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Anging some not so pleasant words they both went their separate ways but Con never forgot Vanessa or the fact that she was way too good for someone like him Now Vanessa is back on his doorstep but this time asking for a favor Con decides that he s finally going to see where the chemistry between them and tells VANESSA THAT THE ONLY WAY HE HELP IS that the only way he ll help is se gives him a shot Going on under the radar dates so that no one will see the princess with the tattooed bad boy they start a complicated relationship that has an expiration date But when Vanessa #gets caught up in a twisted game of blackmail will that expiration date #caught up in a twisted game of blackmail will that expiration date sooner than either of them thoughtThis book was an amazing follow up from the first book in the seri 4 Second Chance Stars In a sexy and sweet rich girl trying to prove himself meets bad boy with some ghosts and a nice heart this second chance romance brings us the re encounter of Con and Vanessa two years after of a failed connection This book was a nice surprise For full disclosure I didn t like it as much as much as the first in the series but it was still a very enjoyable reading A little slow in the beginning but with an engaging pace after uite well written and steamy this was a refreshing romance in a pleasantly surprising series Very realistic characters a nice background story with ust enough drama and angst to keep us on our toes and with an intriguing mystery that actually surprised me at the end Definitely books to keep on reading Rating 4 Stars Steam Hot Sensible Subjects view spoiler No. Ife and this time I have the upper hand I want my second chance Will she be able to see the man beneath this in. You You ve said that It s not me Well I m the only other person up here so if it s not me then who the hell is it you re running from Me Don t you get it It s not always about you This is all too much Initially I thought Vanessa was a stuck up socialite with her fake smile screwed on tight taking care not to ruin her reputation I dislike people that put so much stock on reputation and what #people think or say I didn t like her much until I #think or say I didn t like her much until I her POV and saw What Made Her Tick made her tick the second chapter with her POV I really liked her And by the end of the book I forgave her for initial snobbishness I loved reading their story It had a few surprises regarding THEIR PASTS THAT I ENJOYED AND A MAJOR TWIST pasts that I enjoyed and a major twist the end that I didn t guessthe reason for the 5stars As for the sexy times Next one please Listened to the audio of this book Ah the deliciousness that is the voice of Sebastian YorkNot my favorite in the series but I still enjoyed the hell out of itFind me on I didn t come up for air This is the first book I ve read of this author but it won t be my last I really enjoyed this It had passion mystery and the right amount of heart melting moments Not to mention a gorgeous cover I m looking forward to the next book and my interest is really peaked for Lord I hope he gets a book I never hated you Just didn t want to want you so bad And now I don t care because you re mine Con and Vanessa shared one night together two years ago But all Con can remember is the morning after when Vanessa tried sneak out of his bed After exch. Er for one night A night I don’t remember I figured I’d blown my shot But now she’s walked back into my 5 Princess starsWhile I was reading Beneath this Mask the first book of this series I found myself really drawn to Constantine And maybe a little bit rooting for him which is probably not cool in terms of female solidarity since during the book he was a slut and a halfYes I know but I am a sucker for a bad boy with a dirty mouth and tattoos Case in point Con LeahyThe uintessential bad boy with a chip on his shoulder and a craving for untouchable Vanessa Frost Two years ago he finally had her in his bed but he was so drunk he can t remember much and that is eating him up inside She shows up unexpectedly at his shop needing a favour from him You begin this book with false impressions for both of them The manwhore and the frosty socialite I was glad to read of them as dimensional characters rather than the stereotype they initially portrayed Con is full of anger and resentment that fuels and colours all his interactions with her As they get to know each other under the surface so do you I was already rooting for Con so it was no surprise that I kept at it throughout the book He was bossy with a mouth and a penchant for pushing Vanessas buttons until he book He was bossy a potty mouth and a penchant for pushing Vanessas buttons until he too far Her knee shot up and caught me unaware I stumbled back a step grunting and bent over as the sick feeling in my gut twisted Fuck woman Did you have to crush my balls She must have lowered her head because I could feel her breath on my ear when she spoke One don t ever talk to me like that again I m a fucking lady Men Assholes Every last one of them It s not. I’ve always known she was too good for me but that never stopped me from wanting her And then I finally had .

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