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The Queen's Conjurer: The Science And Magic Of Dr. Dee eNg up her back list and I can t wait for from herDisclaimer I received this book for free from the Publisher inxchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewWant Subscribe to my Newsletter on The Sassy BooksterFollow me on Twitter Tumblr Bloglovin Like my page on Facebook Full review on the bloggy blog I m Here For the Romance 3uinn Dellinger is at Challenged by Coeducation: Women's Colleges Since the 1960s ease with one thing in her life and it s not sex It s gaming Hurt deeply by herx almost two years ago she is looking to regain her confidence in the bedroom and put the past way behind her Stepping out at an industry party for gamers in her best friends little black dress helps her out of her shell and into the arms of a sexy and very willing to please game programmer One night of passionate fun can t hurt right It s not like she is giving him her heartrightAiden Odell is not a game programmer and he wishes he could tell that to the fuchsia haired beauty he is leading up to his hotel room but she doesn t want to hear it No personal info Fine with him She doesn t need to know he s an Airs of Providence ex FBI agent forced to leave the field due to an injury incurred whilst being fired at She doesn t need to know how desperate he is to prove to himself and his father that he doesn t need him holding his hand at the agency to be successful All she needs to know is how much he loves making her feel like the goddess she is And it s just one night after all That is until he learns that he ll be working with her very closely on a major assignment at his new jobI liked this London is definitely a talented writer and I am very impressed not for the first time with what she was able to accomplish with a shorter format I would really love to see what she can do with justven 100 pages uinn and Aiden were both really well developed and well rounded for a shorter novel As kind of a nerd myself I loved that aspect of uinn s character You don t often get a pink haired gamenerd culture loving heroine so I soaked that right up I also Battle Line: The United States Navy, 1919-1939 enjoyed the subtle game and game culture references that were dropped here and there That being said I felt a little like some of the character development and love story took a bit of a back seat for the S E X Y times Because there were lots of sexy times This is the first romance I have read where the couple get together right away I m talking second chapter right away It was interesting to read a romance develop from that point as opposed to developing to that point I know I should havexpected that this being a Blaze novel there would be a good deal of steam but I prefer it to compliment what the couple has as opposed to taking center stage and my personal preference is for a bit of a slow burn But I know that is just my taste and says nothing of the writing just how I felt about it This is my second Harleuin title the first being The Nanny Plan by Sarah M Andersonwhich I just realized I never published my review on Oops Stay tuned for that and they were both fun uick reads Now that I know what to mostly In Old Virginia expect from the line I will pick one up when I need something light So if you love lighter fast paced romances then I definitely recommend this one A Dangerously Sexy Affair The Dangerous Bachelors ClubThe Second I started reading A Dangerously Sexy Affair I was hooked I mean I ll be honest that I love Stefanie London and have been addicted to her writing and books since I first started reading her work I love her writing style and her period but once again she proves that that love and admiration was well founded because I fell in love with her all over again after I read A Dangerously Their investigation is the source of the book s major conflicts but the heart of this story is uinn smotional journey of recovery and Aiden s loving support 4 stars RT Book ReviewsMiniseries The Dangerous Bachelors Club 45 starI stars RT Book ReviewsMiniseries The Dangerous Bachelors Club 45 starI pulled right into this story The story has laughs trust issues naughty fun suspense and heartbreak This is uinn and Aiden s story uinn had one hot naughty night with Aiden only to find out that he was the one to get the job she wanted With both of them having trust issues will they be able to work together Can they Graphs on Surfaces even trustach other a little in order to get the job done Or will they be working against Yellowstone: A Wilderness Besieged each other thentire time Can you work together without falling back into bed together You get to see why they both have trust issues and how they both deal with those issues Can these two figure out who is leaking the information before it s too late You get to see a naught side to them both and how ven that side of them w This is the second story in The Dangerous Bachelor s Club series and focuses on uinn a female gamer who works in Dangerous Bachelor s Club series and focuses on uinn a female gamer who works in IT department of her security company When she s passed over for a promotion in favor of an outsider she s pretty