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Fascinating if somewhat geeky read Thanks Gerard The linguistic turn in academic studies over the past few decades has had an unfortunate tendency to overlook the materiality of writing In academic studies over the past few decades has had an unfortunate tendency to overlook the materiality of writing In innovative volume Laurence De Looze considers the alphabet and its discursive and material ffects on Western thought De Looze admits upfront that he is a medievalist who initially planned to focus only on his area of Ubikas expertise and that is clear in the text itself the chapters on the medieval world are richly researched and heavily footnoted than the later chapters Additionally I would have liked to see De Looze pay some attention to the alphabets used by visually impaired people including 3 D letters and Braille Apart from these uibbles however this is a fascinating read thatxplores a neglected aspect of literacy studies A very interesting history of letters and the alphabet by de Looze I recommend it for a reader interested in the history of language. A sharp and Stainless Steel Rat entertainingxamination of how languages letterforms orthography and writing tools have reflected our hidden obsession with the alphabet The Letter and the Cosmos is illustrated with copious xamples of the visual and linguistic phenomena which de Looze describes Read it and you'll never look at the alphabet the same way again. This is an interesting and fact filled Book About Books Letters Art about books letters art writing Specifically how the alphabet volved how it has been unchanged since the Roman days Star Trek IV The Voyage Home except by adding a U and how the Mayansvolved their own pictograms I found some of it very well pieced together and other parts seemed to give too much depth to aspects The illustrated medieval manuscripts are a good The Time Machine example of lettering in art but we also see letters in architecture jewellery logos and motifs Fromarly Greek tablets made to tally goods to proper let Oh my what a thought provoking book I have had similar uestions about a letter world analogy And An Everlasting Intrigue Based an Gooney the Fabulous everlasting intrigue based typography Surprisingly De Looze managed to marry both of those interests into a fairly detailedxposition of letters type art and philosophy A thought provoking book about the process of articulating thought Instead of reading it straight through I would have benefitted from a slow read. From our first ABCs to the Book of Revelation's statement that Jesus is the Alpha and Omega we see the world through our letters More than just a way of writing the alphabet is a powerful concept that has shaped Western civilization and our daily lives In The Letter and the Cosmos Laurence de Looze probes that influence showing how the alp. Letting Brightness Reef (Uplift Storm Trilogy, each chapter sink into my awareness Letters and history Letters as shapes that shaped the worldLetters and religion And power And secularism Letters as art not meant to have meaning other than as art So much detail went into the first half of the book I wanted to be written about the present day about letters possible ongoingvolution in the days and years aheadI

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confronted by so that I had never considered before And that is the mark of an Secret of the Knights (Time Machine, excellent book I ll give it an A I brought this along knowing I had some long flights to fill and it proved an interesting background to two weeks of reading signs in unfamiliar languages Searching continually for cognates and patterns made the letterforms seem less transparent and powerful in and of themselves In my mind sye Sweden is a blue sans serif Hej on a yellow background in Italy Roman capitals abound and these seem to convey than a little of their respective national spirits Habet has served as a lens through which we conceptualize the world and how the world and sometimes the whole cosmos has been perceived as a kind of alphabet itself Beginning with The Ancient Greeks He Traces ancient Greeks he traces use of alphabetic letters and their significance from Plato to postmodernism offering a fascinating tour through Western history. ,

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The Letter and the Cosmos