man reminiscing about his young and carefree days But by my estimation if Miller was born in 1891 and these stories take place in the early 30 s he d be a 40 year old banging 14 year old chicks among other casually creepy and misogynistic things So take it or leave it if that floats your boat but stop picturing him in your head as a harmless naif or innocent freshman Sometimes I can t separate the work from the moralsactions But Henry Miller is just too charming to not forgive ignore his objectification of women and revel with him as he fucks every Cemetery Stories girl that walks by and treats them like shit Maybe it s just too romanticized in my mind a starving writer in Parisoing on bender after bender Whatever it is he s a beautiful writer Even if he is a pig I would put a spoiler alert up here but does anyone NOT know what they re Learn MongoDB in 1 Day: Definitive Guide to Master Mongo DB going to find in a Henry Miller novel Well if you don t uiet Days in Clichy is Miller s tale of being young in Paris in the 30s a tale he re worked and published in 1956 It s the usual raconteur s delight of meals whores sex spiritual insight mysticism and scenery that makes Henry Miller Henry Miller Miller was famously dissected by Kate Millet in her 1970 book Sexual Politics torn to shreds with each shred pinned like a butterfly and people STILL like reading him Women includedSo whyAs a writer I moing to say it s his voiceVoice is the hardest and the most subtle element of writing to teach to understand or to accomplish and he just had it He wrote with an ease he went from scene to scene in such a natural wrote with an ease he went from scene to scene in such a natural that people just like reading him I would compare his writing to Isaac Singer s in that way and that way only Additionally there s the outrageous sexual point of view present in Miller s writing a POV that still has power in our age as sex workers form unions Isaac Singer So where s Henry s Nobel Prize Ahh I The Bantu Languages guess it s too late nowps If you like Henry Miller track down a photograph of him taken in Big Sur It shows him playing ping pong naked with two beautiful naked young women Not salacious it might make you smile update Miller s uiet Days In Clichy isiven the once over in Verbivoracious Festschrift Volume Three The Syllabusuiet away awayfrom misogynaysaid to be sexist is hebut after all is done and saidhe likes his women most in bed uiet Days in Clichy is a novella about nothing It tells the story barely at that of a few days in the lives of two starving writers in Paris It s supposed to be semi autobiographical based on miller s own experiences of based on Miller s own experiences of a destitute life in Clichy neighbourhood of Paris in 1930sBoth the central characters are made out to be crass misogynists yet cannot live without women Miller writes marvellously as long as he is not writing about sex When he turns to sex which is almost on every page he engenders feeling of disgust in the reader Problem is not over abundance of sex it is the way sex and characters thoughts on sex and women have been depictedDon t for a moment believe that this is erotica It has truck loads of sex in it but none of it is erotic It may have shocked the pre 1964 readers but today it remains oafish and despicable drivelHaving said all this I would still want to read all that Miller has written Interesting book to read if you are familiar with Montmartre and Parisian hotspots and also wonderful to see an author who really doesn t care what he says or who he might offend with his shocking use of language Enjoyable offering from Henry Miller This has been my favorite Henry Miller especially for lines like I was that peppery I could have raped a nun I always enjoy Henry Miller Here s a passage that I liked There are hotels in the side streets leading off the boulevard whose ugliness is so sinister that you shudder at the thought of entering them and yet it is inevitable that you will one day pass a night perhaps a week or a month in one of them You may even become so attached to the place as to find one day that your whole life has been transformed and that what you once regarded as sordid sualid miserable has now become charming tender beautiful. Alfred Perles or his escapades at the Club Melody brothel in uiet Days in Clichy Miller describes a period that would shape his entire life and oeuvr. .

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Itself is of no importance The encounters however are The People Henry And Carl Encounter Henry and Carl encounter all rather interesting their interactions almost psychotic Especially the episode which results in their departure to Luxembourg Here we are offered a different side of Miller Instead of the carefree jovial Miller tasting all life has to offer here he sounds like Miller in New York He s discontent observing the uiet dull life of a people which has no reason to exist and which in fact does not exist except as cows or sheep exist and All they were concerned about was to know on which side their bread was buttered They couldn t make bread but they could butter it And despite finding beauty in the Pfaffenthal A thousand years peace seemed to reign over this somnolent vale It was like a corridor which God had traced with his little finger a reminder to men that when their insatiable thirst for blood had been appeased when they had become weary of strife here they would find peace and restHe compares Luxembourg to the Digital Painting Tricks Techniques gray city he dislikes so very much Luxembourg is like Brooklyn only charming and poisonous Better to die like a louse in Paris than live here on the fat of the landUpon arrival back in Paris Miller states Better aood venereal disease than a moribund peace and uiet Now I know what makes the world civilised it s vice disease thievery mendacity lechery Shit the French are a reat people Even If They Are if they are Don t ever ask me to o to a neutral country again Don t let me look at any cows human or otherwise I was that peppery I could have raped a nunWhat comes next is an insanely exaggerated scene where sex takes over and all boundaries cease to exist Cheating a whore by To Kill A Mockingbird Literature Guide giving her an uncovered check is not anything to be proud off but Henry and Carl put on uite a show to disguise the fact that the check is bad This episode while seemingly unimportant brings to what I consider the best in Miller s writing the words that resurface in Black Spring Head rolls off table head rolls offlittle man on wheelswheelslegsmillions of legsThe surreal creative Miller takes over here This is the Miller I love The sex scenes end and he retires with this Iot off my ass yawned stretched staggered to the bedOff like a streak Down down to the cosmocentric cesspool Leviathans swimming around in strangely sunlit depths Life The Constitution Of The Republic Of Liberia, And The Declaration Of Independence going on as usual everywhere Breakfast at ten sharp An armless legless man bending bar with his teeth Dynamic falling through the stratosphere Garters descending in longraceful spirals A woman with a gashed torso struggling desperately to screw her severed head on Wants money for it For what She doesn t know torso struggling desperately to screw her severed head on Wants money for it For what She doesn t know what Just money Atop umbrella fern lies a fresh corpse full of bullet holes An iron cross is suspended from its neck Somebody is asking for a sandwich The water is too agitated for sandwiches Look under S in the dictionaryThis reminds me I ll have to revisit Black Spring soon Overall Miller s narrative in this novella is what one would expect from Miller Being an early book it appears as if he is holding back a bit but not enough to be politically correct Is there any overrated author than Henry Miller other than perhaps other writers in his inner literally pun intended incestuous circle Or a prototypical crustpunkfreegan patronizing pretentious self absorbed dippy douchebag Or a better example of an annoying shit who thinks just because he s in another country he s interestingThe difference between Miller and Abandoned Doggy generic porn is the fact that Miller isn t profoundly stupid He s smart enough to know that just having sex and self consciousness in a novel makes it interesting and literary to New Yorker subscribers just as he s not smart enough to know just because he s honest and writes honestly about sex doesn t mean he s aenius A satire about pretentious assholes done by pretentious assholes is still pretentious and full of assholesWhen he s not annoying me for being a smug snot nosed shit though Miller is fun to read and he does have some oh so French lines He s essentially a writer of romance novels fantasies for writers virginal librarians and others who yearn for the Good Old Days of Debauchery But nothing takes me out of a sex sc. N the world was simpler and slower and Miller an obscure penniless young writer in Paris Whether discussing the early days of his long friendship with. ,

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