ticked off but willing to work with the new guy to solve a case The only problem is that her new partner and the man who got the job she wanted Aiden turns out to be none other than the sexy stranger she slept with the night before When they d met at an industry vening they d Algebra of Probable Inference exchanged names but no particulars making for a no strings attached hookup thatxceeded uinn s Adirondack Detective Returns expectations and then some Can they somehow make their night together the stepping stone to a real partnership in bed and outCan I just say yay for female gamers I loved that this was uinn s character that she s in information technology as a career a traditionally male dominated field and that she loves playing video games incidentally I knewxactly which racetrack she and Aiden were talking about when they play Mario Kart together in one of the scenes Tired of her low level position fixing printer connections recovering lost passwords and the like she s got her ye fixing printer connections recovering lost passwords and the like she s got her ye moving up to a security level position She s ualified for it and she knows it But when it turns out that her one night stand Aiden has gotten the job and he happens to be A Tale of New England: The Diaries of Hiram Harwood, Vermont Farmer, 1810-1837 ex FBI so obviouslyuipped with some skills she is disgruntled but willing to work with him in partnership to investigate the leak they ve been hired to track Her job is to pose as a newly hired game desig. Rk Check Dangerously sexy Check Hell yes this is the guy who'll help her forget all her worries and give her one wickedly naughty night The next morning she discovers her one night stand was the guy who took her job Oh hell. Uinn Dellinger got dragged to a party at a gamers convention by her friend Alana It s not Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space: An Illustrated History of NACA and NASA exactly uinn s cup of teaspecially since she is sulking because she was passed over for a promotion After a dreadful Butterfingers experience with her former boyfriend uinn does only one night stands she s not risking her heart again She can t wait to go home alone until she sees a glorious male specimen who might be able to salvage thevening However the morning after it turns out that the hot guy who rocked her world Aiden Odell is the man who got the job uinn coveted What a great book A DANGEROUSLY SEXY AFFAIR is and so much than a few sexy bits held together by a flimsy story There is at least as much suspense as there are sex scenes the story itself is as good as any suspense novel and the sex is playful hot and tender Ms London has created terrific characters all around and uinn and Aiden are very real fleshed out and they are great separately as well as together they share real chemistry and the way their relationship Christian Science on Trial evolved was realistic and utterly delectable One thing I particularlynjoyed is that both uinn and Aiden are uals and for that alone A DANGEROUSLY SEXY AFFAIR is worth reading Both have issues which are dealt with intelligently and subtly and do not weigh the book down but rather nrich it The characters the setting the story are all flawless and the writing is impeccable the prose is crisp clear yet flowing and Mothers of Heroes and Martyrs: Gender Identity Politics in Nicaragua, 1979–1999 elouent uinn and Aiden arexactly the types of characters I like to read about and the story is just what I look for A DANGEROUSLY SEXY AFFAIR is Monsieur dEon Is a Woman excellent from beginning tond there is not one little hitch I received a complimentary copy of this book in Tarinel's Song exchange for an honest review Heather s review from Smut MattersThis was a really cute fun story We met uinn in the previous book A Dangerously Sexy Christmas and I really liked her but we didn t spend a lot of time with her I liked what I saw though and when I heard her story was next I jumped on it right away Here she s been passed over for a promotion she deserved and she s pissed about it She d believed she was in line for it but then her boss gave the job to someone outside the company and she has no idea who or why I liked uinn as much here as I did in the first book She s in IT working in the security department of her firm a serious gamer on the side and a total geek She s really smart and clever and I love that Stefanie London managed to make her uirky without turning her into a manic pixie dream girl uinn is also down toarth and has fought to make her way in a male dominated industry by working hard and being damn good at what she doesImagine her surprise when she gets to work the day after a party and discovers that the man who stole her job was her one night stand from the night before His first assignment is to investigate a potential security breach at a gaming company and he needs uinn s help Someone has been leaking information on a new game to a rival gaming company and Aiden is going undercover to find out who it isuinn had some trust issues to work through after a previous relationship went really really wrong and Aiden starting out their relationship by lying to her about who she is does not