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Syrupy in nature three short romances #THAT MAK. ESCAPE TO THE #mak. Escape to the if only in our mind with these three sweet romantic summer must reads The House at Mirror Lake Claire McKinney has never been a fan of change She watches old movies collects antiue cookbooks and wears vintage dresses So when the new owner of the house next door threatens to tear down every wall and every cherished memory of her beloved neighbors the Wilsons she wages an all out rebellion  Jack Severson doesn’t plan to lay down roots He’s content to move from house to house and town to town When he meets Claire McKinney the woman who steals his hand saw as well as his heart he may as well as his heart he may to change his wandering ways  While Claire may have to learn to accept that some changes are Sweet Summer Love

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My Lord Scandal (Notorious Bachelors,
E for a uick easy distraction from everyday I sparks and hammers fly in distraction from everyday I Ood sparks and hammers fly in sweet summer story about love on the shores of Mirror Lake The List When Casey Summersby is asked to entertain Julian Bentley the uiet handsome classical guitarist who is coming to town to play for her cousin Michael’s wedding she’s sure it’s a fix up But after three failed relationships with musicians Casey has declared “Not another musician I’m finished with musicians” Then Julian Bentley turns out to be much different from Casey’s previous boyfriends and she realizes she’s misjudged him But in her efforts to keep him at #a distance she may have just ruined her chance for them #distance she may have just ruined her chance for them make beautiful music together Twinkle Twinkle Katie Westland loses her bor. Ust wasn t feeling very inspired by what I read. Ing job at a stuffy insurance company and is at loose ends until her mother calls saying she’s had an accident and needs Katie to come home to Ocean Shores and take care of her Katie doesn’t mind moving back to her scenic hometown on the coast The only thought that makes her heart skip beats is that she’s sure to run into Wade Sawyer They’d been engaged a few ears before but somewhere along the way to the altar things had gone wrong and Wade had called off the engagement with no explanation When Katie is offered the chance to take over the When Katie is offered the chance to take over the store that she has always loved it means #SHE’LL BE STAYING BUT IN A #be staying But in a the size of Ocean Shores it will be hard to avoid seeing only man she ever love.