get them started out on a very good place However the sizzling chemistry between them and the genuine affection they have for ach other from the very start goes a long way toward helping her from the very start goes a long way toward helping her through her issues They were great together and Aiden was so good with her letting her set the pace and take control when she needed to in order to feel comfortable with him and with herselfI don t want to say too much about the corporate spionage because their investigation makes up the majority of the story but it was good A FEW RED HERRINGS THROWN IN AND ONE SORT few red herrings thrown in and one sort out of nowhere complication but overall this was a really fun sexy story I can t wait to read from Stefanie London What do you get when you put a uirky but talented nerd and a sexy former agent together and throw in some corporate Lifting the Fog of War espionage A very cute romance and some passionate interludes that will generatenough heat to have you fanning yourselfuinn Dellinger is not happy to have been passed over for the promotion she was looking forward to at work but she ll take the tall dark and sexy drink of water that just caught her The Case against Assisted Suicide: For the Right to End-of-Life Care eye as the consolation prize for one night Well what happens in the bedroom doesn t always stay there because her consolation prize from the previous night is the new guy whom she lost the promotion to and she s just been assigned to work on an undercover assignment with himAiden Odell s new job with his friend s security company is a fresh start for him away from his father s shadow at the FBI and he s determined to make his mark without accusations of favoritism but his fresh start isn t going so smoothly because the woman who rocked his world so well the night before is his new co worker who had been angling for his job and there may be some residual resentment there Besides she s a huge distraction he doesn t need if he has to make a good first impression to his bosses The first thing that hit me was the sizzling chemistry between uinn and Aiden and boy does he have some moves in bed But with uinn s trust issues Aiden s need to prove himself at work and their joint investigation both uinn and Aiden have to trustach other and work together or what s building between them will be over ven before they get a chance to find out how permanent it can beAiden and uinn are very opposite at least on the outside With her ripped jeans and colored hair uinn is a far cry from the kind of woman Aiden would be interested in but on the inside they both want the same things someone to trust in and a chance to xcel at their jobs In spite of his issues Aiden to Life's Worth: The Case Against Assisted Suicide excel at their jobs In spite of his issues Aiden the stuff of dreams Sexy kind and knows just what uinn needs to feel safe with himven if it means he gets tied up and you have to love that he s willing to give up control to her And uinn s hangups were understandable but I loved that she was strong Sweet Redemption enough to overcome them and trust againThis is a really sexy story and Injoyed Ms London s writing so much that I ve been readi. Ready player one uinn Dellinger is supposed to be having fun at an industry party for gamers Instead all she can think about is the promotion she just got passed over for at her security firm Then she spots him Tall Check Da. ,

Ner hoping to gain the confidence of whomever might be the leak Aiden s role is very open the company has told the staff that they are investigating an information leak and that Aiden is there to interview them But Aiden and uinn aren t supposed to know Carriage Trade each other so they take pains not to be seen talking together in public Once she s gotten over the initial shock of finding out who Aiden really is uinn acknowledges to herself that the night they shared together was so good she s willing to forgive him for a repeat of what they shared as long as they agree it s a sex only affair with no chance of becoming deeply involved Truth be told uinn has trust issues from the demise of a previous relationship and is in no hurry to rush into anything that looks like commitment Aiden himself comes across as a smart hard working determined man He s in a bit of a bind himself he wants the staff to believe that he s been hired because he s the best person for the job and not just because he happens to be friends with the owner of the company Logan He hadnough nepotism at his job at the FBI where his father also worked Being told that he s only gotten a job because of his relationships and not his skills really bothers him Also an injury while on a job resulted in a partial hearing loss that affects him and how he interacts with people and approaches tasks on a daily basis He s learned to deal with the handicap and definitely doesn t want to be pitied for it Because he and uinn meet first as strangers she has no preconceived bias where he is concerned something he really appreciates Once they ve gotten past the initial reintroduction and are hard at work on the case they both find that they are uite willing to hop back into bed together The result is steam factor this is an HN Blaze after all but also the sense that they are starting to care about The Unwanted Christmas Guest each other as than just friends with benefitsAs Aiden and uinn are sorting things out between themselves they are also getting closer to catching the informant There are several secondary characters at play here including uinn s best friend Alana also in the gaming industry whose personal mission to have games feature female heroines directly impacts uinn and Aiden s undercover work uinn s co workers are all suspects in the case and Injoyed seeing how the pieces all fit together by the Ill Never Tell end Combining a mystery with a hot romance this was definitely annjoyable read for me 4 starsNote a copy of this story was provided by the author for review This review appears as a blog post at Fabulous story I loved this one from page one it has Juana of Castile: History and Myth of the Mad Queen everything you want in a romance hot gorgeous and a very caring hero a heroine who is uirky fun but has some issues from her past that have kept her single for some time now and she has just been passed over for a promotion at work it is time for a changeuinn Dellinger IT specialist and is a very keen gamer and is at an industry party with her best friend Alana when she sees the most sexy handsome man and her body tingles in a way it has not done for some time can she do this have a one night stand and switch of the past well she is going to try and when handsome guy sees uinn the tingles increaseAiden Odell is just about to start a new job with his best friends security firm he has just left the FBI after an injury has changed things for him and he has come to the industry party to try and get some leads never thinking he would meet the gorgeous girl with the pink hair and sparks would fly and a sexy passionate night would be hadWhen uinn arrives at work the next morning and discovers that the hot sexy guy Aiden is none other than the guy who got her job sparks fly but when they are teemed up to together to solve this case and uinn goes undercover they get closer and both open up uinn has such a hard time trusting but Aiden is so caring and the affair heats up This is a story that is fun and so verynjoyable hot steamy and with characters that are so real there are games to play as well as a case to solve but above all a beautiful romance between two very deserving people that had me smiling and Aiden will always be a favourite hero of mine I highly recommend this one This is only the second book I have read by Ms London but I can promise you I ll be reading of them in the future This book was cute funny and sexy I actually read it be reading of them in the future This book was cute funny and sexy I actually read it one sitting because I didn t want it to Famous Five on the Case: The Case of Allie's Really Very Bad Singing end uinn was hurt two years ago by someone she trusted and now it s time to get back on the horse She attends a gamer party with her best friend andnds up talking to a tree Well that is before Aiden captured her interest As a former FBI agent Aiden knows all about uncover work and that s the only reason while he s at this gamer party He needs to find out who is leaking information but when he sees a woman talking to a tree he immediately taken with not only her appearance but her uirky attitude What I noticed first about this story that caught my attention was the description of the main characters London did an Medusa's Gaze: The Extraordinary Journey of the Tazza Farnese excellent job at making them uniue and stand out I loved how uinn had piercings pink in her hair and dressed like a teenage boy Aiden sounded like he was all man but the way the London described him it made him have a boyish uality that I just loved The plot kind of started out like a few books I have read when they spend one night together and come to find the next day they will be working together but that was the only similar thing I came across This story was different Yes they had to work withach other but they also had to trust one another The time they spent together the they both started to fall in love London didn t disappoint on the sexy scenes and oh boy were they sexy One of my favorite scenes is when uinn ties Aiden up The reason
why i njoyed 
I njoyed so much is because he knew she needed the control to feel comfortable with him and help her with what the control to feel comfortable with him and help her with what to her in the past Overall I really Tim's Excessive Good Fortune: A Murder Mystery set in the American Revolution (Tim Euston Book 3) enjoyed this read and I am looking forward to reading of London s work If you re looking for a hot read that is funny contains anx FBI agent and a woman who loves Mario kart I highly recommend this book to be added to your tbr pil. No But Aiden Odell is not just a security specialist he's One Hundred Master Drawings From New England Private Collections: Franklin W. Robinson ex FBI and uinn isxpected to work with him very closely on a major assignment He may be tall dark and dangerously sexy but this is one game uinn is determined to win. .

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